Top 10 Hotel Management Software in India

top 10 hotel management software

Hotel management software (HMS) remains important for hoteliers looking to better the running of their company as technology advances at a fast rate in the industry. People can boost their hotel's overall service by using hotel management solutions to streamline administrative processes.

Hotel management software is an essential technology for businesses in the hotel industry. This software has all the features that you require to simplify the hotel's; daily tasks and have a positive impact on your guest. Additionally, it is also crucial to managing your employees and property efficiently; to make more revenue and increase productivity. There are various vendors for hotel management software in India but, it is essential to choose the best system that supports your business goals. Every business in the hotel industry might have a different requirement depending on their accommodation type and the clients they cater to.  

As a software recommendation platform, we have analyzed the software solutions and made a list of the top ten hotel management systems in 2021.

Top 10 Hotel Management Software

  1. Cheerze Connect
  2. Experts IN HMS
  3. eZee Absolute - Online Hotel PMS
  4. Hotelogix PMS
  5. InnkeyPMS
  6. Mycloud Hospitality
  7. MyHotelLine PMS
  8. Oracle Hospitality
  9. ShawMan PMS
  10. THMS

1. Cheerze Connect

Cheerze connect is an end-to-end hotel management system software that helps you to perform your operations efficiently. Additionally, you can take advantage of the intuitive cloud features; of this software and automate most of your tasks. This software is one of the best solutions that assist your business; to deliver a contactless guest experience. This software allows your guest to download the mobile application, and they can do everything right from check-in to check out through their phone.   


  • Front office operations.  
  • POS.  
  • Mobile app.  
  • Booking engine integration.   
  • Channel manager.  
  • Housekeeping management.  
  • Material management.  
  • Banquet management.  
  • Bar stock management.  
  • Central reservation system.  
  • Accounts receivable.  
  • Food costing.  


2. Experts IN HMS

Experts IN is one of the best hotel management software solutions designed to help hoteliers. It is all-inclusive software that is easy to use designed especially for small and medium-sized hotels. Furthermore, this software will help you to set the best practices based on the current market trends and make profits out of your business. The system has various features you can integrate them according to your business requirements.   


  • Front desk operations.  
  • Housekeeping management.  
  • Restaurant management.  
  • Romm service management.  
  • Hospitality management.  
  • SMS integrations.  
  • Tally.  
  • Back-office management.  
  • Inventory management.  
  • Integrate external devices.


3. eZee Absolute - Online Hotel PMS

EZee absolute is one of the top hotel management software in India that assists your business expansion. This software helps you to collaborate with more than 130 plus channels and also gives you an overview of competitor's rate analysis. Additionally, this system assists your business with automatic credit card verification and alerts your team if it is invalid. Furthermore, it allows you to sell a complete package and run promotions to increase visibility and make more profit. This hotel management solution has a chatbot to assist with guest queries and concerns.   


  • Reservations and offline bookings.  
  • Easy rate management.  
  • User role preferences.  
  • Meal plans and packages.  
  • Mobile guest self-serve portals.  
  • Property management mobile app.  
  • All in one cashier center.  
  • Centralized credit card center.  


4. Hotelogix PMS

Hotelogix is a hotel management system that will provide you with everything you need to simplify and manage your hotel business. It allows you to access the software at any time from anywhere and also helps with enterprise-level audit trails. Furthermore, the system helps your hotel business automate operations, increase the occupancy rate, and revenue. It is one of the most secure, reliable, and scalable hotel management system software with support all the time.   


  • Increased direct bookings.  
  • Channel manager connectivity.  
  • Mobile deployment.  
  • Make strategic decisions.  
  • Handle online reputation.  
  • Simplify housekeeping.   
  • Smart front desk operations.   
  • 24*7 live support.  


5. InnkeyPMS 

InnkeyPMS is a cloud-based hotel management software that helps to manage the complete operations on a single platform. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with other applications or software so that your team does not have to hassle on different platforms. Everything of this system is on cloud computing that helps to access and manage from anywhere at any time. This software has excellent features that help your business simplify tasks and enrich the guest experience.  


  • Central reservation.  
  • Front desk management.  
  • Point of sale.  
  • Material management.  
  • Banquet management.  
  • Housekeeping.  
  • Budgets and actuals.  
  • Accounts receivable and payable.  
  • Financial accounting.  
  • Maintenance.   


6. Mycloud Hospitality

Mycloud Hospitality is a hotel management system that helps your business to deliver a contactless check-in, checkout, and dining experience to your guests. This software has all the tools you require to sell your rooms at an optimal price and have a loyal customer base to gain referrals. Additionally, this hotel management software helps your business to increase revenue by smoother operations and lower costs.   


  • User friendly.  
  • Minimum to zero investments.  
  • Advanced property management system.  
  • Mobile point of sale.  
  • 24/7 support.   
  • Channel manager.  
  • 175+ interfaces. 


7. MyHotelLine PMS

MyHotelLine PMS is a property management system with world-class features that make this software robust. This software vendor allows you to pay for what you use and customize the system according to your needs. Furthermore, it also gives you support all the time with smart mobility that allows your team to access it from anywhere.   


  • Billing and accounting management.  
  • Customer management.  
  • Order management and tracking.  
  • Manage happy hours.  
  • Inventory control.  
  • Loyalty and rewards.  
  • POS management.  
  • Tax management.


8. Oracle Hospitality

Oracle hospitality helps your business to reimagine the processes with mobile, on-demand, and cloud-based services.  This hotel management system software has all the tools that your organization needs to deliver a personalized and exceptional guest experience to gain loyalty.  it is one of the most scalable, global, reliable, and secure hotel management solutions.   


  • Hotel management.  
  • Property management.  
  • Central reservation system.  
  • Sales and catering.  
  • Reporting and analytics.  
  • Room reservations.  
  • Kitchen displays. 


9. ShawMan PMS

ShawMan is an all-in-one property management software that helps your hotel business to manage rooms, guest preference, and other operations. Furthermore, it helps to centralize the rate management and business process for a hotel chain. It is also enabled with a central reservation process that takes reservation from various booking channel and passes it to the local outlet. It has all the tools you require to manage every aspect of your hotel operations.   


  • Rate management.  
  • Reservations.  
  • Onscreen reports.  
  • Easy to use.  
  • Seamless interface.  
  • Secure and reliable.  
  • Easy deployment.  
  • Scalable.


10. THMS

True hotel management software is an ideal solution for all businesses in the hospitality industry. This system sends a confirmation to their guest immediately after they book the services. Additionally, your business does not have to pay any commissions to a third party like travel agents. Furthermore, it also accepts and processes multiple currencies to enrich the guest experience.  


  • Sales and reservations.  
  • Front office management.  
  • Restaurant, café, and bar management.  
  • Banquet and catering.  
  • Service billing.  
  • Housekeeping management.  
  • Recipe cost.  
  • Inventory management.  
  • Accounting.  
  • Connectivity with booking engine.  
  • Connectivity with channel managers.  
  • Review and feedback management.  



Hotel management system software plays a crucial role in the hospitality industry because it simplifies operations and enriches the guest experience. We have made a vendor list of top hotel management software features in 2021 for you to explore, analyze and choose from.

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