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Automate your restaurant’s complete billing operation with POSist

POSist is the best restaurant pos software that provides an end-to-end solution for all types of restaurants and food outlets such as integrated order-taking and billing, inventory control, CRM, and real-time reporting.... View Profile



Restaurant POS & Management System
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Petpooja is the Next-age billing software controlling 20,000+ vendors across 100+ urban communities. A snappy, effective, and easy to understand Point-of-Sale (POS) framework, is actually what your restaurant needs... View Profile


Ultimate Inventory with POS System

Ultimate Inventory point of sale (POS) is an absolute point of sale and inventory management application

Ultimate Inventory with (POS) point of sale is a cloud-based Software. The software offers users to track and manage their customers, sale, purchase, stock & transactions, restaurant POS system with Bar Coding, GST/TAX invoicing multiple payment options... View Profile


eZee Optimus

Online Restaurant POS Software

eZee Optimus is a cloud based, total café POS framework for consistent administration of a solitary or different chains of cafés, bars, dance club, pastry shops and the sky is the limit from there.... View Profile


iDAKSH Retail Billing Software

A Perfect Billing Solution for your business.

Billing software designed to meet billing of purchase and sales of goods which is very convenient and reliable, it produce invoice sales as well as purchase. In each deal or acquisition of merchandise it tracks the installment logs of client, so it simple to follow forthcoming parity... View Profile



Fully featured POS software

POS programming mechanizes the whole hospitability business from front work area the executives to finish back – office joining and control. It will likewise go about as a productive eatery charging programming.... View Profile



Retail Management Platform for Multi-Location Businesses

iServe offers Retail POS Software for restaurant, salon, spa, salon, eateries, frozen yogurt shop, sweet shop and pastry kitchen, which has a lot further developed highlights including puzzle review and adaptable.... View Profile


360POS - Restaurant Management Software


360POS is an extreme administration answer for keep up eatery and client relationship the executives by a café. 360POS can deal with numerous sources in distant area.... View Profile



IVEPOS Point of Sale Software is precisely crafted for all Businesses.

IvePOS is an honor winning AI-fueled and Cloud-based Restaurant POS Systems. It is an all at one Point of Sale frameworks with the set-up of highlights like stock administration, money the board, CRM, miniature - stock, in-store showcasing, GST prepared and some more.... View Profile


Marg ERP9+ Restaurant Software

An advanced GST ready solution for Restaurants.

Restaurant POS software is an advanced GST ready solution for Restaurants, Bars, and other outlets. With pictorial and touchscreen interface, it oversees request section, formula costing, following, short-lived stock and gives an easy to use interface to brisk charging.... View Profile

Technology Counter Restaurant POS Software Buyer's Guide

Restaurant POS Software

The restaurant POS software helps simplify your regular business operations by automating the tedious management activities. The POS software is a perfect combination of the hardware and software applications that work together to streamline restaurant management activities. It is designed to help businesses reduce overheads, perform the mundane business activities in an efficient manner, and boost daily sales.

The best part is that this software comes loaded with multiple features or modules that can complete a plethora of tasks in a fraction of time. That’s how efficient these modules are. Keep reading to find more information about the restaurant POS software, its applications, and features.

Buyers Guide for Restaurant POS Software

What is POS System for Restaurant?

The restaurant industry has witnessed some great changes over the past few years. The introduction of the restaurant point of sale software has changed the way the businesses operate. The methods and techniques that were used a few decades ago no longer work. The outdated restaurant management techniques and solutions are replaced by modern-day trends that keep evolving from time to time.

The only way to keep up with these trends and survive the competition is by adapting to the latest technology and embracing the software solution for automated operations. That’s exactly what the restaurant POS systems are designed for. This automated software application is used to streamline a wide range of administrative tasks, making it easier for restaurant owners to focus on productive activities, leaving all the hectic tasks to the software.

One interesting quality of this automated software solution is that it can execute multiple operations simultaneously. The point of sale system isn’t confined to accepting payments and allowing your customers to complete their transactions. It is rather the combination of modules that have different uses. Whether you need to keep track of your inventory or improve customer relationships, the best POS system for restaurant is all that you need to streamline an array of tasks seamlessly.

