Top 10 Hospital Management Software in India

Top 10 Hospital Management Software in India

Every hospital will have a different need depending on their organization size or type. This is why you should choose the best hospital management system that adapts to your process and achieve business goals faster. We are a software recommendation platform that has analyzed the Top 10 Hospital Management Software in 2021.

The Healthcare industry plays a crucial role in society because they cure people of their ailments. Moreover, they are frontline workers during an outbreak of pandemic to save the world from crises. As a reason, the management should implement the best hospital software in India to simplify and automate the operational tasks.  There are various vendors in the market, which is making it more competitive.

Every hospital will have a different need depending on their organization size or type. This is why you should choose the best hospital management system that adapts to your process and achieve business goals faster. We are a software recommendation platform that has analyzed the software vendors. Following is the list of top 10 hospital management software in 2021 in alphabetical order. 

Top 10 Hospital Management Software in India

  1. Aarogya
  2. Eazy HMS
  3. Halemind
  4. KareXpert Advanced HIMS
  5. KnowIT HMS
  6. MocDoc HMS
  7. NextGen
  8. SkyVF - Hospital Management Software
  9. SoftClinic
  10. Trio



Aarogya is an advanced hospital software that has all the features that a healthcare institution needs to simplify its process. It is the perfect tool for small, medium, and large hospitals to increase operations speed, minimize costs, and provide quality patient care. Additionally, the Aarogya hospital management system will help set best practices and increase the productivity; of your team. Furthermore, this software will help to enhance bed occupancy and design standard efficient healthcare packages. 

  • OPD Management 
  • IPD Management  
  • TPA Management  
  • OT Management  
  • Pathology Software  
  • Pharmacy Software  
  • Manage Finance and Accounting
  • Payroll Management 
  • Radiology Software 


Eazy HMS: 

Easy HMS is a hospital management system that allows you to simplify your operations and daily tasks. Additionally, this software will help your organization transform digitally and make your business adopt; a paperless operation. It is an all-inclusive solution that reduces the work burden on the team and increases their efficiency. Easy HMS is a cloud-based hospital software that is easy to implement and can access from anywhere at any time. 

  • Patients' Portal.
  • Doctors' Portal.
  • Nurses' Portal.
  • Lab Management.
  • Bed Management.
  • Billing and Invoices.
  • Inventory Management.



Halemind is an end-to-end software for hospital management that helps clinics as well as a multi-chain hospital. It is an advanced tool that integrates electronic health records and keeps them secure.  

Additionally, hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and pathology labs can customize the features of this software to adapt to your business needs. As a result, Halemind hospital software will simplify your process and add stability to your business. Halemind is a cloud-based software that you can implement on any device, and the vendor takes care of the maintenance. 

  • Appointment Scheduling.
  • OT Management.
  • Lab Management.
  • OPD Management.
  • Ward Management.
  • Revenue Management.
  • Pharmacy Management.
  • Patient Portal.
  • Electronic Health Records. 

KareXpert Advanced HIMS: 

KareXpert Is a modern software for hospital management with all the tools that a healthcare business needs. This software will seamlessly integrate with other systems that you use in your hospital to centralize everything on a single platform. Additionally, you can implement this software on any device so that you can use it from anywhere. Furthermore, the centralization of the data will help to navigate and perform tasks with ease. 

  • Mobile Deployment.
  • IPD and OPD Management.
  • Billing and Finance Management.
  • Operations Management.
  • Patient Feedback Management. 


KnowIT HMS: 

KnowIt HMS is a hospital management system that integrates an ERP solution that helps you to manage every aspect of the business. Additionally, it automates most of the tasks and increases the productivity of your team. The vendor integrates the latest technologies in the software to ensure that your team is working on the best system. Furthermore, this software will help clinics and multiple chain hospitals to enrich their healthcare delivery. 

  • Front Office Management
  • Clinical support.
  • Billing and invoices.
  • Supply chain management.
  • Back-office management. 


MocDoc HMS: 

MocDoc HMS is an all-integrated hospital management system that helps all-size hospitals to simplify their task. It is a comprehensive system that handles your inventory, departments, and patients. Additionally, it will automate most of the administration work so that your team can focus on valuable tasks like patient care. Furthermore, it also has an aesthetic dashboard that allows you to have a glance at your performance in a single look. MocDoc hospital management software will send notifications to your team so that they do not forget important tasks. This system will save, process, and analyze data from each department to give you an overview of real-time progress. 

  • Electronic Medical Records.
  • Digital Prescriptions.
  • Queue Management.
  • Insurance Management.
  • Billing and Invoicing.
  • Order Management.
  • Role-based Access.
  • Notification.
  • Customized Reports. 



NextGen is an innovative advanced hospital software that helps to provide quality healthcare to your patients. This software will automate the healthcare administration so that your team can focus on patient care. As a result, your hospital team will minimize the operational cost and increase their productivity. Additionally, it will help to have a seamless collaboration between teams and enrich the patient experience. They have the best team that is continuously working on upgrading and maintain the system so that your team is working in the latest version. 

  • Business Analytics.
  • Patient Engagement.
  • Electronic Health Records.
  • Telehealth Services.
  • Mobile Deployment.
  • Accounts and Finances. 


SkyVF - Hospital Management Software: 

SkyVF is a robust hospital management system that helps clinics, hospitals, and IVF centers to simplify their operations. This software has a graphical dashboard that helps the management; to have an overview of the business and navigate with ease. Additionally, they have budget-friendly subscription plans, which you can modify as per your business needs. SkyVF helps the healthcare industry to manage every aspect of the business and enhance them to increase efficiency. 

  • Digital Patients Record.
  • Appointment Management.
  • Collaboration.
  • SMS and Email.
  • Billing and Finances.
  • Bed Management.
  • Queue Management.
  • OPD, IPD, and OT Management. 



Softclinic is a comprehensive hospital management solution to help the patients, clinics, and hospitals to have a paperless experience. Additionally, hospital owners can customize the software as per your business needs to adapt to your process and achieve goals faster. This software will help to simplify and automate tedious tasks; to increase the productivity and accuracy rate; of your team. 

  • Telemedicine.
  • Electronic Health Records.
  • Patient Portal.
  • OPD Management.
  • Appointment Booking.
  • Compliance Management.
  • Barcoded Reports.
  • Mobile Deployment.
  • Data Analytics. 



The Trio is software for hospital management; that has all the tools to help the hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare professionals; streamline their work. Additionally, it helps to save, record, and analyze the data to use it in the future. Moreover, this software integrates the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud telephony to make your process efficient. Furthermore, this software also integrates customer relationship management software (CRM) and other technologies to analyze the data. 

  • Electronic Medical Records.
  • Pharmacy Management.
  • HR Management.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Bed Management.
  • OT, OPD, and IPD Management.
  • Accounting and Billing.
  • Pathology Lab Management. 

Hospital management software is an essential need for any healthcare institute irrespective; of its size or type. There are various vendors in the market with robust features and services but, you need to analyze your needs before implementation. We have analyzed the vendors and made a list of the best ten hospital management software in 2021. 

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