Best HR Software for Small Business 2022

10 HRMS for Small Business

The top HR software for small and medium-sized enterprises are robust tools to make the most of their resources. The cloud-based HR software in India has all the tools that you need to increase the efficiency of your workforce.  

The top HR software for small and medium-sized enterprises are robust tools to make the most of their resources. The cloud-based HR software in India has all the tools that you need to increase the efficiency of your workforce. Our software experts have made a list of the best 10 HRMS for SMEs in India for you to explore, evaluate and choose.   

The human resource management system for small businesses is a robust tool to simplify HR operations. Because these tools will help SMEs to track the employee journey from hire to retirement. Many SaaS vendors deliver HR tools to SMBs in India.  

In this blog, let us understand two important aspects of human resource software for small businesses in India.  

What is an HRMS for SMEs?  

Human resource management software (HRMS) for small businesses is a digital tool to manage employees and their databases. This tool is a one-stop solution for business owners to gather, store, evaluate and process employee data. The best HRIS for small companies will help to simplify every aspect of human resource operations. Following is the list of the Top 10 HR Software that will help you simplify the operations:  

  • Attendance and leave management.  
  • Payroll management.  
  • Benefits management.  
  • Tax management.  
  • Performance management.  
  • Employee self-serve portal (ESS).  
  • Compliance management.  

Moreover, the top HR systems for SMEs in India will help automate, enrich, digitize, and centralize human resource operations.  

What Are the Best HR software Vendors in India for small Businesses in 2022?  

There are many vendors in the market claiming to be the best HR software in India with different features and prices. Our software experts have evaluated all the vendors based on their features and pricing and made an alphabetical list of the top human resource for small businesses.  

247 HRM:  

247 HRM is one of the top HRMS for SMEs that is redefining HR management. Because this software solution has all the tools that small business leaders need to manage their employees from anywhere. It is an all-inclusive tool that will help to streamline everything right from payroll to taxes. Furthermore, 247 HRM will help to simplify other aspects of the HR operations by optimizing their work process. This HRIS for small companies has an interactive and aesthetic dashboard that will represent the reports graphically. Moreover, the CEO of the company will have a real-time overview of the entire operations on his dashboard.  


  • HR Automation  
  • Employee Self-Service Portal  
  • Income Tax Management  
  • Leave Management  
  • Attendance Management  
  • Payroll Management  
  • Performance Management  
  • Expense Management  
  • Timesheets Management  
  • Talent Management  


Beehive HRMS:  

Beehive HRMS is a one-stop HR solution for small businesses to simplify their payroll and HR processes. It is a comprehensive HR tool that helps businesses to keep a track of the entire HR operations on a single platform. This HR software for SME will optimize your business process to get a higher return on investment. Beehive HRMS can deploy its tool on mobile devices for your teams to access the system from anywhere. Additionally, this tool can seamlessly integrate with your business process and help to create a positive work environment.  


  • HR Essentials  
  • Leave Management  
  • Exit Management  
  • Payroll Management  
  • Travel Management  
  • Performance & Goals  
  • Training Administration  
  • Recruitment & Onboard  
  • Grievance Management  


Darwin Box:  

Darwin Box is one of the best HR software for small businesses in India that centralizes the employee lifecycle on a single platform. This software solution in India will help to evolve their work process to get a competitive edge in the industry. It is an intuitive and mobile-friendly HR tool that helps to enrich your employee management. Moreover, this human resource software in India is easy to configure and set up with the best cyber security in Place.  


  • Core HR  
  • Time & Attendance  
  • Payroll  
  • Travel & Expense  
  • Employee Helpdesk  
  • Employee Onboarding  
  • Recruitment  
  • Employee Engagement  
  • Rewards & Recognition  
  • Performance Management  
  • People Analytics  


Elite HRMS:  

Elite HRMS is a reliable HR management software for small businesses to streamline their business operations. Furthermore, this tool is easy to use HR software that has top-notch customer service. Elite HRMS will allow business owners to seamlessly integrate with third-party applications on a single platform. Additionally, this tool will have email and SMS integrated into the software to communicate with the employees with ease.  


