Important Things To Know Before You Buy Real Estate CRM Software

Things To Know Before Buying Real Estate CRM Software

Learn 5 important things that you should know before buying a real estate CRM software. Discover various outcomes and benefits of using real estate CRM software.

The overall growth of the real estate sector is impressive and promising. At a very large level, the real estate sector has contributed to Indian economic growth last year. This makes Real estate, one of the fastest and globally recognized sectors in India. 


Simultaneously for small businesses in India, it is getting difficult to continue at the same pace while managing the quality resources because of the fluctuating economy as we are entering the year 2020.  As more resources and clients are being connected. The disruption of traditional strategies into daily operations is affecting the growth of small real estate businesses in the country.
Still, the real estate sector has a lot to deliver towards the Indian property buyers thus implementing real estate platforms, landing pages, CRM, and predictive analytics are just some of the smartest technological decisions that should be made to counter this disruption.
“Real estate contribution to India’s GDP is estimated to increase to about 13 percent by 2028”_Ibef 
Here, in this blog, you will find out the 5 noteworthy things that one should know before buying real estate CRM software.

What is a real estate CRM software exactly?

Real estate CRM software is the contact and lead management system you need when you have a real estate business, for generating leads, connecting new customers daily, dealing with customer loss, and such situations when you are not able to manage to follow up with the prospects.
The work of any CRM system is to nurture and strengthen client relationships while increasing overall productivity. The process is no different for real estate it helps real estate agents to efficiently manage their business leads and contacts in less time while keeping the personalization in their communication with customers. CRM software helps cutting down operational inefficiencies and improves productivity and the brand’s popularity.
With the help of CRM tools, you can manage real estate leads, track lead generation campaigns, manage contacts, upload documents and contracts, manage your calendar, and stay on top of real estate trends by providing you seamless access to various real estate lead websites.


Benefits of Using Real Estate CRM Software?

Real estate CRM software provides your business with several benefits, such as.
-Manage real estate marketing campaigns & leads at one place
With CRM you can capture and manage leads with a simple and powerful real estate CRM for your business. Organize, track, and sell them with ease. Store customer information ( contact information) and relevant documents (sales deals and proposals) at one place with dynamic searchable database access. Have 24-hours day access on your desktop and mobile devices so you can communicate with customers even on the on-the-go.
-Real-TIme Interaction Tracking
Your real estate CRM will record conversations held by phone, in person, through live chat, email, or other channels. Interactions can be logged manually, or automated with phone and email system integrations. Depending on the product, some systems can also track interactions on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms.

Benefits of CRM


-Scaling Your Business
Often it is a challenge for small businesses to maintain the same level of services that their customers are used to while scaling the business. Real estate CRM for small businesses is more advanced and powerful than any other tool.  If you're a single realtor with small customer listings to manage and facing difficulties to manage their information using a simple Excel spreadsheet CRM can help you with what is required.


-Superior Customer Service


Real estate CRM software gives you advantages over your competitors by helping you to stay in touch with your customers using the mode of communication they prefer. It will let you stand out on top of their needs and concerns. Will allow you to aggressively compete against other counterparts with the leverage of having the best level of customer service. You can deal with clients more efficiently and also track those interactions and analyze that data for more efficient resource planning.
“Implementing real estate platforms, landing pages, CRM, and predictive analytics are just some of the smartest technology decisions made in the past year”_ Propertybase


Pricing and implementation costs for real estate CRM software?


CRM is designed to automate everything in your day to day operations so you can focus more on productive activities such as dealing with clients, buyers, prospects, or other important contacts. Mostly, pricing of a real estate CRM software can go high or low as per the packages and plans you are opting for, based on a "per user/month" model, depending upon required functionality, though it can also be much cheaper and much more expensive amongst varying vendors.
But as a buyer, you should be aware of the upfront and hidden costs that come with the implementation of the CRM software. The after implementation costs depend on how likely you require tech support in order to set up, implement, or use the system.
As you gain more control over a given system, you may want to add more complex functions, like marketing integration or reporting and analytics. Check to see whether there are any hidden costs or challenges in adding features later on.


“CRM packages can be divided into two types: those specifically designed for your industry, and general-purpose CRM packages that offer customization and integration features”._ selecthub 

What are the Features of Real Estate CRM Software?


If you are looking to maximize your business growth brands value than a good Real Estate CRM software is highly recommended. The real estate customer relationship management system (CRM) provides a CRM communication and management platform designed for real estate business needs. Real estate CRM tools feature you should look out for.
- Email marketing
With Real estate CRM tools, email marketing is evolving in a more personalized, effective, and direct approach to customers. CRM email marketing focuses on the individual - or individual company to stay as foremost as you can. These features allow customizing email as per targeted needs, interests and shopping habits, and a lot more, by appealing to them in a way that’s much less intrusive.
Features of Real Estate CRM Software
- List Management
Property listings are crucial for realtors, or agents for their revenue generation. A real estate CRM software allows you to customize the database to create a listing based on offers, commissions, events, date deals. With the list management feature, you can attach or generate the service reports and property details, transactions, and relevant documents in the listing.
- Compatibility And Integration
Real estate CRM software comes with various versions of the compatible system with other tools such as MS Office, and google docs. So your agents don’t waste time learning difficult features of the software. CRM system is easy to use, provides a learning curve for even for your agents that aren’t as tech-savvy. 




What is the Best Real Estate CRM Software in 2020?

When you evaluate real estate CRM vendors, prefer not just rely on the information they provide. Make well-informed decisions after checking all the software vendors on that segment.



Request a demo, where a representative walks you through the software and its various features. However, don't let this demo just be a sales approach. Be sure to ask all the important questions. Compare and buy the best real estate CRM software for your real estate business needs.


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