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Recruitment Software Buyer's Guide

1. Recruitment Software

2. What is Recruitment Management Software?

3. Common Capabilities of Recruitment Software

4. Who Uses the Recruitment Management System?

5. Why Do You Need Online Recruitment Software?

6. Types of Buyer for Recruitment Software

7. Market Trends of Recruitment Software

8. Choosing the Best Recruitment Software

9. Conclusion

Recruitment Software

The HR department of a company is supposed to execute a range of tasks. From hiring new employees to tracking the performance of the existing employees, it is the HR department that manages the human resource of a company. The recruitment process is one of the most complicated and time-consuming tasks. Contrary to what people might believe, recruitment isn’t only about posting the job advertisement and hiring the most suitable candidate.

In this post, we are going to discuss the meaning, features, and the perks of buying a recruitment solution. So, keep reading.

What is Recruitment Management Software?

In today’s technology-driven world, no company executes the recruitment process manually. However, most of them still use spreadsheets and emails to record the employee’s details and check their resumes. The recruiting software can streamline this process by providing you with all the crucial tools in a single, centralized system.

The process starts with creating an ad for the vacancy, encouraging the candidates to apply for the position, scheduling their interviews, scanning their job applications, conducting a background check on each employee, checking hundreds of resumes, and selecting the best candidates for the job. That’s only the beginning of the hiring process.

Once the HR team has selected the right and most suitable candidate for the job, they plan the onboarding of the new employee. The HR team isn’t only responsible for hiring fresh talents, but they are supposed to help the employees get familiar with the working environment. In order to automate recruitment tasks, many companies implement recruitment software.

Not only for the company, but the recruitment software can benefit the employees as well. It facilitates a fast and smooth interaction between the HR team and employees. The software also makes it easier for the company to schedule an interview for each candidate.

Common Capabilities of Recruitment Software

If you are having a hard time choosing the best recruitment software for your company, you have come to the right place. Here, we have compiled a list of important features the recruitment software needs.

Recruitment Software


  • Recruitment Process

One of the basic functions of the recruitment software is to handle the entire hiring process with accuracy. The recruitment process management module is a must in an automated hiring solution. It helps streamline communication between the company and applicants. It’s important for the HR team to interact with each applicant by answering their questions and notifying them about the job updates throughout the recruitment process.

Whether you select them for the next stage or reject their application, you need to keep your applicants up-to-date. This will help your candidates decide if they should search for another job. Some of the main functions of the recruitment process management module are:

-          Establishing a new job opportunity

-          Assessing the company’s budget for a new hire

-          Creating a job description

-          Sending email notifications to each applicant

Basically, this module was designed to bring the best and most talented candidates to apply for the job. It doesn’t only simplify the recruitment process, but the recruitment process management module creates an opportunity for the job. It helps you plan your budget and requests the hiring team to look for a candidate.

  • Job Postings

Another important feature of the recruitment software is a job posting. As the name implies, it allows the HR department to publish a job advertisement on different channels. This includes the company’s official website, social networking platforms, job boards, online ads, etc. Earlier, it wasn’t possible for companies to publish the advertisement on hundreds of job portals manually. The recruitment software simplifies the task by posting job ads with a proper description of each channel automatically.

If you post these ads manually to the job boards and social media, you won’t be able to use all channels. The more channels you choose for posting job ads, the more candidates you will be able to bring. A large number of qualified candidates will read the job description and apply for the post through different channels. Using the job posting module, you can publish the advertisement for the vacant position in your company on almost all advertising channels.

  • Reporting and Analytics

Recruitment isn’t only about new hires and onboarding. To make the process efficient, you need to take a close look at the recruitment process. It is important to generate regular reports around your company’s recruitment process.

The reporting and analytics module of the top recruiting software will help you get a deeper look at the recruitment process in general. This includes the total candidates that apply for the vacancies, their qualifications, how soon you are able to find the best candidate, and how many applications you reject. Using these insights, you can improve the recruitment process.

  • Applicant Tracking System

The most challenging stage in the recruitment process is evaluating different applicants. Now, if you are posting the job ad on multiple channels, you are going to receive hundreds of applications on each channel. There is no point in posting the job ads on social media and other job boards if you can’t screen each application and pick the most deserving candidate. The best Applicant Tracking software evaluates each applicant throughout the recruitment process. From evaluating the application to selecting the right candidates for the interview to hiring the best candidate for the vacancy, this module will streamline all stages in the recruitment process.