Common Capabilities of the Restaurant Point of Sale Software

Important Features of Restaurant POS System
  • Online Reservations

Gone are the days when restaurants had no other option than the pen and paper-based registers for recording the reservation and table details. That strategy no longer works today. The online reservation module eliminates manual reservation processes. You no longer need to attend customer calls to book a table for them.

Your customers can book a table at a restaurant through your company’s official website or mobile app. The request is automatically updated in the restaurant management software and the company gets a notification. The best part about this module is that it enables restaurant managers to receive customer orders from different channels. Your customers will be notified as soon as their reservation at your restaurant is confirmed.

We recommend the iPad POS system restaurant for accurate restaurant management. With this module, you can take online table reservation orders and book tables for your customers in a simple click. An automated email or SMS notification will be sent to your customers notifying them about their booking status.

  • Table and Waitlist Management

Once the reservation is confirmed, the restaurant manager has to ensure that the table is ready for the customer. You can use this module to plan a seating arrangement for your customers. Isn’t it convenient to get a clear picture of all the tables on one screen? The table management module in the restaurant POS software allows waiters to serve the customers as soon as possible.

This module can also be used to track the canceled reservation and waitlist parties. The small restaurant owners often experience a long waitlist. Sometimes, you don’t have enough tables to seat every customer. As a result, your customers have to wait for hours to get their table ready. Most of them walk out of your restaurant because of the long waitlist. With the waitlist management module, you don’t have to struggle with this problem.

If your restaurant receives high traffic on weekends or at certain hours, then you can use the digital waitlist module to put your customers on the waitlist. The customer is notified as soon as the table is ready. That way, you don’t have to deal with a long waiting line. Not only does it make it convenient for the manager to manage customers, but it also saves your customers time. They don’t have to arrive at the restaurant and wait until the table is free.

  • Digital Menu

With the digital menu apps, you can customize the product description and images. Simply put, the digital menu offers you an opportunity to present an aesthetically appealing menu to your customers. You could change the menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in simple clicks. The module comes with the customization tools that enable the manager to display photos, price, name, and description of the product. You could even add daily specials to the menu, discounts on meals, and other special offers on certain occasions.

Some advanced restaurant POS management software apps feature a social sharing option that allows your customers to share some specific offers with their social media friends.

  • Online Order and Delivery

Driving to the restaurant and waiting for the order seems a little inconvenient even when you offer a personalized service. A majority of customers prefer online ordering and delivery. They can check the menu of the restaurant from the company’s website and mobile app and place an order instantly. Alternatively, they can make a quick call to place an order. You can integrate your restaurant website with the POS software to get updates on the software every time a new order is placed. This allows you to manage multiple orders seamlessly.

It is important to note that POS systems do not feature a separate module for online ordering and delivery. You are supposed to integrate the website or mobile app into the POS solution to collect online orders and facilitate a fast and smooth delivery.

  • Mobile Payments

The most important function of the restaurant point of sale software is mobile payments. More than 56% of customers choose a restaurant that allows them to make payments through mobiles. It is convenient to complete the transaction in simple clicks rather than having to wait in the line for hours.

Many restaurants have the on-premises point of sale systems that come with a card reader. It supports all forms of credit and debit cards. However, the modern-day restaurant POS software solutions allow you to integrate the software with the latest mobile payment gateways. You can integrate the common mobile e-wallets and payment apps, such as Google Pay and PayPal to streamline transactions. Not only payment, but the POS software is known for simplifying the checkout process.

  • Inventory Management

The most important yet challenging part for a restaurant owner is to handle the inventory. You need to get real-time updates on your stock levels to ensure that you have all the ingredients. The last thing a restaurant manager wants is to turn a customer down just because they don’t have the ingredients for the meal the customer has ordered. You don’t want your customers to leave your restaurant unsatisfied. 

The inventory management module makes it easier for the chefs to monitor the inventory level and place an order for the required ingredients in advance. The POS software keeps you up-to-date with your inventory status. It notifies you as soon as you run out of inventory. With the inventory management module in place, you don’t have to hire a workforce for counting the items and preparing a purchase order manually.

