Top 10 Online Education Software To Use For Schools

Top 10 Online Education Software

The schools are shut, millions of students are out of school as nothing could have done to prepare for the uncertain Coronavirus outburst. The online learning tools have shown great potential in helping students and teachers to collaborate and exchange information. In this blog, we will find which are the top 10 online education software that can make it easier for students and teachers.

If you are in the education industry as a teacher or you are in administrative functions, you might have faced challenges in providing learning to your students in the period of a countrywide lockdown. The schools are shut, millions of students are out of school as nothing could have done to prepare for the uncertain Coronavirus outburst. 

Despite that, there is no shortage of technologies, immense options of online educational software and mobile apps are there in the market now. Also, online learning tools have shown great potential in helping students and teachers to collaborate and exchange information. So let's check out the top 10 online education software for students and teachers.

1. Google Classroom

Relatively a new approach to online education from the house of Google, it is a completely free tool to make teaching and learning more productive and flexible. With features like easy integration with Gsuite makes it more flexible and user friendly for its users. It gives teachers more time to work on assignments and distribution while providing real-time feedback to the students and their parents. Google Classroom use the standard G Suite office tools, for example, Google Docs just as spreadsheet and, sound and video conferencing, also Google Drive for cloud storage  

2. LearnCube

A virtual classroom software for online learning learn cube allows teachers and students to communicate and collaborate on learning practices and exchange ideas. Offring features like class review, class recordings, scheduling, and reporting to access and track academic and non-academic activities. With free trials, up to 14 days learn cube can be the best and affordable option for your needs. 

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3. Electa live LMS

Electa is a learning management system built for online courses and live online classes could be a great option for your teachers to provide online teaching and training over the internet. This is a top-rated virtual platform that offers robust features to create online courses and tutorials, schedule live online classes, online lectures, group live classes, etc. 

4. Seesaw

User-friendly tools enable students to document independently what they are learning at school. With a seesaw, every activity can be monitored easily by their parents and teachers. Also, this method of monitoring of learning of students can be a great way to motivate them to use the software. As the name suggests it creates a learning loop between teachers and their students. 

5. Schoology

Schoology can integrate all instructional tools, assessment features, and analytics into one LMS system. It can help students, teachers to create and exchange course materials. It manages your classrooms, creates assignments, and more. This tool is free to institutions in K-12 public and private schools, colleges, and universities. 

6. Citta Shiksha365cloud

Quite a new but promising name in the market of cloud-based learning solutions that offers amazing features for online learning. Rich features index includes the Student management portal, online class management, time table management, result module, complaint management, smartphone compatibility, etc. It is helping schools with its online learning tools which are user-friendly, customizable, well planned.

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7. Edunika

Edunika e-learning solution is a feature-rich software with available features like audio, podcast/lecture, online exam test, live classes, mobile phone compatibility, and a lot more. You can get the Edunika E-learning solution at its basic plans which are affordable and value for your money.

8. iTunes U

Next on the list is iTunes U designed and marketed by Apple as a learning platform for online courses creating online classrooms, homework and assignment distribution, and a lot more. Although Apple doesn't offer a free version or free trial of iTunes U, you can buy it directly from the website. 

9. Edmodo

Edmodo is a web-based system that provides a lot of features for school management and online learning for students. With Edmodo, you can set up virtual classrooms, handle online exams, generate or receive feedback from parents, and integrate with other software like Google. It allows students to access technology for academic tracking, interaction with each other, and social media engagement purposes.

10. WizIQ

WizIQ offers extensive learning tools to make learning more engaging for students. It can be a great option if you are looking for an affordable LMS software and virtual classroom solution for your school.

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