The resume and CVs of each employee will be stored in the system. You can filter the resumes and applications based on your specifications. For example, you can select the applicants that have programming skills and a certification in Python. The rest of the resumes will be removed from the list automatically. The open-source applicant tracking system for small businesses is an all-featured module for recruiters. Not only does it help you sort the applications by certain keywords, but ATS enables companies to find the best candidate that has all the skills and qualifications you need for the job.

  • Candidate Management

Your job doesn’t end when you have hired the best candidate for the vacancy. The HR team has to verify the credentials of the selected employee and handle the onboarding process. Making your new employee familiar with the work environment, co-workers, and their responsibilities can be a time-consuming job. It can be hard to explain the company’s objectives, employee’s role, job requirements, payment details, and the company’s norms to the new employee.

Before you hire an employee, you are supposed to conduct background screening. That’s exactly what the Candidate Management module helps you with. The talent management software collects all personal and sensitive information of the employee. This includes their referrals, the companies they have worked for in the past, crime records, identification proof, tax records, and more. You can’t hire an employee based on their qualifications only. To ensure employees' and workplace safety, you need to check their background and past records.

The candidate management system helps you verify the candidate’s identity. It also gives you all the referrals and other sources for background screening. Once you have verified these details, you can hire the employee. Now, you can allow the new hire to understand their job responsibilities, company details, and other norms using the cloud-based recruitment software.

  • Resume Management

Resume management acts as a portal that receives the job resumes and CVs of the applicants. You can use this module to allow interested candidates to submit their resume. The HR team can examine all the applications in one place. Basically, all the resumes are stored in the inbox that is designed mainly for resumes. The module also enables the applicants to check the status of their application via the resume management portal.

Using this module, you give the interested candidates an opportunity to sign up for the portal, upload their resumes, and check its status. Similarly, it acts as a centralized system for the company to access a large number of applications and resumes. With the resume management module in place, you don’t have to check your email and sort the resumes manually.

  • Career Portal development

You must have seen a career portal on the company’s official websites. Many medium and large scale companies use recruitment marketing software to develop a career portal for the website. This allows the interested candidates to check the job openings on the website itself.

You can update the new roles and career opportunities on your website’s career portal. If your website is compatible with smartphones, then the interested candidates can submit their resumes and job application through mobile. You could also place a one-click application button, making it easy for the applicants to apply for the vacancy.

Who Uses the Recruitment Management System?

Unlike HR and payroll management systems, the best recruiting software for small businesses is something every growing company needs at some point. Even if you don’t hire hundreds of employees every year, you need the recruitment management system to find the best candidate for your firm. Assessing the proficiency and talent of each applicant is not a manual job. You can’t handle a large volume of applications single-handedly, let alone sorting them by special skills and qualifications. Even if you have a qualified HR team, you will have to invest in the talent recruit software if you hire new employees every year. The recruitment software doesn’t only simplify the crucial stages in the hiring process, but it helps you gather the recruitment insights.

Recruitment software isn’t optional for large-scale companies. If you hire multiple employees every month, then you need a dedicated solution that can automate the recruitment process and reduce the workload of the HR team. Usually, large corporations tend to receive thousands of job applications for all job openings. It is not possible to consider each application and interview every employee manually. You will need a recruitment solution to streamline the hiring process.

Why Do You Need Online Recruitment Software?

No company has time to sift through a large number of applications. They outsource this task to a recruitment company. While it might take the weight off your shoulders, a recruitment company cannot find the best candidate for your company. How can a recruitment agency find your company the most deserving employee when they know nothing about your business?

Just mentioning the vacancy and your expectations from an employee will not be enough for a recruiter. Only an internal team can execute the recruitment process and hire the most qualified candidate for the job. Now, let’s take a look at the reasons why you need to implement the recruiting software to make this job a whole lot easier and convenient for your HR department.

Online Recruitment Software

  • Automates Recruitment Tasks

The HR team spends most of their time scheduling interviews and screening job applications. If you run a large corporation, chances are you will receive hundreds of job applications for each vacancy. This makes it nearly impossible for your HR team to go over each candidate’s resume and interview multiple candidates.

It can take days for the HR department to find the best candidate for the job. Besides that, communicating with each applicant and sending an email notification regarding the job updates can turn out to be a really exhausting task. The recruiting software reduces your workload by automating almost all types of recruitment tasks. 