  • Table Side Ordering

Usually, the waiters have to walk back and forth between the kitchen and the dining area to collect customers’ orders and hand it to the chefs. It can lead to manual errors in the order and make it super inconvenient for the waiters to take orders from all the tables. The tableside ordering module eliminates this issue.

Customers can submit their menu digitally with this system. They can input the food and beverages they would like to have through the tableside ordering menu. The guests get to select items from the restaurant menu on their smartphones. Once they have selected the menu, the order will be forwarded to the kitchen. Now that the guests and customers can place the order for food through their smartphones and have it sent to the kitchen, the waiters and staff get more time to serve the VIP members.

This module has proven to be quite effective in collecting orders. Not only does it speed up the ordering process, but it ensures that the right order is served to each customer. They can even use this module to transfer payment conveniently.

  • Employee Management

Restaurants are implementing the latest technology to boost employee retention. The technology trends can help improve employee’s productivity by boosting their motivation and encouraging them to work harder to achieve the company’s objectives. Performing repetitive tasks on a daily basis can bore and frustrate your employees. As a result, they lose interest in your restaurant and quit.

The restaurant POS software features the labor-management module that is designed to streamline all the labor-intensive tasks. It facilitates smooth and fast communication between employees, assigns them their roles, allows them to swap their shifts with the co-workers, and most importantly, the point of sale software helps managers track the performance of each employee. You could also use this module to onboard new employees and train them for their new job. The software allows you to manage your workforce efficiently. You can use this automated system to track their attendance and issue paychecks according to their performance and productivity.

  • Analytics and Reporting

The restaurant POS software gathers data to generate accurate reports. It helps the manager make better and informed decisions. It also gives you an insight into the overall restaurant performance. From the top-selling products to areas you need to improve, the analytics and reporting module of this software will allow you to monitor every aspect of your restaurant business seamlessly.

  • Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs

Retaining your existing customers can be quite challenging for restaurant owners. Not only do you need to focus on customer service and food quality, but you need to implement a loyalty program to get your customers to your restaurant frequently. 

You can use the POS system to launch the loyalty program. Your customers can participate in this program and accumulate reward points every time they do business with you. They can track their reward points and redeem them for a free meal. Using the POS software, you can track the total reward points your customers have earned.

Who Uses the Restaurant POS Solution for Business?

The entire staff, managers, supervisors, chefs, and even waiters use restaurant management software. Anyone who is part of the particular restaurant is going to use this automated solution to streamline the basic management tasks. Managers and high-authority people in the restaurant use this automated solution to track sales performance, manage inventory, and improve customer relationships. Staff, on the other hand, needs this software to book tables, accept online reservations. They can use it to allocate tables to each customer, develop a waitlist, manage orders, and complete the checkout.

Managers are most likely to use the system for generating sales reports, managing accounts and billing, and evaluating the performance of each employee. The HR department of your restaurant can use the POS system for recording the attendance of each employee, issuing their paychecks based on their performance, and managing the workforce. Overall, the software solution comes packed with several modules that are used for many purposes.

Your employees can also use this software to record their attendance. They can even inform the manager in advance if they are unable to work on a particular day. The employees can send a notification to their co-workers asking them to cover their shifts for the day. The employees can swap their shifts without having to contact the manager. This not only helps simplify the working schedule for employees, but it saves managers and employees quite a few headaches.

Why do You need the Best Restaurant Point of Sale System?

The restaurant POS software can handle the back-end and frontend restaurant operations seamlessly. The manager has to deal with a plethora of management operations. They have several responsibilities that make it almost impossible for them to focus on productivity. It’s quite common for managers to get too occupied creating invoices and charging customers that they don’t get time to generate reports and track the restaurant performance.

Best Reasons to Choose Restaurant POS System

  • Timely Delivery

The most challenging task for a restaurant is to serve its customers in a timely manner. Of course, it takes time for chefs to cook and complete the order. However, you don’t have to waste more time delivering wrong orders. The POS system allows your customers to check the digital menu and place an order for the meal through their smartphones. This allows the waiters and other staff members to serve more customers at a time.

