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9 Best Features You Need In Your Online Assessment Software In 2020

Digital tools are being largely adopted by schools and higher educational institutes for the digitization to make teaching more effective for the students and management of these institutions. In this blog, we have shortlisted the 9 best features you should get for your next online assessment software.

"Adopting technology is an inevitable future of education sectors in India." This has just not remained the fact but turning into reality in the 21st century. The education industry in India has progressed a lot in the last decade and showed a sharp lean towards technology resources. While this progress, digital tools such as school management solutions, digital learning materials etc, are being largely adopted by schools and higher educational institutes for the digitization of learning and management of these institutions to make teaching more effective for the students. The next big thing in this list that has gained immense popularity is online assessment tools. These tools are being widely used by schools and colleges while evaluating their students their skills and knowledge. They are opting for these software tools as they are getting aware of the tailored feedback that online assessment software provides about their students. In this blog, we have shortlisted the 9 best features you should get for your next online assessment software. ( Shortlisting and comparing the software on the basis of features mentioned in this blog would be beneficial for a better software selection.) BEST ONLINE ASSESSMENT SOFTWARE FOR SCHOOLS 1. Remote Proctoring Platform Proctoring is important to ensure the credibility and authenticity of any test and its outcome. The remote proctoring feature helps institutions to monitor student activities and via remote monitoring, the student is regularly monitored through a webcam, mic and access to the screen of the candidate during the exam. Applicants’ audio-video and screen share feeds are reported and reviewed by a proctor following other procedures. 2. User Management User management is one of the important aspects that you would need in an online assessment software. Whilst having various modules assessment software greatly help the teachers and staff in keeping student records, academic history, and other essential student information. This feature enables you to access specific real-time user data as per the usage of the assessment system. These tools include access control even with multiple users with different level of access for admin, examiner, question bank setter. 3. Track and Monitor Performance Tracking student performance and behaviour is the best way to bring out the potential of your students. An online assessment software allows faculties and educators the access to producing reports, tables, and charts to best review student's academic and social, emotional, behavioural growth across time. This all providing users with the most affordable, efficient, and effective platform to monitor student growth across academic units. Including standardized universal screening & progress monitoring measures.

4. Manage and Export Applicant data You can add candidates, to any chosen assessment or quiz using this feature at admin panel. This will include the input of a few initial information for the registration of a candidate. During the registration process, the admin can directly connect to a candidate with a required group. The admin can add multiple applicants to a group using the import excel feature, this feature combines the list of required fields for all candidates to be uploaded on the panel. Candidates can also register to this online examination platform through their test taker panel. 5. Assessment Management Performance of students has increasingly judged on the basis of the learning outcomes. The Assessment management software features allow faculties to assess students performance for an instructional unit. Formative Assessment - Collecting data and providing feedback about the performance of students whilst the learning process. Summative Assessment- Evaluate student learning and provide feedback about the performance of students at the end of an instructional unit. Self Assessment- Self-assessment can be difficult if you don’t have the right technology with you. Online assessment software can help students to. 1. Evaluate their own skill gaps, identify the areas their knowledge is weak 2. Find the key areas where to focus. 3. Set practical goals 4. Revise what they have learned 5. Track progress 6. Online Marking Most schools and institutions are still running exams on paper. Here, online marking software can save a lot amount of time and energy of exam management authorities. While increasing the efficacy, accuracy and security of marking and results. Allows students to submit assignments, projects etc. via online & mobile app for higher education. 7. Multi-language Support Educational institutions and schools have students from all over the world, this is why you need an assessment system with multi-Language support. It is a very useful and necessary tool to achieve your institute management goals. A multilingual Platform offers the perfect opportunity to make the schools or institution global. 8. Test/Quiz Designing Tool These features have a simple registration process, easy test and quiz creation, scorecard generation, computational analysis, efficient feedback sharing to boost up student’s performance. Create & assign tests and quiz from anywhere at any time. 9. Real-Time Reporting Real-time reports help institutions to work on student performance during his\her academic unit. This allows teachers to easily measure student performance and progress in the classroom, or exams. The benefit of real-time generated report is that it provides full reporting data that can extract results across the whole student group. “In the years to come, India will witness a boom in the student population. Researchers have predicted that by the year 2025 India will lead in terms of student count with the largest 18-22- year-old population that makes a round off count of 119 million.” You can avail of the best deals on online assessment software in India. With our comprehensive list of software, find your ideal software at our online software marketplace. Get reviews, Quotes, and Free demo now! Subscribe To Our Newsletter For Technology Delights, blogs, updates and a lot more.

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