Not only do you get to automate the recruitment process, but this software ensures that you hire the most suitable and deserving candidate for the vacancy. It saves you time and allows you to focus on marketing, management, and other such productive activities.

  • Attract the Right Candidates

Some advanced hr applicant tracking systems come equipped with a range of tools that help companies attract the right candidates. Basically, you are going to need to screen hundreds of applications to find one right candidate. The software can make this process a little simple by attracting the right and qualified candidates. It helps you design the job posting and career pages.

One such tool for attracting clients is the option to link the recruitment tracking software to your social media accounts. You will find a large number of interested and deserving candidates for the vacant position in your company through social networking sites. You only need to integrate the software with your social accounts to reach a wider audience.

  • Better Communication

One main reason for using the best talent management software is to facilitate seamless and fast communication between the company and the applicants. The automated communication system can help you interact with the candidates as well as your team easily. The faster you communicate with the candidates, the sooner you will be able to hire the best one.

You may have to notify the candidate about their job application, screening, interview, selection, rejection, and other such updates. You can’t send the email to each candidate manually. The recruiting software creates an automated email and sends a message to each candidate informing them about the latest update around the recruitment process. Whether it is about scheduling an interview with an applicant or informing them about their selection, the software will act as the best communication channel.

  • Reduce Your Workload

Now that the administration work is handled by the recruitment tracking software, you can focus on other crucial business activities. You can save hours by automating the application screening, background check, and other such hectic recruitment tasks.

The software can automate your job postings on the online job board websites. In one click, you can upload the description of the job on multiple job boards, making it easier for the HR department to gather applications from a large number of applicants. You can use this time for studying the important insights, developing strategies for customer engagement, and more.

  • Better Hire Quality

Now, one interesting quality of the free recruiting software for small businesses is that it offers you a single centralized system that stores hundreds of applications. You don’t even need to scan each application. Just sort the application list by certain skills or qualifications and the tool will present the list of applications with the required skills. Now, you will have only the resumes and CVs that match the qualification level you need for the vacancy.

If you have multiple vacancies, you can filter the applications by keywords. This will help you match the applications with a particular job position. It improves the hiring quality as you only get to screen the application of the best candidates rather than wasting your time on the applications that don’t match the job requirements.

  • Streamline the Hiring Stages

Companies do not hire candidates immediately after going over their applications. Recruitment is rather one of the most challenging processes. As a recruiter, you are supposed to screen each application and ensure that no resume goes unnoticed. Besides that, you will have to move each applicant through different recruitment stages. 

For instance, if you have picked 20 out of 100 applicants for the interview process, then you need to schedule the interview for each candidate and inform them about it. Similarly, you also have to run a background check on the selected candidate. The software keeps all information in one place. Whether you are looking for the qualifications of a candidate or the references for background screening, you will find everything in one click.

  • High Productivity and Improved Performance

Many companies lose talented candidates because of the inefficient recruitment process. Employees play an integral part in helping a company achieve its long-term goals. If you want to hire the best employees, you need to improve your recruitment strategies. This will help you to pick the promising candidates before your competitors hire them. The sooner you find the deserving employee for your firm, the faster your business will grow.

By streamlining the recruitment process, this automated application tracking software can speed up the screening and employee onboarding. The software helps you reject the applications that do not fit the vacant position in simple clicks.

  • Protect Confidential Data

The HR department receives personal and confidential information about different applicants. Now, it is your responsibility to protect this data and ensure that no one can access it (except for your team). You can’t secure the information in these applications if you store it in the spreadsheets and files.

However, the recruitment software can protect your database by storing the applicant’s personal details in an encrypted and centralized system. That way, only those who have permission to access the software can use this information.

Types of Buyer for Recruitment Software

While social media and job boars have simplified the recruitment process, these platforms bring a large volume of applications. The HR team has to receive and store these applications, sort them by certain skills and certificates, and ensure seamless communication with the applicants throughout the hiring process.

Even if you own a small company with only a couple of employees, you must consider implementing the recruitment software for future hires. The talented and skilled employees have the potential to take your small company to new heights in no time. You only need to find the best and deserving candidates for the vacant job position.

Small-scale companies need basic recruitment software that comes packed with the main features only. This includes the recruitment management system, job posting, email integration, and candidate management. If you run a medium or large-scale company with multiple departments and hundreds of employees, then you are going to need a dedicated solution that comes with several add-ons. Additional features, such as reporting and analytics can make it easier for the company to gain insights into the recruitment pattern.