  • Enhance Customer Relationship

Customers love to dine at a restaurant that allows them to place orders conveniently, change menus, claim special offers and discounts, and get their orders served quickly. That’s exactly what the restaurant POS software helps you with. The POS solution supports multiple payment options, a digital menu, and a centralized dashboard, loyalty programs, a simple checkout process, and a host of other modules. These features work together to provide your customers with a seamless dining experience at your restaurant.

Every customer that walks out of your restaurant door satisfied will recommend your business to their colleagues and friends. There is a good chance they will return to your restaurant with their buddies.

  • Prevent Manual Error

Manual errors are quite common in accounting, invoicing, and order processing. Waiters can misinterpret the orders. This leads to food wastage and frustration. Customers get annoyed when you delay their services. The restaurant POS system can avoid this confusion by allowing your customers to send their orders digitally. With the POS solution in place, you don’t have to worry about getting the orders wrong.

  • A Single Dashboard

Another quality of the POS system is its effective and smart dashboard that enables managers, employees, and chefs to track all the activities going on in the restaurant efficiently. From booking tables to checking customers’ orders to accepting payments, everything can be monitored on a single dashboard. The best part is that the dashboard of the Point of Sale restaurant management software can be customized to your requirements. You can manage a broad range of restaurant operations at your convenience.

  • High Security

POS software can improve your restaurant security. The manager gets to set up access rights for the staff. For example, the accountants in your restaurant can only access the financial statements and business accounts; waiters and chefs will be able to check the orders only; the receptionist can prepare invoices and receive payments, and the manager can handle all operations.

It prevents fraudulent activities and keeps your employees and the internal restaurant team to access the personal details of your customers or other financial information that you don’t want to disclose.

  • Analyze Your restaurant Performance

Just serving your customers and booking tables will not guarantee the success of your restaurant. At some point, you are going to want to expand your business operations. The POS system will help you boost business productivity by analyzing the overall performance of your restaurant. It gives you insights into the employees’ productivity, customer satisfaction and retention, and the financial position of your company.

In fact, some restaurant POS software solutions can generate precise reports that help you identify the marketing strategies that are working for your restaurant. Using these valuable insights, you can plan effective management and marketing strategies. It allows you to make effective decisions. Most importantly, the software solution enhances your relationship with your customers.

Market Trends for Restaurant POS Software

Restaurant POS software happens to be one of the constantly evolving sectors. Every year, we get to see new features and modules that make tedious business tasks super-efficient and convenient.

Market Trends for Restaurant POS Software

  • Self-service Kiosks

Self-service portals have become a major trend in the restaurant POS software industry. These software solutions help reduce the workload of the waiters by working as the order-takers. The customer can enter their order details in the self-service kiosks. These self-service kiosks make it easier for the restaurant owners to save their resources on a large workforce. You don’t need to hire a receptionist and even a large number of waiters. In general, this trend is getting popular in Retail POS Software and other industries. And, restaurants are no exception. As compared to the 27,000 self-service kiosks in 2012, more than 60,000 restaurant owners ordered this advanced restaurant POS software in 2018.

  • Restaurant Point of Sale Software in the Cloud

Cloud-based POS software not only saves you the cost of implementing the physical device for the point of sale system in your restaurant, but it offers smooth and efficient operations. The restaurant management software in the cloud can be accessed and operated anytime and across any device. You could use your smartphone, tablet, MacOS, and desktop to run the POS restaurant management software. This enables the restaurant managers to monitor their business closely and keep an eye on the restaurant operations 24/7.

Restaurant owners prefer cloud-based POS solution to the on-premises model. The former is cost-effective and easy to use. Besides that, the point of sale software in the cloud takes only a short time for implementation.  Usually, users do not order the all-featured or complete POS software when they are buying the cloud version. They rather install the software with basic functions and add other modules as their business grows.

This also enables the staff and other members of the restaurant to learn the functions of one module at a time. The best part is that you don’t have to pay an extra price for the hardware. You only have to pay the monthly subscription, which covers all the upgrades and customization.

  • Mobile Restaurant POS

To improve the traditional POS systems, the software developers have started to design mobile restaurant POS that can be operated on smartphones and tablets. These models help users expand the range of services they offer. It is also a great way to turn your traditional business into a digital restaurant. We have already mentioned how mobile POS allows your customers to place an order for their meals using the tablets or smartphones. That way the order reaches the kitchen faster and your customers get their food delivered sooner than usual.

