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#1 Employee Experience HR Software

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Job Board Software

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Zoho People - HR Management App

HR Software that delivers streamlined HR operation...

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Best in Class Enterprise Software

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Business management app for every organization

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DM Tracker

Track Real Time location Through the Dataman Locat...

The Location Tracker Solution comes as programming application which takes a shot at Android gadgets. With this GPS Location Tracker you can undoub... View Profile


StaffCop Enterprise

A bundled software solution to control information...

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Technology Counter Employee Tracking Software Buyer's Guide

What is Employee Tracking Software?

Employee Tracking Software and employee work tracking software aims to help a company improve its performance and work at par. The management of a company needs to be aware of the individual team members' performance, keep track of their attendance, evaluate the days they are on leave, and accordingly manage the workflow and maintain a database of the company's current and former employees. If all of these are to be kept manually, it would increase the paperwork and make the entire process too cumbersome. Hence, companies nowadays are increasingly using Attendance Management Software and Employee Management Software to evaluate and understand their workforce. It can also help manage a company plan on different types of training modules that should be implemented to improve the company's performance. 

An employee tracking system can be in the form of an employee attendance tracker excel. But this will require your employees to manually put in the details of how many hours they have logged in, the number of days they are on leave, the workflow charts have to be created separately, and most of the tracking has to be done manually. However, with automated employee performance tracking instead of a simple attendance tracker excel, you can simplify the work of your company's HR department and improve the efficiency of your employees. You can help the employees improve their performance by effectively identifying their strengths and weaknesses and scheduling work as per their strength. 

Common Capabilities of Employee Tracking System

Before you start using a software-based Employee Tracking System, you must evaluate one such structure's capacities. Some of the capabilities are as follows:

  • The system you use should also act as Performance management software to appraise your employees' accomplishments.

  • Employee time tracking software should also work as Leave Management Software so that your company's HR department can easily keep track of the employees who are on leave and reschedule the work accordingly.

  • For eCommerce firms' employee tracking software often works as an employee location tracker, which helps the management suggest the on-field employees the best routes to make deliveries.

  • If you want to know the hours your employees are putting in daily, then tracking work hours should also be a feature of the employee tracking software you use. 

Thus, depending upon the capabilities of a particular employee tracking software and whether it meets your company requirements, you should install one.

Who Uses the Employee Time tracking Software Free?

The employee time tracking software free is best used if you want to keep track of your employees' person-hours logged in. Companies that pay employees' wages need to know the number of hours logged in by the employees. This is also true for eCommerce firms that have numerous employees working on-field. With a free employee tracking app, you can check the performance of one such software-based system before you invest in a paid version. Such software is designed to help you keep track of the number of hours put in by your on-field and in-house employees. The employee attendance tracking system and employee attendance tracker can help you identify the number of hours logged in by your employees. This can simplify the process of time management and wage disbursement by the management of your company. If you make the entire system software-based, you will reduce the paperwork and the managerial team's workload. Thus, even with an employee attendance tracker free, you can simplify the work of the management of your company.

Why do you need the best Employee Time Tracking Software?

When you start using the employee time tracking app free, you will effectively help reduce the workload of the HR department of your company. Nowadays, many SMB owners use HR Software that works as Time Tracking Software, employee task tracker, HRMS employee tracking, employee time tracking, and even time clocking software. When you install one of the employee tracking systems, your objective is to reduce the workload of your HR department. Keeping a record of the hours logged in by your employees and the payroll management can prove to be quite cumbersome if there are to be kept manually. Additionally, manual tracking of employee attendance, employee hours, and payroll management will make all of these prone to human errors. Hence, to avoid these issues, you should install one of the best employee tracking software and reduce the errors. 

Market trends for Employee Tracking Software

Before installing a particular employee tracking system, you must learn about the software available in the market. For example, if you opt for an employee location tracking system, you should discuss the vendor's software features. The system should not just help you evaluate the location of your employees but support them remotely to help them identify the easiest routes to make deliveries. The latest employee tracking systems' latest trends are evaluating the location and the hours logged in by the employees and the performance. The software also helps the HR departments evaluate employees' strengths and weaknesses and accordingly help them improve their efficiency. The latest employee tracking software can help make the relationship between the employees, management, HR department, and the employers stronger and make it easier to reach business goals. Thus, when you evaluate the latest trends in the employee tracking systems available in the market, you must check the individual systems' features and ensure that it meets your organizational requirements.

