Top 10 Restaurant Software in India

Top 10 Restaurant Software in India

Restaurant software in India allows you to customize the software according to the business needs. As a result, you will be able to achieve your business goals quickly, which will help in business expansion. We have made a list of the top 10 Restaurant software in India. Our team will help you to choose the Best Restaurant Management Software in 2021.

The restaurant management system is a boon for cafes, restaurants, bars, and any other food or beverage joint. This system offers diverse; features to the F&B industry that simplifies and automates their process. The best restaurant management software in India tracks stocks, salaries, orders, and attendance. Restaurant business owners with Multiple outlets can centralize the operation and data on one platform and analyze the performance.  

Restaurant software in India allows you to customize the software according to the business needs. As a result, you will be able to achieve your business goals quickly, which will help in business expansion. Various software vendors are available in the market but, it is crucial to choose the best one.  

We are a software recommendation platform that has analyzed the vendors and their features. We have made a list of the best restaurant management software in India in 2021 in alphabetical order.  


Top 10 Restaurant Software

  1. Chefdesk
  2. DinePlan  
  3. Eatlot    
  4. eZee Optimus  
  5. Innkey PMS  
  6. GOFRUGAL Restaurant POS  
  7. Limetray  
  8. Petpooja    
  9. PosBytz  
  10. SlickPOS 


Chefdesk is a comprehensive restaurant POS software in India. This software helps your restaurant business to manage crowds with ease and efficiency to increase sales. Quick and accurate processing of orders is the most efficient way to enhance the customer experience. Especially, many cinemas and theme park business owners implement this system in their operation to process the orders quickly. It is a cloud-based restaurant management software that you can implement at a single outlet or your multiple outlets.  


  • Billing. 
  • Inventory management. 
  • Manage cash. 
  • Loyalty program. 
  • Performance management. 
  • Combo offers.  


DinePlan is an all-in-one restaurant software in India that can manage complex operations. Additionally, this software adapts to your business needs for any type; of restaurant type with its dynamic features. It helps the restaurant business owners to transform their traditional kitchens into a cloud one. DinePlan comprises seven products that can help to manage a modern restaurant business. This software is one of the best restaurant management systems that help to handle various transactions with ease.  


  • Interactive and intuitive POS. 
  • Sales analytics. 
  • Well-connected kitchen displays. 
  • Intergate food delivery applications. 
  • Centralized servers.  


Eatlot is one of the best restaurant management systems; in India that allows you to manage your business with ease. It is an all-inclusive system that takes care of your inventory, finances, and data from anywhere at any time. This software helps to centralize all your teams on one single platform to simplify the process. It helps to track employee performance which will help to make strategic decisions for business growth. Eatlot is a cloud-based restaurant billing software that can adapt to your business needs efficiently.   


  • Calculate the operating cost. 
  • Real-time delivery tracking. 
  • Seamless third-party integrations. 
  • GST compliant. 
  • Finance management. 
  • Digital menu. 
  • QR support. 
  • Stock management and finances.  

eZee Optimus

EZee Optimus is an online restaurant POS system that is easy to use and budget-friendly. Additionally, this software allows your business to deliver contactless customer service to your guest. It is a complete and perfect solution for your business to manage your entire operations with ease. Furthermore, this system will help to simplify and centralize business processes irrespective of your business size or type.  


  • Order management. 
  • Order tracking. 
  • Delivery management. 
  • Menu management. 
  • Tablet POS. 
  • Inventory and stock management.
  • Cashier shift management. 
  • Billing and payments. 
  • Customized real-time reports.  

Innkey PMS 

Innkey is a cloud-based restaurant management system that has all the features to operate your entire hospitality business. Furthermore, this software integrates with all the other applications that you use to centralize everything on a single platform. Moreover, they have a very friendly, interactive, and intuitive customer service that resolves your queries in real-time.  


  • Point of sale. 
  • Stock management. 
  • Budget and profits. 
  • Reservation management. 
  • Finances. 
  • Seamless integration. 
  • Banquet management.  

GOFRUGAL Restaurant POS 

GOFRUGAL is a restaurant POS software that helps to simplify the food and beverage industry operations. This software is an all-inclusive tool that helps; you increase your profits because it allows managing production based on your orders. Additionally, this software handles your inventory efficiently to reduce shrinkage and wastage. The restaurant business owners can get an entire overview of all the outlets on a single platform.  


  • Make a profitable menu. 
  • Tools for Customer satisfaction. 
  • Manage online orders. 
  • Table management. 
  • Kitchen displays. 
  • Recipe and inventory management. 
  • Dynamic pricing.  


Limetray is an end-to-end restaurant management software in India that seamlessly integrates with online food delivery partners. Moreover, they have exceptional customer support that is available to help throughout the year. Additionally, after you choose their services, they assign a designated account manager for your business. This restaurant management system will integrate third-party applications with ease to centralize the operations.  


  • Billing. 
  • Inventory management. 
  • Order management. 
  • Kitchen displays. 
  • Mobile applications. 
  • Table reservations.  


Petpooja is an all-in-one restaurant POS management system that is intelligent, easy, and efficient. This software has everything you need to enhance customer service and process orders quickly. Additionally, it integrates all the software solutions that you use and accepts all forms of payments.  Furthermore, you can customize the software so that you can adapt to their business needs and achieve your goals faster. This restaurant software in India will help to simplify the tasks of every department of your business. Implementation of PetPooja will increase the productivity of your team.  


  • Multiple printers. 
  • Inventory management. 
  • Online food delivery integration. 
  • Split bills. 
  • Table management. 
  • Employee management.
  • Expense management. 
  • Chain management.  


PosBytz is a restaurant POS software in India that helps to expand your business with a user-friendly device. Moreover, this system is made to adapt to any type or size of restaurant business which helps to monitor your sales report from anywhere at any time. Additionally, this system will help your business to accept all forms of payments and you can use it on any device. Furthermore, you can print and share invoices with your customers with ease through SMS or email.   


  • Point of sale. 
  • Inventory management. 
  • Manage multiple outlets. 
  • Reports. 
  • Payments. 
  • Customer management.   


SlickPOS is a restaurant billing software that lets you manage your business with ease and increase your profits. This software allows you to manage your front end, back end, and vendors on a single platform to centralize your business. Additionally, this software will help to process the orders and bills to enhance the customer experience. Furthermore, you can customize SlickPOS to adapt your business process to increase productivity.  


  • Point of sale. 
  • Billing and finance management. 
  • Kitchen displays. 
  • Inventory and recipe; management. 
  • Reports and analytics. 
  • Digital receipts. 
  • Customer feedback. 
  • Outlet and franchise management. 
  • Loyalty and marketing management. 
  • Waiter application.  


Restaurant management software in India is a robust tool to simplify their operations and automate them. Every restaurant might have a different need and process, which is why it is crucial to choose the best software that adapts; to your needs. Our product analyst will help you to explore, analyze and select the best restaurant software in 2021. 

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