Market Trends of Recruitment Software

As the demand for a dedicated and qualified workforce is growing rapidly, more and more companies are adapting to the latest recruitment trends. For instance, we have seen the increased demand for the gig economy and chatbots in 2019. Some of these trends are going to continue in 2020.

However, there are a set of other innovative recruitment ideas that every company needs to embrace. The trends in the recruitment software industry have a great impact on the overall hiring process. It simplifies the hiring process and helps companies fill the vacancies with the best and dedicated employees. Without further ado, let’s dive deep into the 2020 online recruitment platform trends you must know:

recruitment management software

  • Recruitment Marketing

With the growing competition, companies have realized the importance of recruitment marketing. Basically, their focus is no longer confined to the application screening and interviewing stages. Recruitment marketing refers to the pre-application stage, in which the company plans marketing strategies to attract qualified and proficient candidates for the job application.

Just like how a company develops a plan to market their brand to a large audience, recruitment marketing focuses on attracting aspiring employees. It encourages them to apply for a particular position. This means the recruitment payroll software you are planning to implement in your firm needs a module for recruitment advertisements and marketing. It must allow companies to post job openings on multiple channels. You must be able to integrate this module with your social accounts so that you can post an ad directly to social networking sites.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Again, the AI is going to shape the recruitment industry in the future. Companies have started to look for the recruitment software for small businesses that comes equipped with AI-based tools, such as reporting and analytics. These tools allow you to get insights into the recruitment pattern and the accuracy of your hiring stages. Based on these insights, you can improve recruitment strategies and make your hiring process more transparent and unbiased.

  • Gig Economy

One major benefit of the recruiting software for staffing firms is its flexibility. You can use it to hire both temporary and full-time employees. Nowadays, a majority of companies have a combination of freelancers and full-time employees in their workforce. They have an in-house team for certain tasks and part-time workers for other jobs.

36% of the employees in the United States are part of the gig economy. And, this number is expected to grow in the coming years. Employees tend to perform their best when they get an opportunity to work from the comfort of their homes.

According to the research, 74% of employees mentioned that they were quite satisfied with the freelancing jobs. The developers add a job posting module to the recruitment software for staffing agencies. It helps companies post job ads on different platforms simultaneously. In one click, the job description can be posted on all job boards. You could also freelance, Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and other such job boards to find the best talent.

Employee management software allows you to manage the gig workers efficiently.
  • Data Security

Data security has become the prime concern of each company. You need to think of the data encryption and security before even starting the recruitment process. The government of some nations has made it mandatory for recruitment agencies to protect the applicant’s database. It’s common for companies to store the information of each application even if they aren’t selected for the job. The reason is simple – they store these details so they can contact the applicant should they have another job opening.

You need to look for a clever applicant tracking system that offers a high level of data security. Usually, the software doesn’t allow a third-party to access the information as long as they do not have the permission. This means only members who have permission to access this information can log in.

  • Cloud-based Software

Gone are the days when people would implement the on-premises recruitment lead generation software. Nowadays, companies choose cloud-based systems that can be used on smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets. As the information is stored on the cloud storage and file syncing apps, you don’t have to worry about losing this data if the system fails. You only need the login details to be able to access the software on any device.

The cloud-based recruiting solution enables companies and the HR team to post the job ad anytime and anywhere. You don’t need to be present in the workplace to access the system. In fact, you can sort the applications, schedule an interview for the selected employees, and send an automated email to each candidate from the comfort of your home.

Choosing the Best Recruitment Software

The best recruitment system allows companies to streamline all stages in the hiring process. Besides, it keeps you organized through the process. We have already mentioned the features that are needed in the recruitment software. Now, it is important to note that each software system differs. The vendor may include some customized modules in the recruitment management system software designed for large corporations.

However, some software systems are designed keeping in mind the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses. It is, therefore, important to check the modules of the system before finalizing the deal.

The best and free recruitment database software is the one that not only caters to all your hiring requirements, but it will meet your recruitment standards as your company grows. Let’s take a look at some tips for choosing the best recruiting software for your business.

Check and Compare the Modules

The standard features you will find in the recruiting software are application tracking system, recruitment management module, job posting, and candidate management. However, that’s only for small businesses with only a few employees. If you plan on expanding your company and hiring multiple employees in the future, then we recommend you choose a system that comes equipped with a broad range of additional modules.

