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top 7 all in one CRM software vendors

An all-inclusive CRM software will be a robust tool for business owners to increase their team's productivity. So we have evaluated all the vendors and made a compressive list of all-inclusive CRM software systems. 

Marketing, sales, and after-sales are the most crucial aspects of any successful business model. The best CRM software will centralize the marketing, sales, and customer service operations on a single platform.   

An all-inclusive CRM Software will be a robust tool for business owners to increase their team's productivity. The top CRM software will have advanced tools like email marketing, automation, AI, ML, and others integrated. We have evaluated all the vendors and made a compressive list of all-inclusive CRM systems: 

Top 7 all in one CRM software vendors

There are multiple benefits of CRM integration in your business process. Our software experts evaluate the software needs and budget of your organization. We have compiled the list of all-inclusive CRM software vendors in alphabetical order.

1. ActiveCampaign:  

Active Campaign is a CRM tool that helps you to enrich the customer experience through automation. This software will help you customize the features to create a top-notch customer experience by providing personalized service. It is a perfect tool for eCommerce, B2B, and B2C companies to increase their visibility and get more conversions. Moreover, they will migrate the data from your existing systems for free and personal training programs to the users. Active campaign CRM will help your team interact with the customer at the right time with the right message to optimize the impact.  


  • Advanced reporting.  
  • Integrated forms.  
  • Site tracking.  
  • Training and support.  
  • Migration services.  
  • Email extensions.  
  • Email segmentation.  
  • Automation and artificial intelligence.   


2. Agile CRM:  

Agile is one of the best CRM software in India that has all the features that your business required to make the most out of its resources. It is a one-stop solution for all your marketing, sales, and customer service needs. Moreover, Agile delivers their service at an affordable price to their vendors to help them save their finances. Furthermore, this CRM software seamlessly integrates all the advanced tools to optimize their efforts. Agile is a software as a service CRM vendor that allows you to access the system from anywhere at any time to ensure productivity on the go.   


  • Contact Management.  
  • Appointment scheduling.  
  • Project management.  
  • Marketing automation.  
  • Email marketing.  
  • Mobile marketing.  
  • Email tracking.   


3. GreenRope:  

GreenRope is a comprehensive CRM software solution that helps businesses to increase team productivity and make more revenue. This software will help the business owners to create awareness, generate leads, personalize the services and make more sales. GreenRope CRM tool will have all the advanced tools like Automation, ML, AI, analytics, and other technologies. This CRM vendor has a user-friendly, interactive, and intuitive user interface to make the most of their work process.   


  • Email marketing.  
  • Website managers.  
  • Online stores.  
  • Marketing automation.  
  • LMS.  
  • Sales opportunities.   


4. HubSpot:  

HubSpot is a robust tool for business owners with all the tools integrated to help your business grow. It is a CRM solution that will centralize the entire operations; of the pre-sales, sales, and after-sales; on a single platform. Moreover, this CRM system has a user-friendly interface; that they can access from anywhere at any time. HubSpot CRM will give your team better visibility in their client base to take strategic decisions. CRM tools will help to digitize the operations of marketing, sales, and customer service processes.   


  • Free meeting scheduler app.  
  • Social media tools.   
  • Email tracking software.  
  • Sales email automation.  
  • Ads software.  
  • Pipeline management tools.  
  • Lead management software.   
  • Sales email templates.

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5. Nutshell:  

Nutshell is one of the best CRM tools; that fit perfectly into your work process and increase its efficiency.  It is a powerful tool for every business to suffice their needs and close more deals. Nutshell CRM will unite your teams on a single platform to increase the collaboration and transparency between the workforce. It is a cloud-based CRM software in India that allows you to access the system from anywhere at any time. Nutshell CRM gives a free trial period for businesses to get their hands on the tool. Furthermore, it helps to; seamlessly integrate with third-party tools to streamline business operations.   


  • Sales automation.  
  • Email marketing.  
  • Performance management and reporting.  
  • Pipeline management.  
  • Contact management.  
  • Knowledgeable and friendly customer support.   


6. SugarCRM:  

Sugar CRM software is an advanced tool with features to simplify your business and achieve goals without hassle. This tool will give you in-depth visibility into your customer database to seize all the sales opportunities and spot future challenges. This software will gather all the relevant information from the customer and compile it on a central server for easy access. The best sales CRM software will help set the best work practices to; achieve business goals quickly and efficiently. Sugar CRM is a perfect tool for business owners to understand their customers well even before approaching them.  


  • Artificial intelligence.  
  • Revenue Analytics.  
  • Customer service.  
  • Sales and marketing automation.   


7. Zoho CRM:  

Zoho CRM is one of the top CRM software vendors in India to enrich your customer relationships. It is a perfect tool for business owners with basic and advanced features to simplify their work process on a single platform. Zoho is an all-inclusive tool that will assist businesses to assist and connect with the customer from anywhere. It is a robust CRM tool with automation integrated to automate the most tedious task to reduce time and money. Zoho CRM software will give you access to real-time performance reports to make strategic changes in the process. Zoho will have artificial intelligence integrated to increase the conversion rate and revenue.   


  • SalesForce automation.  
  • Process management.  
  • Analytics.  
  • Sales enablement.  
  • Performance management.  
  • Predictive sales.  
  • Marketing automation.  
  • Journey orchestration.  



The best CRM software in India will be an all-inclusive tool for business owners to centralize their pre-sales, sales, and aftersales efforts. An all-in-one CRM tool will help to navigate with ease and increase the transparency between the teams. Technology Counter will understand your needs and budget and assist you to; select the top CRM software for your business.

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