Reasons to Upgrade Your Traditional Payroll Software to Cloud Technology

Reasons to Upgrade Your Traditional Payroll software to Cloud Technology

Business HR leaders globally are shifting from traditional payroll software to a cloud-based one. They have understood the potential of cloud technology: firstly, it does not be expensive for your finances. Secondly, it is more accurate for compliance and reduces the burden on your team.

Cloud-based hr payroll software in India has a positive impact on our professional environment. The best advantage of cloud technology is that it keeps everyone connected irrespective of their physical location. It enables us with tools so that we achieve our tasks and goals smoothly.  

What is cloud-based payroll software? 

Cloud-based or online payroll software is an application hosted on a remote server location. The cloud technology vendors provide this service for their users so that they can access it on a compatible device with an internet connection. Users do not have to install or save the software on their devices which saves their storage space.  

Users can access the online payroll software on a compatible device from anywhere at any time.  

We have compiled an overview of everything that you need to know before buying the payroll software online.  

In this blog, we have pointed out the strongest reasons to upgrade your traditional payroll software. Check out why should you upgrade your traditional payroll system to a cloud-based one?  

Upgrade Traditional Payroll System to Cloud Based

• It is a challenge for your team to handle scattered workforce database:

Implementation of the cloud-based HR payroll system will help to track and handle the entire employee lifecycle. It is an efficient tool that tracks hiring, onboarding, performance, salary hike, attendance, and other details on a centralized platform. This software solution also tracks; the company assets given to the employee and communicates with the workforce from a single centralized platform. 

• Your organization is concerned about compliance: 

Online payroll management software is boon to the HR department to relieve their burden. The advanced software vendors track and update the compliance changes in their system. Businesses now can stay compliant with labor laws like TDS, form 16, PF, PT, and ESI by implementing the best cloud-based payroll software 

• Your HR department has to answer a lot of employee questions:

The best payroll software will have a self-serve kiosk for getting the answers to their queries. It ensures the information like salary slips, leaves, attendance, taxation, personal, and other data are accessible for the workforce at any time. This technology helps to reduce the burden on the HR department and promotes employee engagement through self-service. 

• Your systems are not capable of communicating with each other:

It is crucial to gather data from various other systems to calculate the correct paycheque of the employee. The payroll department has to collect data from the attendance management system, performance management system, and leave management system to calculate the payroll correctly. The best cloud-based payroll software in India will easily integrate with other systems and ensure a smooth data flow.  

• Your team struggles to maintain the deadlines of report management: 

Online hr payroll software in India with core HR Software functionalities gives you detailed analytics of the reports. Also, you can customize the reports according to your business needs. The advanced system will have all the reports you need on the dashboard for easy access and smooth navigation. Your team is capable of creating all the needed reports in a few clicks and send them across the workforce.  

• Your workforce wants to access the software from anywhere: 

With globalization and the recent pandemic, your teams are physically scattered from each other. They need to access and update their information from anywhere. Upgrading to cloud-based payroll software, your employees can access their information like leaves, salary slips, and attendance from anywhere. It also makes it possible for business leaders to view and approve requests from anywhere.  

• Your organization wants to cut down on unnecessary expenses: 

One of the best benefits of cloud computing is that it has a lesser upfront cost and gives a higher return on investment. Business leaders do not have to worry about IT infrastructure or teams because they do not have to deal with the maintenance and upgrading of the hardware or the software. The online payroll management software vendors allow you to add and remove users as per your requirement. This strategy ensures that you only pay for the services you use, and also they have a flexible payment structure.  

 If these above reasons won’t provoke you to upgrade to cloud computing we are not sure what will make you upgrade. 

What are the benefits of upgrading to cloud-based payroll software in India? 

  •  They provide software as a service, and you do not have to worry about IT maintenance. 
  •  Online payroll software in India ensures your team has access from anywhere at any time. 
  •  The cloud software vendor is responsible for installations, maintenance, and upgradations of the system. 
  •  The online payroll software vendor has the best cybersecurity to secure your data and a backup to avoid data loss. 
  • Cloud technology ensures that multiple people are working on the system at the same time without the software lag. 


The business HR leaders globally have understood and know that cloud computing is the future. That is why they have upgraded already and making the most out of this technology. Small and medium enterprises should upgrade to cloud-based payroll software in India to save money and boost employee satisfaction.  

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