Type of buyer and which Employee Time Tracking Software is best fits buyers' needs?

When you select an employee tracking system, it is essential that you first consider your business organization's size and the type of business you do. For example, for a small or medium-sized business or an SMB, an employee time tracking app can prove beneficial. It will help your company's management evaluate the number of hours logged in by the individual employees of your company. Similarly, for such a company, the employee attendance app free or leave tracking software can also help schedule work and ensure that all projects are completed on time, and clients' demands are met. Moreover, for SMBs, it is essential to ensure that the system is worthwhile and improves proficiency before you invest in any software because reducing operational expenses is vital for SMBs. 

Similarly, it is essential for eCommerce firms to invest in field employee tracking app free and employee attendance tracking software to improve their performance. This software type can help ensure that products are picked up and delivered on schedule to the customers. Thus, selecting a particular type of employee tracking system will depend not only on the size of the business organization but also on the industrial sector to which your company belongs.

If you are a self-employed person, then you can consider using a software-based employee tracking system. This will help you organize your tasks, create workflows, and help improve your efficiency. All you have to consider is instead of multiple employees. The software will be used to track the performance of a single employee.

Choosing the best Employee Tracking Software for vendor

When you purchase employee tracking software, you must discuss your requirements with the vendor and what you need from the system. If you are looking for a cloud-based tracking system, then your objective is that the software should be accessible from multiple devices anytime and from anywhere. Easy and quick accessibility is essential if you plan to improve your firm's overall management through a better employee-manager relationship. Here quick scheduling and rescheduling of tasks are essential to prevent bottlenecks and ensure that work is completed promptly. Moreover, you will also need to ensure that the software is designed to meet your company's requirements. It will be counterproductive if you use software that has been designed for an eCommerce firm, but yours is a project management company. Hence, it is essential to ensure that the employee tracking system that you use in your firm is designed as per the industrial sector to which your company belongs. The software-based employee management system is designed to improve your overall functioning and reduce error margin. Thus, you must mention all of these factors to the vendor from whom you purchase the software and ensure that it meets all your requirements.


Employee tracking software is essential if you want to improve the performance of your company. The software tools available in the tracking system reduce the margin of error and help the management of a company improve employees' proficiency and improve the employee-manager relationship. Thus, with the help of a software-based employee tracking system, you can help your employees improve their performance and reach your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

Employee tracking software is a system that helps the management of a company to supervise and manage all the business activities of the employees. It simplifies the entire process of scheduling tasks, aids in workflow management, helps employees with time management, and even makes it easier for employees and managers to reach organizational goals with ease. The other objective of employee tracking software is to reduce the margin of error and improve its overall proficiency.

Most employee time tracking software is easy to use. It is unnecessary to have extensive knowledge of software or coding if you use the app or the web-based version of one such software. Moreover, if you purchase software from a reputed vendor, the vendor will train your company employees in the software's basic handling. Usually, free employee time tracking software comes with easy to use tools and a user-friendly interface. Hence, prerequisite knowledge is usually not necessary for such software.

Time tracking is one of the easiest methods of evaluating the number of hours logged in by your employees in a day. If you choose to install employee time tracking software in your company, the only thing that you need to ensure is that your employees become acquainted with the software and can use it with ease. It will also make it easier for your employees to keep track of the hours they have worked if you opt for a software-based system, and you will reduce the chance for human error, which would be the case in a manual system. Implementing such software would depend on the time you would have to train your employees and the ease with which they start using the software.

Yes, you can customize the employee location tracker, but you will have to ask the vendor providing you with the software the exact method for it. Usually, such software is dependent on GPS to identify the location of your employees. All you will need to do is customize the software as per your employees' location to give them the on-field support they require.

The third-party integrations that should be there with employee tracking software are tax scheduling, accounting tool, payroll management, and HR management. This will make it easier for you to ensure that all payments are made on time and you do not miss out on any payroll-related taxes. This is essential because if you miss paying taxes, you will have to pay hefty penalties. 

The potential conflict in the tracking app is if the employer controls the location. Ideally, the app should be designed so that the location can be accessed so that the employer can see the employees' location only when they are in the building or on job sites. Otherwise, the apps should not be able to track the employees. This is essentially an issue with employee privacy. The other conflict that might arise is installing a tracking app on the private phone of an employee. If tracking apps are to be used, then employers should provide separate phones to employees.

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