In some restaurants, you will find a tablet or smartphone installed on each table. It displays the menu of the restaurant to your customers digitally. It can also be used for taking orders.

Types of Buyers and Which Solution Fits Their Needs

With an effective point of sale system implemented in your restaurant, you can rest assured that all the administrative tasks will be carried out as smoothly and efficiently as possible. You don’t need to keep those old-school cash registers to enter journals and record other business transactions. All you need is a smartphone and a reliable internet connection. You can digitalize the transactions through the restaurant POS software. It mainly acts as the central device that enables your target audience to shop from your store, make payments, complete the checkout process, submit their personal details, and earn some loyalty points.

Now, the best software solution for your business depends on your specific requirements. The software is mainly available for:

·      SMEs

·      Large-scale organizations

The basic level software comes packed with the main functions, such as inventory management, employee management, payments, customer orders, and checkout. If you opt for the enterprise-level solution, which is highly recommended for a restaurant that receives high traffic, you will get a set of add-ons and advanced functions. The more modules you add to the software, the higher the productivity you will notice. That’s because the all-inclusive restaurant POS software solution is designed to streamline a wide array of management tasks.

SME restaurant POS systems cost a low subscription fee and offer basic functions. Enterprise-level POS software comes packed with multiple functions that are designed to manage a range of administrative and marketing operations. If you can’t select the best one, consider investing in the customizable and cloud-based point of sale software. You can add the necessary modules initially and get them customized later. The POS software in the cloud gives you an opportunity to deploy additional modules as your restaurant grows.

Choosing the Best POS Software

Initially, most restaurant owners choose basic restaurant POS software. They invest in the cloud-based management system that can be customized to their requirements. As their business expands, they add more modules to the software or replace it with the enterprise-level point of sale solution.

Considering the fact the POS system comes packed with multiple modules that cover almost all types of basic to complicated management operations, it makes sense for restaurant owners to invest in a single centralized system rather than implementing separate software solutions. Not only is it cost-effective, but it is quite convenient for managers to handle all kinds of operations on a single screen. Another important thing to consider is that you need to shop for a point of sale system that’s designed specifically for restaurants. Unlike the retail and standard POS software applications, restaurant software features a unique set of modules. Before you make a purchase, consider the below-listed factors.

  • Data Access

It is not possible for the manager and staff to be present at the restaurant all the time. If you invest in the old restaurant pos systems, then you are going to need to be at the restaurant to access the important data. This might not seem that challenging initially. However, you might have to visit the restaurant for making small updates, booking a reservation, and making other such changes to the software.

It gets quite annoying for the manager and staff to head to the restaurant every time they need to update new information in the software. That’s when the cloud-based software system steps in. With the modern-day cloud-based POS software application implemented in your restaurant, you can make as many updates in the software as you want from the comfort of your home. The best quality of the cloud-based software app is that it enables users to access data at their convenience.

Whether you need to reserve a table for a VIP customer or manage employee’s shifts, everything can be done from your smartphone. The data will automatically be synced between different devices, making it easier for the manager to access any information they need conveniently.

  • Security

Data theft and security breaches are not uncommon. These can cost your business thousands of dollars if left unnoticed. The manual security system no longer works these days. Even the surveillance system isn’t that effective when it comes to large restaurants. What if the internal member attempts to breach the security of your restaurant? What if one of your employees tries to access the confidential information of your customer? It is, therefore, important for restaurant owners to pay special attention to the security system of the restaurant POS software before making a purchase.

Nowadays, software developers have started to design an automated restaurant point of sale solution that comes packed with advanced security features. Not only does it encrypt your data, but it allows the manager to set access rights for employees. These security options help you ensure that no unauthorized user gets access to the business’ confidential information. It is especially important for restaurants (as you are supposed to record customers’ credit card details and personal information).

Another important security feature that is a must in all kinds of POS software systems is data backup. On-premises software solutions are long gone. Today, restaurant owners demand the cloud-based POS software that creates the automatic backup of the company’s sensitive data. Make sure you check the list of restaurant pos systems and buy the one that offers the best security.

