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Payroll software is an essential tool for every organization to simplify and automate its payroll processes. There are various payroll software vendors in India to lure you with their solutions. We have made a list of the top 10 payroll software in India.

Payroll is an essential process for any organization irrespective of its size or industry. Payroll is the only motivator for a highly productive workforce with less absenteeism. It is a very complex process that depends on various factors and legal compliances.

The traditional ways to calculate and process the payroll will be risky and time-consuming. Errors and arrears in payroll will create dissatisfaction in the workforce and might have legal implications. There are various online Payroll Software India vendors available in the market to simplify and automate the process.

This technology will store, process, and calculate your payroll accurately to ensure a smoother workflow. In this blog, we will cover the top ten payroll software vendors in India. We have also covered how payroll software improves your business in our previous blogs.  

What is the top ten payroll software in India?  

The following list of top ten payroll software in India is in alphabetical order:  

#1 HR One:  

HRone is an intelligent payroll software that processes payroll without any errors to ensure compliance. This software is an effective solution for every organization irrespective of its size because it is fun and fast. It is a robust tool that helps organizations process the workforce payroll in a few clicks.

HR One is a perfect tool for businesses that simplifies and automates the HR processes to reduce the work burden on their teams. Furthermore, this software will analyze the data and give you detailed insights about your employee data to make strategic changes in your process.  


  • Notice period adjustments.  
  • Leave encashments.  
  • Loans and arrears.  
  • Gratuity and other payables.  
  • Settlement Compliance.  
  • Bonus.  
  • Reimbursements.  
  • Investment declarations.  
  • Customized salary slips.  
  • Tax management.  


#2 Keka:  

Keka payroll software is a revolutionary tool to simplify the complex Indian payroll process. They have all the necessary tools to streamline your payroll process and automate it. This software solution updates the changes in real-time on the system to avoid the last-minute hassle.

Keka integrates time tracking software with the payroll system to centralize the process. This HR payroll software will help the employers to; send the employee salary slips on messages, email, and app. It is a perfect tool for the organization to manage every aspect of their payroll and give you detailed insights into your process.  


  • Compliance management.  
  • Expense management.  
  • Compensation management.  
  • Loans and advance management.  
  • Employee finance management.  
  • Time tracking.  
  • Attendance and leave management.  


#3 Nitso:  

Nitso is a payroll management system that helps to manage each aspect of your payroll efficiently. This software will ensure that your organization has a one hundred percent compliance adherence. Nitso is a payroll software in India that calculates and processes PF, TDS, ESIC, and PT.

It is an all-inclusive payroll tool that is accessible for the workforce from anywhere. This payroll software is easy to use and processes the employee salaries automatically. This payroll software allows you to customize the system according to your business needs.  


  • Attendance and overtime management.  
  • Leave management.  
  • Expense and claim management.  
  • Country-specific tax management.  
  • Performance management.  
  • Loans and advances. 
  • Awards and rewards.  
  • Salary process and calculation.  
  • Full and final settlement.  


#4 Peopleworks:  

Peopleworks is an advanced payroll management software that helps to digitize and simplify your entire payroll. It has all the robust tools that help to simplify complex and challenging HR functions. This HR and payroll software will help organizations throughout their journey from hire to retire.

This software solution has efficient cybersecurity in place to keep your sensitive payroll data secure. It assists businesses; automatically calculate and process payroll to increase team productivity. Peopleworks is a user-friendly, affordable, and reliable payroll software for every business. This software solution will track changes in the labor laws and notify your team to improve compliance adherence.   


  • Payroll processing. 
  • Benefit administration.  
  • Pay structures.  
  • Full and final settlement.  
  • Compliance management. 
  • Flexible benefits plan.  
  • Income tax calculator.  
  • Payroll stimulation.  


#5 Pocket HRMS:  

Pocket HRMS is a perfect online payroll software that automates the payroll processes and delivers 100% accuracy. It is a comprehensive solution that helps to manage every aspect of the HR department. This payroll solution allows you to customize the system according to their requirement.

Pocket HRMS generates the required data in a few clicks, and employees can upload, download and edit necessary documents with ease. This software has a mobile version that gives access to the system on the go. Additionally, it has an AI integrated chatbot “smHRty” to answer customer queries and let your team focus on more valuable tasks.  


  • Compliance management. 
  • Payroll processing.  
  • Tax deductions and processing. 
  • Cloud security.  
  • Time tracking and attendance management.  

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#6 Qandle 

Qandle is a payroll software that has all the advanced features that make payroll processing easy for any organization. This software helps organizations manage their workforce and payroll in a better way. 

Qandle understands the complexity of modern workplaces. As a result, they have made smart HR solution that helps to simplify the complexity of the modern workforce.  Qandle is a one-stop solution for all your HR-related needs to centralize their entire organization on a single platform.  


  • Payroll processing.  
  • Employee compensation.  
  • Statutory compliance.  
  • Claims and advances.  
  • Payment and compliance advisory.  
  • Expense management.  


#7 Saneforce:  

Saneforce is a simple, secure, and flexible payroll software for every organization. This software solution helps business owners to configure the salary slips based on their requirements. This payroll software will help to automate the processing and spot errors or arrears easily.

Furthermore, it has efficient cybersecurity in place to keep your sensitive data secure, so you don’t have to spend on heavy IT infrastructure. It will give you detailed accurate insights into your data to make strategic decisions in their process. Saneforce has an employee self-serve kiosk for the employees to access and update the information themselves.  


  • Company structure and information.  
  • Attendance by GPS.  
  • Holiday and leave module.  
  • Leave policy configuration.  
  • Payroll and compliance module.  
  • Taxation and investment.  
  • Loan and salary advance.  
  • Automatic payroll calculation.  
  • Asset management.  
  • Customizable dashboard.  
  • Integration with HR software or SFA.  


#8 Spine:  

The spine is a human resource management system with a payroll module integrated to simplify the HR and payroll processes. It is a completely customizable software that allows you to configure the system according to their needs.

Spine HR software has all the latest tools integrated to make it easier for the HR team to perform their task. Furthermore, it processes payroll and expenses accurately to avoid cash leakage.  


  • Dashboard.  
  • HRIS.  
  • Pay structures.  
  • Leave management.  
  • Statutory compliance.  
  • Loan management.  
  • Budgeting.  
  • Reports and analytics.  


#9 Zimyo:  

Zimyo is an HR payroll software that centralizes all the HR and payroll aspects on a single platform. Additionally, this software has artificial intelligence integrated to make strategic action plans and decisions.  

Zimyo will digitize your entire human resource department and make the entire process paperless. This software solution will help to minimize the errors to have a satisfied workforce and prevent cash leakages. Additionally, it automates most of the aspects to reduce the operational cost substantially.  


  • Compliances.  
  • Benefits and reimbursements.  
  • Salary computation.  
  • Prerequisites, loans, and advances.  
  • Expenses. 
  • Invoices.  


# 10 Zoho people:  

Zoho people is one of the top HR and payroll software which businesses can customize according to their needs. The human resource and payroll processes are complex, time-consuming, and tedious.

Zoho People is an all-inclusive HR payroll software to simplify and automate complex HR functions. As a result, your HR team can get more time to complete other valuable tasks like recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and others.  


  • Attendance tracker.  
  • Time off management.  
  • Timesheets.  
  • Employee self-serve.  
  • Payroll processing.  
  • Tax management.  
  • Performance management.  
  • Compliance management.  


Payroll software is essential software for every business to simplify and automate their payroll processes. We as a recommendation platform have made a list of the top ten payroll software in India. 

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