Use of Employee Time Tracking Tools During Pandemic

Employee Time Tracking tools during Pandemic

Employee time tracking tools during the pandemic became a challenging task for business during the unexpected and unprecedented pandemic situation in 2020.

Therefore, it’s critical to be well-prepared with strong measures in place to protect the service and stay flexible enough to modify as the situation changes.

Here are some tips and solutions on how to track time and manage remote teams to keep business running during a pandemic.

Enrich your productivity by integrating time tracking tools while managing the workforce remotely during the pandemic. A manager must always keep an eye on its team and the way they are working by implementing time-tracking tools on its entire work curriculum, these tools help an organization to reduce the wastage of hourly budget that is spent on unproductive team members, hence employee time tracking software is a boon for an organization in rebuilding its performance during this pandemic.

With time tracking software, a manager can easily focus more on the work rather than how much time he/she is taking to complete it. A one-way solution to enhance productivity as well as keeping transparency upon employees regarding what they are doing and what they suppose to do. Time tracking tools keep the manager as well as the employee in one loop and it keeps the employer updated with the time spend and the progress made on the assigned project.

You can also use a free timesheet calculator where you can manually input your working hours and it can automatically track wages for quick and easily invoicing.

Features of Time Tracking Tools:

  • Tracking Time: Tracking time and keeping attendance of an entire workforce is quite difficult when they are carrying out the work remotely hence an automated tracking machine helps an organization to save money and increase its productivity. This software can easily be integrated along with the HR and payroll system.

  • Timesheet is embedded along with the tracking device: It is the most distinctive feature of a tracking device that keeps you updated with real-time data as well as how an employee is putting all his efforts into a project being assigned to him/her.

  • Managing Projects: Apart from tracking time these devices help an organization regarding how to manage a particular project on a stipulated period. Hence Time tracking is an excellent way to manage the team as well as enhancing the level of productivity by reducing the cost spent on it.

Nowadays amalgamation of time tracking tools with HR Software is being used by every organization to keep track of its employees and the efforts being put to complete the assigned task. With the employee time tracking tool an employer can efficiently manage the productivity as well as labor management. Efficient time tracking device helps organization for successful Strategies for the Future of HRMS, depending on employee time tracking software is beneficial rather than depending on the old ways of tracking time such as “punch cards”.

Benefits of Using Time Tracking Tool:

Employee time Tracking Tool
  • Enhancing productivity: After implementing employee time tracking software in the working desk of employee labor hours are quite reduced in calculating payroll as well as compiling punch cards. This reduces both times as well as effort.

  • Minimizing errors: Integrating time tracking device with HR and payroll system minimizes errors while calculating the wages as well as the time.

  • Boosting Employee Morale: After merging time tracking devices along with the HR system it reduces payroll errors which affect employees' trust in the organization.

  • Easy and Painless Scheduling: Employee time tracking software reduces complexity in calculating the overall shifts i.e. time spends in completing a task, absenteeism, as well as overtime.

  • Amalgamating Timesheets along with HR and Payroll system: After integrating timesheets along with the HR and payroll system it becomes quite easier to track the time as well as the attendance and reduces errors while calculating salaries of the employees.

  • Manage Payroll database: A customized HR payroll software when integrated with a time tracking tool it minimizes the effort while extracting data of the employees during payroll.

HR and payroll software united with time tracking software bring efficiency in working as well as enhances the quality of life and job satisfaction hence a time tracking device will help in monitoring the progress as well as a manager can easily ask the team regarding the status of the project.


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