How ‘School ERP’ Software Assisting Education System?

How School ERP Software Assisting Education System

The cloud school management software through ERP programming can excellently follow the attendance of the student. Indeed, the school ERP software can assist the staff with the schedule the classes for weekdays well ahead of time.

Have you heard of ERP software before? If not, then let me give a brief idea of what ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is. ERP software is one of the business tools that primarily used in small to large-sized businesses to eliminate repetitive tasks and automate the boring stuff! This ultimately saves time, reduces human efforts, and helps the user to focus on important tasks.

Likewise, as businesses are transforming in the current pandemic circumstances, education institutions are also rethinking their way to teach and collaborate with students using different software tools. Right from the beginning of admissions, the institutions face difficulties in handling the data like section-wise student information, students and staff attendance, course management, examinations, results, and records on passed out students.

School ERP comes to rescue the education institutes in the pandemic!

The above challenges become more complex in the current pandemic scenario, where schools are forced to do most of their tasks online. Thus, to overcome such difficulties, “School ERP Software" is developed. Specifically designed for educational institutes, School ERP is exceptionally useful for improving students’ productivity, efficiency, reduce costs of various academic tasks, and streamline processes across the institute.

Additionally, School ERP is specially developed for the most crucial requirements of education institutes. Focusing on such critical issues, School ERP software utilizes student database and helps schools to develop the admission process, campus administration, student or staff management, attendance, finance, payroll processes, and inventory management.

To help education institutes advance in every way possible, School ERP offers the following unique features:

Unique Features of School ERP Software

Access information anytime, anywhere

For ease of usage, School ERP is web-based, which means users don’t have to install it on their PCs. They only need a computer with internet access. This means school staff can access it from the comfort of their homes anytime. Furthermore, School ERP software acts as a central campus information system and a simple login will give access to the students’ data, HR or payroll features, and let the users share information internally or externally. Likewise, it will allow institutes to build user relationships and enable clear communication between management, staff, and students.

Secure and Safe

Due to the lack of security features, handling and safeguarding the user data has become a milestone for most of the institutes. However, School ERP is equipped with 2-factor authentication, where users need to fill OTP in addition to a regular password. This also prevents hackers to steal user information in case of password theft. Most importantly, there are no issues like software crashing or file corruption because all data is safeguarded on School ERP servers. So even if a computer system is infected with viruses, it won’t impact School ERP files and databases.

Forecast inventory requirements in no time!

Institutions can easily check student information on School ERP software, which helps them make realistic estimates about how much inventory (stationary) is needed according to the present year’s admissions.

Less hard work, more effective work

As most of the tasks like stationary management, documentation management is taken care of with the help of School ERP, teachers and staff can utilize the additional time in delivering quality education. Eventually, less burden of keeping files and documents enable teachers and students to discuss useful topics like Q&As, course syllabus, health, exam preparation, self-development, etc.

Get the latest information

School ERP allows teachers or staff to update student attendance and grades. There’s no need to make sheets or documents, School ERP has all-in-one attendance and grade sheets where teachers can seamlessly add information. Therefore, users get access to accurate and real-time information whenever required.

Staff payrolls and attendance

With the integration of the biometric device, School ERP can easily track staff attendance. It further helps to monitors employee performance, process staff payroll, and allows the users to manage their timesheet and leaves. 

All-in-one Dashboard for a unified experience

All the tabs like attendance, leaves, timesheet, subject information, payroll information, etc are maintained on a unique dashboard; thus, users don’t have to search for every information.

In conclusion, while we see the world changing and started adopting more technological advancements, the use of School ERP in education will be a smart and effective choice. The aforementioned points are a few advantages of School ERP software. However, once you start using this comprehensive ERP tool, there will more benefits in terms of cost reduction and employee happiness. 

Contact us to get more updates, news & information regarding School ERP software. Also, check out our new step-by-step guide on how you can choose the best school software for your organization.

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