Accurate Reporting

The best restaurant POS software India is the one that offers AI-based reports. Restaurants collect a large volume of data about their customers. What’s the point in gathering these details when you are unable to generate reports out of these insights? The restaurant point of sale software app makes it easier for the restaurant managers to generate precise reports from time to time.

You can use the software for generating daily, weekly, monthly, and even annual reports. This helps you get a clear picture of the overall restaurant performance, employees’ productivity, customer engagement, and your restaurant’s financial performance. These reports also tell you the top-selling products, the cost of ingredients, and the traffic your restaurant receives on special occasions. You need to find a solution that is capable of generating accurate reports.

  • Software Integrations

Though the restaurant POS software has pretty much everything you need to operate your business, you are still going to want to integrate the system with third-party apps for smoother operations. The integration allows two systems to communicate with each other. It also makes it easier for the manager to sync data between the two systems and avoid separate manual entries.

Unfortunately, not all restaurant POS software solutions have integration capabilities. It’s important to choose a software application that can be integrated with third-party apps and software. You might not need this integration now, but you will soon want to sync data between different apps and software so that the management operations are handled smoothly.

  • Implementation and Training

Usually, restaurant owners list the features they would like to integrate into the restaurant point of sale system and discuss these terms with the vendor. Implementation and training often go unnoticed. As easy as the implementation sounds, it can take several months for the vendor to install the software application in your restaurant. Besides that, it can be super challenging for your staff to understand the software and its functions without proper training.

Buying a new software solution means signing a long-term agreement with a vendor. Of course, anyone would want to purchase the POS software from a vendor who’s willing to offer 24/7 assistance and a quality support service. Many vendors offer you a top-quality customer support service.

They help you identify customization requirements in the software and keep it up-to-date. They also keep in touch with the restaurant owner to offer suggestions. Simply put, the software and modules it features are not the only factors you need to take into consideration when shopping for the top restaurant POS system for small restaurant. Assess the credibility of the vendor and sign the deal if you are certain the vendor will be ready to offer decent customer support.

  • Flexibility

Last but not least, an ideal POS software solution for a restaurant is flexible. Each restaurant has a unique business structure. There is a good chance each restaurant owner has their specific requirements and preferences. These requirements largely depend on the size of your restaurant. For example, the small restaurants do not necessarily have a special section reserved for the VIP members.

The best restaurant POS software for your business is the one that offers you a certain level of flexibility and customization options. This helps restaurant owners reflect the brand’s unique selling point and other special features. For instance, you may want to customize the menu in a unique way or offer special deals to your prospects. To get a personalized experience from the POS software, you will need a flexible and customizable solution.

Closing Line

Even if your business is doing well, you won’t be able to expand your restaurant operations if you don’t focus on productive activities. Restaurant operations aren’t limited to the basic management tasks. You are rather supposed to handle your employees, customers, staff, production levels, and other activities at once.  So, streamline these manual operations with the premium cloud-based restaurant POS software.

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

The POS restaurant software is used to automate a broad range of management and marketing operations, allowing the manager to focus on productive business activities rather than executing the manual tasks. It can take customers’ orders, receive payments, prepare invoices, book tables, support online orders and delivery, and perform other such administrative tasks.

No, you don’t need special knowledge or technical skills to operate the POS restaurant software. Fortunately, the cloud-based point of sale system comes with a simple user interface and an intuitive design. However, you are going to need training after the implementation to get a better understanding of all the modules included in the software.

Usually, the free restaurant POS software implementation takes 6 months to 2 years for implementation. The exact time can vary depending on the complexity of the system and the modules you have integrated into it. You must discuss the implementation time with the vendor.

The integrations included in the restaurant maid point of sale POS software can vary by the size of your business. If you own a large restaurant and receive high traffic, then you might need the basic as well as advanced modules. List all your requirements and find a system that covers the essential features.

Yes, the modern-day restaurant software solutions are customizable. They are flexible enough to be customized to your requirements. On-premises software, on the other hand, might not offer you customization. For instance, they can’t be integrated with other software systems. Make sure you check the flexibility of the model before making a purchase.

The modern POS restaurant system can have technical issues and other problems at times. However, there is nothing to worry about. You can get your system fixed and customized by the vendor.

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