10 Things To Consider When Choosing a Retail POS System

Questions To Ask Your POS Vendor Before Buying POS Software

Many businesses often wonder how to choose the right point of sale software for their business needs. Many are not happy with their software vendor or many have a lot of concerns and questions even after choosing the best software provider in the market. Although, selecting a POS software vendor shouldn't be difficult. In this blog find top 10 questions that you can ask your POS vendor before getting things on board.

POS software solutions always remain engaging in marketing trends due to their robust features and smooth technical transitions across all platforms. Therefore, most of the POS software buyers are either retail stores or restaurant outlets. 

By this, we can very well understand why successful retail and restaurant businesses highly depend on their POS Software. These businesses also have a separate ERP system to manage accounting, procurement, retail, and other processes. Although, their Point-of-Sale system is the central component of their businesses, that handles everything from tracking orders and store customers data to managing inventory and transactions checkouts. 

Now, It is easy to find a good POS Solution in the market, and many businesses often find themselves a better POS option also but, they normally stuck in evaluating the software for their needs and the budget. In this blog, we try to wrap up Top 10 questions that you should ask your POS vendor before getting things on board. 

1.Is the POS able to integrate with my existing software?

Point of Sale (POS) system integration is becoming increasingly important in the organizational culture. As, For any business, it is more important to find a system that works well in their organization, something that is easy to use for the employees and third parties as well. 

In order to provide effective services, POS systems need to be integrated with other software in a company. Also, failure in POS system integration often followed by more delayed and inefficient processes. 

A successful POS integration would benefit businesses who are dealing with a tight budget on the software they are looking to purchase. This makes it more important for you to ask your vendor about the successful integration procedure.

2.What Payment Methods does Your POS System Accept?

Paying culture has changed a lot as time went also the way people make payments at your stores should be changed likewise. POS can be much more than just a method for customers to pay for their purchases using cash or check.
Today everyone wants their payment on the fingertips, and with new inventions, we are in a time where that technology is available and easy to afford. 

While many retailers offering services like buy online pick up in-store (BOPIS) services, it would be great if your POS vendor offers payment methods like credit card payment, debit card, mobile payments, and NFC options, etc. 


POS with mobile payment

3.How much does exactly your  POS Software Cost?

Many believe that it is not fair to put a number on your software budget as it is one of the major developments that an organization progresses through. However, in today’s time when technology is way too expensive, we don’t wanna spend money on the functions, or tools we don’t need.  

Thus, you have to make sure that before making any purchase you ask your POS vendor about the total cost of the system, including the implementation of the software. As many times POS companies don’t disclose the implementation cost and often businesses end up paying extra money for the implementation that leads to an extension of the budget that was assigned.

4.Is Your POS System adaptable to my business needs?

For any retailer or restaurant outlet owner, adopting a point of sale system can shift their business towards providing an all-in-one solution to handle all daily operational issues. Finding the perfect POS system for your needs is not easy. Many businesses often wonder how to choose the right point of sale software for their business needs.

Be rest assured that you can’t go wrong with your software decisions when you have performed the assessment of your needs and requirements in the initial stages. Now you know what features of the POS solution you need to comply with your organization's needs, furthermore, ask your vendor about the availability of the features in their system. 

5.Does your system meet all security and compliance requirements? 

We all in the business world are familiar with the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI) compliance standards. Here it should follow the criteria set major credit and debit card brands ( such as MasterCard and Visa) as a part of the Security Standards Council. 

To be compliant with these regulations and the protection of customer data should be the foremost concern for all businesses looking to buy a POS solution. That makes it more significant that you ask your vendor whether this system meets all security and compliance requirements established by PCI before you purchase the POS solution. 

Questions To Ask Your POS Vendor While Buying Software


6.Are there any hidden fees?

Many businesses tend to focus only on the POS software price and initial POS implementation while estimating the value of software. Although the software itself has no value, just the benefits that we get from using the software makes it valuable. 

As we discussed earlier as well that technology today is way too expensive than before and the hidden fees and charges can cost more than just the budget. It would be clever if you ask your vendor about the hidden fees on the software purchase, its installing, license, and other charges to ensure you don’t pay any last-minute fee.

7.Is your POS solution user-friendly?

Software providers at various marketplaces are offering user-friendly, quick, and efficient POS software solutions, and, user-friendly POS software is easy to find. After all, that overlooking usability or user-friendliness will be a critical mistake in your change process. A user-friendly POS system will benefit the end-user in your organization. 

Check up on the system that you purchase is user friendly, which can be easily blended with your existing software. Also, make sure it does not require much training to learn the basics of the application. Even you can go through some guidelines which have a full Guide to Finding the Right POS System for your business, this guide will game-changer for every organization.  

8.Is your system allows secured remote access?

If your business is growing across the boundaries, shouldn’t your system also find the way to follow? Today business availability is not limited to a single location, software that allows remote access for employees and third parties could be game-changing in terms of customer success.

However, hacking remote access POS tools are the most common attack techniques amongst the corporate network breaches. Ask your vendor about secured remote access cloud-based POS system tools to avoid unexpected outcomes before you pick a POS software.

9.Does the POS system updates automatically, Or do we have to do it manually?

POS software usually builds to be updated automatically and most of the functions of the software automatically update themselves so you do not require to make many efforts in for the updates. 

Here, you just need to determine the charges of the updates. Often updates cost much more than the expected charges every time you asked to update your software. Double-check from the provider about the updates and their charges. 

10.Do you offer 24/7 technical support?

Most Point of sale system vendors provides complete POS solution support to their customers, The benefits of having POS technical support are many even if you have it off-premises.  

Find out whether your vendor offers the following technical support services to be sure:

  • Software and hardware Support over the phone.
  • Repair and maintenance of the hardware.
  • Network Cable maintenance.
  • Complete system changes management.
  • On-site support & services

The questions that we have discussed in this blog are helpful for to select the right POS software for your business.

If you get “No” to five or more from these questions, there are chances that you are dealing with an unfit provider for your company’s point of sale software. Maybe its time to reconsider your POS solution provider. 

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