Key Features of Accounts Payable Software

Accounts Payable Software Features In 2020

Managing finances and payments of day to day business operations for a growing business is difficult. Accounts payable is capable to provide real-time reporting without requiring any human involvement. In this blog, we have mentioned 4 accounts payable software feature for you to choose from.


Managing finances and payments of day to day business operations for a growing business is difficult, at the same time it becomes so complicated due to human intervention and misapplications. On the other hand, the accounts payable system is making life easier for business owners, by automating the payable process. Businesses use accounts payable tools to manage their payable operations and reporting with ease. 


The emergence of accounting system automation is improving the overall health of an organization. Also, on a very large scale, it is helping businesses to improve their speed, accuracy, and reliability. It tracks and manages payable invoices, expenses and follows time to time generation of reports. While monitoring the payable process, it also tracks the movement of money going out of the accounts to maintain your financial strength.


Finding suitable accounts payable software for your business can be challenging while comparing and evaluating the providers in terms of their features and prices. Though, deciding on prices can be comparatively easy than making decisions on which features you should go for. 


Here, in this blog, we’d like to share with your accounts payable and expense reporting software features your business need in the year 2020.

Account Payable Cycle


1.Invoice Capabilities 

Potential accounts payable system can handle invoicing efficiently. Invoicing capabilities should be your top priority while selecting accounts payable software. With robust invoice capabilities, your system will be able to tell you when the money is owed by our business, how much is the amount, and when the vendor expecting payments.


While recollecting the basic details such as names, addresses, account numbers, and standard terms & conditions of the supplier. It automatically Initiates the invoicing process as you receive the first invoice and ends it when the payments been done from your end.


Most systems allow you to get invoices virtually from anywhere. A good accounts payable software can handle 1000-2000 invoices per month. Also, can initiate payments in a timely and organized manner.


2.Automatic Payment 

It is a very useful feature to initiate payments automatically, from scheduling payment and direct deposits. Most of the payable software can completely automate your payment processes to make it easier for you to focus on your business growth.


These tools can save you a lot of time, especially as the system can input all the necessary details of the vendors from the database. Also, it prioritizes payments at a specified date and time. Automatic payments including filling of taxes can prevent your business from being penalized for late payments.


Accounts Payable Software Features


3.Reporting Tools 

Accounts payable is capable to provide real-time reporting without requiring any human involvement. Collects and record all business information balance sheets, tracking previous day’s activities, and report on revenue and actual cost. Displays the amount of money owed to your business by your suppliers for goods and services bought. 


Mainly the report it generates, based on the company’s total expenditures and specific payments within departments. It supports recording payments, either directly into the software or by importing payments made in another integrated account. This gives you the information you need in real-time.


4.Inventory Management 

For any business that is looking to manage its financial health effectively. It is important that it must pay attention to accounts payable and inventory. When businesses keep track of inventory turnover they are more likely to ensure that the business does not run into a credit crisis. 


Therefore, the software is making sure that you pay suppliers on time and control your stocks, it could help you to acquire supplier credit to purchase additional inventory. As a supplier can provide additional credit for more inventory because of satisfactory payments.


A close watch on your accounts payable and inventory will ensure that you don’t invest too much money in inventory that is not returning over, due to the lack of sales revenue. To avoid situations like, not being able to pay accounts payable on time to its suppliers which could end in the loss of a trustworthy vendor or a bad credit rank.


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