  • Master & ORG Structure   
  • HR Data   
  • Payroll & Statutory   
  • Income Tax   
  • Leave Management   
  • Loans & Interest Management   
  • Hire to Retire   
  • Attendance & Bio-Metric Management   
  • Employee Self Service (ESS)   
  • Mobile App (Android App)   
  • Asset Management   
  • Recruitment   
  • Training   
  • 180* Appraisal Management   
  • Travel & Imprest management   
  • Project Management  


Facto HR:  

Facto HR is one of the top 10 HR software for small businesses in India that helps to enrich your work process. This tool will help business owners to automate recurring payroll operations to reduce the workload on their teams. This HRIS system for small companies is quick to implement and will help to track employee attendance. Furthermore, this software will help to calculate and process travel expenses and reimbursements.   


  • Payroll Platform  
  • HR Platform  
  • Attendance Management System  
  • Leave Management System  
  • Performance Management Software  
  • Attendance Application  
  • Expense Management Software  
  • Onboarding Software  
  • Timesheet Software  


HR Mantra:  

HR Mantra is an all-in-one HR and payroll software for small businesses in India to simplify HR operations. This HR software has an interactive and smart dashboard that gives you an overview of employee performance in real-time. This software solution has a user-friendly interface with the best security in place to keep your data secure. HR Mantra has GPS tracking embedded into the system that helps you to track your employees from anywhere at any time. This human resource software for small businesses in India will help you to get a higher return on investment.  


  • AI Chatbot  
  • Recruitment Management  
  • On-Boarding / Off Boarding  
  • HRIS  
  • Time Management  
  • Travel & Helpdesk Management  
  • Performance Management  
  • Leave Management  
  • Project Management  
  • Learning Management  
  • Payroll Software  
  • HR Mantra Mobile App  



Keka is one of the best HR software for small businesses to make their workplace a great company to work in. These HR tools will have automation integrated to create a positive work culture that is motivated and engaging. This HRIS for small companies is revolutionizing human resource operations with the advanced tools in the market. As a result, small business owners can optimize their work processes and make the most of their employees.  


  • HRIS  
  • Employee Profiles  
  • Documents  
  • Helpdesk  
  • Pulse Surveys  
  • HR Analytics  
  • Leave Management  
  • Attendance Management  
  • GPS / Mobile Attendance  
  • Shift Management  
  • Payroll Software  
  • Compliance  
  • Expense Management  
  • Compensation  
  • Loans & Advances  
  • Employee Finances  
  • Offer Management  
  • Employee Onboarding  



Kredily HRMS for small businesses is an all-in-one tool for businesses to manage every aspect of their HR operations. This HR tool will automate most of the tasks to reduce the mistakes in their process and increase their efficiency. This HR software for SMEs will help them to be tax compliant to avoid all compliance breaches. Kredily is one of the top human resource software for small businesses that helps to streamline HR operations.  


  • Payroll  
  • Leave and Attendance  
  • Manage Employees  
  • Attendance Management  
  • HR Software  
  • Leave Management   


Pocket HRMS:  

Pocket HRMS for SMEs is a perfect tool to enrich the employee experience at your organization. This software solution will have all the tools that will help to overcome all the HR and payroll challenges for your organization. This HR system for small businesses will have all the advanced tools like AI, predictive analysis, and chatbots to give your business a competitive edge. Pocket HRMS for SMEs will give you customized reports and give you an overview of them on an aesthetic dashboard.  


  • HRMS Software  
  • Payroll Software  
  • ESS Portal  
  • Leave Management  
  • Attendance Management  
  • Recruitment Management  
  • Performance Management  


Sum HR:  

Sum HR is one of the top 10 HRMS for Small businesses to minimize the workload and focus on interacting with their workforce. This HR software has all the human resource tools that your business requires to enhance its work process. This software solution will help businesses to keep a track of the entire employee lifecycle automatically.   


  • Employee database  
  • Onboarding & exit  
  • HR & MIS   
  • Reports  
  • Approval workflows  
  • Web attendance  
  • Biometric devices  
  • GPS clock-in/Geo-fencing  
  • Leaves/time-off tracking  
  • Online payroll (India)  


Many SaaS HR vendors in India cater to small businesses and help them to optimize their human resource operations. We as a software recommendation platform are determined to help you to make the right software decision. Get in touch with our software experts if you are confused about which tool to select from the list of the best HRMS for small businesses in India in 2022. 


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