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Job Board Software

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Job Board Software with Applicant Tracking System Start your own fully functional advanced Job Board with Custom Homepage, Applicant Tracking Software, iOS and Android app for $600...View Profile

Zoho People - HR Management App

HR Software that delivers streamlined HR operation...

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Zoho People is a cloud-based HR software that ensures HR operations are streamlined while providing a great experience to your employees. Right from onboarding to exit, you can manage all HR operation...View Profile


Best in Class Enterprise Software

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TrackOlap provides platform to monitor and track employee's activity of all department. Mobile app for Field force and Desktop App for office employees....View Profile


#1 Employee Experience Platform

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An Award-Winning cloud-based HR software, loaded with features and backed by a dedicated team. ZImyo is the answer to all of your HR management problems. Performance evaluation, Timesheet Tracking, Ap...View Profile


Business management app for every organization

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Travelize assists with observing your workers effortlessly. Through this Employee Tracking Application, presently it's anything but difficult to record the participation, plan the gatherings, monitor ...View Profile

DM Tracker

Track Real Time location Through the Dataman Locat...

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The Location Tracker Solution comes as programming application which takes a shot at Android gadgets. With this GPS Location Tracker you can undoubtedly find the ongoing area of your representative...View Profile

StaffCop Enterprise

A bundled software solution to control information...

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We employ latest developments in the fields of information security to provide business and governmental organizations with a solution able to improve their business efficiency and reduce risks relate...View Profile


You can easily track where your employees are how ...

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Most of the business persons like you, have this doubt in your mind, do every one of those promoting individuals truly working up to their imprint. It gets feverish for individuals like you to disc...View Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

Employee tracking software is a system that helps the management of a company to supervise and manage all the business activities of the employees. It simplifies the entire process of scheduling tasks, aids in workflow management, helps employees with time management, and even makes it easier for employees and managers to reach organizational goals with ease. The other objective of employee tracking software is to reduce the margin of error and improve its overall proficiency.

Most employee time tracking software is easy to use. It is unnecessary to have extensive knowledge of software or coding if you use the app or the web-based version of one such software. Moreover, if you purchase software from a reputed vendor, the vendor will train your company employees in the software's basic handling. Usually, free employee time tracking software comes with easy to use tools and a user-friendly interface. Hence, prerequisite knowledge is usually not necessary for such software.

Time tracking is one of the easiest methods of evaluating the number of hours logged in by your employees in a day. If you choose to install employee time tracking software in your company, the only thing that you need to ensure is that your employees become acquainted with the software and can use it with ease. It will also make it easier for your employees to keep track of the hours they have worked if you opt for a software-based system, and you will reduce the chance for human error, which would be the case in a manual system. Implementing such software would depend on the time you would have to train your employees and the ease with which they start using the software.

Yes, you can customize the employee location tracker, but you will have to ask the vendor providing you with the software the exact method for it. Usually, such software is dependent on GPS to identify the location of your employees. All you will need to do is customize the software as per your employees' location to give them the on-field support they require.

The third-party integrations that should be there with employee tracking software are tax scheduling, accounting tool, payroll management, and HR management. This will make it easier for you to ensure that all payments are made on time and you do not miss out on any payroll-related taxes. This is essential because if you miss paying taxes, you will have to pay hefty penalties. 

The potential conflict in the tracking app is if the employer controls the location. Ideally, the app should be designed so that the location can be accessed so that the employer can see the employees' location only when they are in the building or on job sites. Otherwise, the apps should not be able to track the employees. This is essentially an issue with employee privacy. The other conflict that might arise is installing a tracking app on the private phone of an employee. If tracking apps are to be used, then employers should provide separate phones to employees.

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