Top 10 Human Resource Software in India for Businesses of All Sizes

Top 10 HR Software in India

Business HR leaders will agree that the best HR software is a blessing for their company. As a recommendation platform, we think that even startups or small and medium-sized enterprises can make the most of this HR software technology.  

The best HR software India will help the HR and accounting departments to focus on valuable tasks. This technology will automate employee management, payroll calculations, and attendance. Additionally, the software solution will also calculate taxes, incentives, benefits, and more.  

This software will not only reduce the efforts of the team but also save a lot of time. We have made the list of the Best 10 HR software vendors in India and their features according to alphabetical order 

Top 10 Best HR Software in India

  1. GreytHR
  2. HROne
  3. Nitso
  4. Keka
  5. Pocket HRMS
  6. Qandle
  7. Spine HR Suite 
  8. Wallet HR
  9. Zimyo
  10. Zoho People

1. GreytHR:  

GreytHR software helps the HR department to automate their task and encourages your workforce to use self-serve options. They have an extraordinary customer service team that will respond to your first query in 2 hours and resolve it before 6 hours. Additionally, they also evolve their HR management software according to the customer review to make their system more robust. It allows the management to access employee data and reports in a few clicks.  


  • Payroll management. 
  • Statutory compliant. 
  • Manage leaves. 
  • Attendance tracking. 
  • Employee lifecycle. 
  • Mobile deployment. 


2. HROne 

HROne is a smart HR management software that automates and simplifies tasks for the human resource department. Furthermore, it also gives detailed insights into your workforce to make strategic changes; to make your workplace a better place to work. This software has all the necessary tools to have a happy and content workforce. Additionally, this solution will assist to remind your team about their task so that they do not forget or delay it.  


  • Core HR.  
  • Manage entire employee lifecycle.  
  • Correct and compliant payroll processing.  
  • Real-time attendance management.  
  • Real-time feedback.  
  • Handle employee expenditure.  
  • Recruit the best talent.  
  • Chatbot.  
  • Mobile deployment. 


3. Nitso 

Nitso is an HRMS software that completely handles your HR and payroll functions. It efficiently manages functions like HR database, process payroll, ESS, employee training, and exit formalities. This software allows you to navigate through the employee database with ease and give you an overview of it. Nitso is a complete human resource management software that automates, simplifies, handles, and integrates all your HR. Additionally, it also assists in payroll, compliance, attendance, leave, and other functions. Furthermore, this software is also capable of managing training, development, employee self-serve, and recruitment.  


  • Generate and share letters.  
  • Salary components.  
  • Manage attendance and leaves.  
  • Manage and process the reimbursement.  
  • Training and development.  
  • Manage performance.  
  • Manage recruitment, onboarding, and off-boarding.  
  • Travel desk.  
  • Mobile deployment. 


4. Keka:  

Keka HR management software has all the tools you need to build a great organization. It automates HR processes to design an engaging and performance-driven work culture. The tools of this software allow you to change, measure and evolve work processes to increase productivity. It is an efficient tool that helps your team reduce the energy and time spent on tedious tasks. Additionally, the time and energy saved from automation; can be utilized in more valuable tasks.  


  • Payroll and expenditure. 
  • Advanced HR. 
  • Performance and work culture.  
  • Recruitment and onboarding. 
  • Project management. 
  • Time, attendance, and leaves. 

Explore more features of Keka on their profile page. 


5. Pocket HRMS:  

Pocket HRMS is a software solution that integrates both core and strategic HR functions under one platform. This HR management software has all the tools that your business needs to have efficient HR and workforce management. This HR software helps your business be compliant and secure your employee data. It is a single platform that allows you to manage your expenditure management. This software enables the self-serve tool that enhances employee engagement.  


  • Automate.  
  • Interactive HR.  
  • Mobility to access from anywhere.  
  • HR Chatbot.  
  • Time tracking.  
  • HR MIS reports and analytics.  
  • Calculate and process a full and final settlement. 

 best hr software in india

6. Qandle 

Qandle is an all-in-one HR software with 36 applications that fulfill your HR requirement. It has all the tools to manage core HR activities, workforce, handle payroll, and business expenditure. Additionally, the installation is also easy, which can be set up in 2 weeks. Qandle human resource software provides complementary support from payroll and compliance experts. Moreover, you can also customize this software to meet your business needs. The user interface of this software is easy to use, intuitive and engaging. Furthermore, they provide simple pricing, and they do not have a complicated lock-in period.  


  • Recruitment and onboarding.  
  • Attendance and leave tracking.  
  • Correct and compliant payroll processing.  
  • Central server to save; employee data.  
  • Assign tasks and track goals.  
  • Team development.  
  • Offboarding with ease.  
  • HR analytics.  
  • Better and easy integrations. 


7. Spine HR Suite:  

The spine HR suite lets your workforce feel more connected because it integrates the latest AI technologies. This human resource management software caters to all sectors with quick implementation and continuous support. They also have the expertise to help your business achieve its goals faster. Spine HR Suite helps to have a positive influence; on the workforce which impacts your clients and partners to enhance growth.  


  • Ask spina. 
  • Facial recognition.  
  • Geographical tagging and fencing.  
  • Interactive dashboard. 
  • HRIS. 
  • Loan management.  
  • Budgeting. 
  • Pay structure.  


8. Wallet HR:  

Wallet HR solution helps the workforce management from start to end of their lifecycle. One of the best HR software that installs; in 3 steps within 48 hours that too without any hassles. Additionally, this solution allows you to customize the software that fits your budget. Wallet HR tools help to adapt to any business of any industry of any size. The software is made in such a way that your workforce does not need to be tech-savvy to use it.  


  • Recruitment.  
  • Interactive dashboard.  
  • Performance appraisal.  
  • Reimbursement.  
  • Training and development.  
  • Visitor management.  
  • Canteen management.  
  • Manage timesheets.  


9. Zimyo 

Zimyo HR software unifies all the tools that help to automate mundane HR tasks, minimize payroll mistakes, and prompts a positive workforce experience. It is an all-inclusive software solution that assists to re-invent your workforce culture. Zimyo allows you to complete HR tasks without using papers and keep the data secure.  


  • Organizational chart.  
  • Customized workflows.  
  • Grant and restrict permission.  
  • Employee directory.  
  • Helpdesk.  
  • Central server to store data.  
  • Manage asset. 


10. Zoho People:  

Zoho people is one of the top HRMS solutions; in India that takes care of your human resource process. As a result, your human resource department can concentrate on engaging and managing their workforce. It is an all-inclusive software that takes care of hiring to exit formalities of the employee. 


  • Simplified recruitment and onboarding process.  
  • Automated attendance and leave management. 
  • Manage employee performance with ease. 
  • Handle employee queries. 
  • Automate and fasten the HR functions. 
  • Customizable HR software. 

So, there are many more features that you can check out on their profile page on our website Technologycounter


HR software is a crucial asset for any organization of any size or sector. Businesses must choose the best HR software that understands their needs and helps achieve their goals. We are a recommendation platform with an extensive list of reliable and best vendors in India. 

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