8 Reasons To Implement A Payroll Software

Why and when do you need payroll software

The best payroll software in India will be a one-stop solution for all business owners to enhance their payroll processes. The right payroll tools will help businesses to automate, digitize, centralize and enhance their business processes.     

Every employee keeps an eye on his phone on his salary day. Because he is eagerly waiting to read a message of, “XYZ company has credited salary into your account." But payroll is one of the tedious and crucial tasks which every business has to accomplish vigilantly.   

Just imagine, your HR teams gathering data from various teams and evaluating the employee inputs manually. The chances of threats, errors, and arrears will increase when you process it manually.   

The best payroll software in India will help businesses to automate, centralize, digitize, and enrich the payroll processes.  

In this blog, we will understand two crucial aspects of payroll processing for every organization.  

  • First, let us cover why does any organization needs payroll software in the first place?  
  • Second, let us clear the air about when do you need a payroll solution in India?  

Top Reasons To Implement Payroll Software  

Enhance Your Team's Productivity:  

It is a very time-consuming and tedious task for your teams to track the employee inputs to calculate and process payroll. Because for calculating the employee payroll you need to track the employee attendance, leaves, performance, and other details. Manually tracking the entire workforce will be a tedious and challenging task for the human resource department.  

The best payroll software in India will have all the advanced tools like automation embedded into the system. As a result, your team can focus on interacting with the employees and other valuable tasks. The payroll solution in India with automation will help to increase the productivity of your teams by reducing manual work. 

The payroll software will automatically track the employee's login and log-out time; paid and unpaid leaves, performance, and other inputs. 

Have Zero Errors in Payroll Processes:  

The HR and payroll leaders have to ensure there are zero errors in the payroll to avoid employee dissatisfaction. Because errors and arrears in the payroll process will demotivate your employees from giving their 100%.  

Moreover, errors in calculating and processing payroll might have some legal implications for your business. The top payroll software in India will help businesses to process the employees' salaries accurately.  

Because the HR and payroll tools will help businesses to track, calculate and process payroll automatically. 

Adapt To Your Payroll Processes:  

Every business will have a unique payroll process and different compliance rules that they have to follow. For instance, every organization will have a different salary date, incentive structure, and benefits that they offer to their employees. 

 The best payroll software in India will customize the tool to fit your business payroll process. As a result, the payroll solution will understand your business requirement and adapt to your process to ensure your payroll goals are achieved.  

Self-Serve Employee Portal:  

The HR and payroll teams have multiple queries generated by the employees every month. Answering basic and repetitive queries will help take most of their time which will have a tremendous impact on your productivity. However, the best HR and payroll software in India will have an employee self-serve portal to ease the task. 

Every employee will get a unique login credential to access their dashboard on the ESS portal. The personal dashboard of the payroll system will have information about their inputs, performance, leaves, taxes, salary slips, and others.  

The employees will not have to raise a query anymore towards the HR teams asking about basic questions. The workforce can simply log in to the cloud-based payroll software to access, update, download, and process information related to the payroll.   

Seamless Integrations And Access:  

The payroll process needs to gather information from various teams and departments to process employee salaries. It will be a very hectic task for the HR teams to gather the information from various departments manually.  

The best online payroll system in India will allow us to seamlessly integrate all other software solutions that the other departments use. As a result, the HR teams will be able to track, calculate and process the employee payroll through a single platform.  

Moreover, the cloud-based payroll software in India will allow your teams to access this tool from anywhere on a compatible device to accomplish their task.  

Enhanced Payroll Security 

The payroll database has very sensitive and confidential information about your employees and organization. Additionally, the payroll should be a piece of confidential information between that employer and the employee.  

The payroll software solution will have the best cyber security installed to keep your sensitive data secure and safe. Furthermore, the employer can grant or restrict a piece of particular information based on the job role.  

The payroll system in India will give the employee access to information about his employment. Moreover, the best payroll vendor will store a backup of your data on a different server to avoid loss during disasters. 

100% Payroll Compliance:  

Every business has to comply with certain rules and regulations set by the government as per their industry. For instance, the businesses in India have to comply with the provident fund (PF), professional tax (PT), ESIC, TDS, and other taxes.  

If your business fails to comply with any one of the regulations, it will have to face legal consequences. Manually tracking and processing the compliance will increase the chances of mistakes, missing deadlines, and arrears.  

The top 10 payroll software in India will track all the compliance policies and their updates. Furthermore, the right payroll tools will be able to track all deductions as per the payroll criteria and deduct, them from the employee salaries. Additionally, the best payroll software will calculate and process the required compliance to the authorities before the deadline.  

Does My Startup Need Payroll Software?  

If you ask does your business need a payroll system in India? Well, the answer is yes, irrespective of your business size, type, or industry. Payroll software in India is an essential investment for every business since its inception.  

Because the payroll solution will help you reduce workload and pressure around processing accurate payroll and its compliances. As a result, your team can focus on other crucial tasks like enriching the business process, increasing revenue, and others.  

The cloud-based payroll software in India will be an economic solution that will adapt your business needs and grow with your organization 


The right payroll software is a robust tool for businesses of all sizes, types, and sectors. IT helps businesses to track, calculate and process the employee payroll and their compliances accurately. If you have more queries about why and when do you need payroll software then consult with our software experts for free today.  

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