Try to invest in the system that offers analytics and reporting, email integration feature, onboarding tools, and other such latest modules.

Flexible and Easy to Use

A large corporation with a team of professional and qualified HR members can look for an intricate solution that comes packed with advanced features and a complicated user-interface. However, small and medium-sized companies do not have the budget and resources to spend on the intricate recruitment database software. You should look for a system that offers a simple user-interface and smooth navigation.

You must remember that you are buying a recruiting system to make the hiring process easier and smoother. You will not want to contact the customer support department to get the technical issues fixed and neither do you have the time and resources to hire a professional team of trainers who can offer a complete training to all your staff.  You will get nothing out of a complicated HR or recruiting software. It will rather make this even more challenging.

It Must Meet Your Business Standards

Never settle for a system that hardly meets your business requirements. What’s the purpose of buying an automated system that can’t help you manage a large volume of applications?

For instance, a large company has regular job vacancies. There is a good chance you are going to need to post the job advertisement on different job boards and social media to find the most talented employee for the opening. You should look for a system that enables you to post a job on almost all the job boards and online portals in one click. Besides that, it must be capable of handling a large number of applications and CVs.

Some developers design cloud recruitment software for specific requirements. For example, employee recruitment software can support video interviewing and social recruiting. So, consider your business standards and the recruitment process before making a purchase. You don’t want to end up spending thousands of dollars on an ineffective system.

Mobile-friendly Software

A high-quality recruitment solution is useful for both the company and aspiring employees. The companies must be able to develop a career portal using recruitment website software. Similarly, the candidates should be able to send their applications through these career portals using their smartphones.

Make sure you check the system’s compatibility with mobiles before sealing the deal. With the mobile-friendly free online recruitment software in place, you can post job ads and sort through the resumes from the comfort of your home. Your team can view the applications and send updates to employees on their smartphones. That’s how convenient the mobile-compatible solution is for companies and candidates.

Training and Implementation

Of course, every company will want a solution that supports training. As mentioned before, you cannot rely on a system that lets you post job ads on different channels, but doesn’t support employee’s onboarding and other requirements. The HR team has to spend days making an employee familiar with the new organization.

The best recruiting software, on the other hand, can train an employee in hours. It has every piece of information the candidate needs to know. Besides that, online recruitment software offers a detailed explanation of the company’s norms and policies that each worker is supposed to comply with.


By choosing a flexible and customizable module, you can save thousands of dollars in the long run. For example, if you don’t need the video recruitment module that costs your business $200 per month, then you must be able to get it removed from the system. The vendor must be willing to make these changes to make the system compatible with your business requirements.

Compatible with Third-party Integration

Suppose you have the HR software implemented in your firm. You can streamline a lot of HR and payroll operations if you integrate the HR software with the recruiting system. Syncing the two software applications can help you streamline all the recruiting operations while managing the payroll of a new employee. You may also want to integrate the recruiting software with third-party applications, such as a payment gateway.


Recruitment software is an ideal solution to a hectic and time-consuming recruitment process. Like the HR and payroll software systems, the recruitment software is designed to streamline the hiring process. Right from posting the ad for a job to hiring the best and qualified candidate for the vacant position, the simple recruitment software does it all for you.

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

HR recruitment software refers to a set of advanced and automated tools that can streamline all the manual staffing and hiring processes. The system handles the staffing operating from job posting to the employee’s onboarding. It helps you post a job ad on different job boards. The main purpose of this software is to manage the staffing operations as efficiently as possible.

No, you don’t need prior knowledge for operating recruiting software. However, listing the jobs through the recruiting system and linking them to your social accounts can be a little challenging task. You may need the training to get familiar with all modules and features of this automated software. Usually, the vendors offer a complete demo and training after the implementation. You don’t need tech-savvy employees to run this software. It has a simple user interface.

It depends on the vendors you choose and the modules you would like to add to the system. The more features you want in the employee talent management software, the more complicated and time-consuming the implementation process will be. In general, it takes no longer than 2-3 months for the developers to install the free recruitment software system.

Recruitment management, job posting, candidate management, email integration, and onboarding are some of the basic integrations for the online recruitment management system.

Technical issues are quite common. However, the recruiting software isn’t as complicated as it may sound. It doesn’t cause any issue as long as it has a simple user-interface and easy navigation.

Yes, most recruitment software solutions are customizable. A customizable solution allows the companies to add modules they need and understand. You don’t have to pay for the features you are not going to use.


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