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ezeeCRM Boost your sales with pleasant selling exp...

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We Create Simple IT Solutions For Your Complex Requirements. We combine tech expertise a...View Profile


Your sales force needs a better CRM.

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Freshsales is a sales CRM software system product by Freshworks, making it easy for businesses of all scales to attract, close, manage, and nurture the leads. With a highly intuitive User Interface an...View Profile

Solid Performers CRM

Manage your Business in a Simple Superb Way.

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An All in One Business Management Cloud CRM for dealing with all the leads, followup drives, customers, followup customers, proposition, proforma solicitations and solicitations and numerous differ...View Profile

Tranquil CRM

Best Sales CRM software for Lead management.

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Tranquil CRM software is to automate many daily activities to improve sales team productivity and engage your team. Our Real Estate CRM Software is coordinated with APP for Easy correspondence and wor...View Profile


CRM Software

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Online CRM Software automates the entire workflow process of Lead Generation, Sales Management, Marketing, Forecasting, Analytics and increase productivity. DigitalCRM is an online CRM Software that a...View Profile

Kapture CRM

Get closer to your customers

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Kapture CRM is a Customer Relationship Management software that is the right technology to implement when you want effective communication with your customers. CRM software can be defined as a softwar...View Profile


Dealing with the people who are the profit and re...

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POCO Customer Relationship Management Software centers around managing the individuals who are the benefit and income sponsors of the undertaking. POCO CRM system empowers the association to deal with...View Profile

Dquip's CRM

Work with smart people. No dress code. Flexible wo...

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Dquip's CRM software plan to give the correct preparation, information, data, the best apparatuses, and assets to our workers for them to succeed....View Profile


Complete software solution for all your business n...

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Zeki CRM system is a comprehensive cloud-based sales force & help desk system that aids you to centralize all your information and provides real-time insight into your customer database....View Profile

Kriti CRM

Customer and Resources Management Software

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Kriti CRM System is a Software Suite to manage total functional aspects of Customer Relationships to improve the efficiency of Institutions. It licenses you to rapidly get Information on numerous Dime...View Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

  • CRM software is specifically designed to improve your business’ relationship with your target audience.

  • The main purpose of the solution is to help you build a strong connection with your prospects.

  • It will helps you achieve this objective by streamlining the management process and enhancing your workflow.

  • Not only does it facilitate a smoother and better interaction with customers, but the CRM solution is designed to improve coordination between different departments in your company. 

  • CRM apps seem quite intimidating at first glance. You may need the knowledge to navigate around the solution and operate certain modules.

  • Prerequisite knowledge is necessary for an enterprise-level solution that comes packed with a plethora of features and multiple modules. However, the online CRM software features an intuitive design and simple interface. 

  • Training is included in some packages. For instance, vendors offer thorough training and cover its cost in the total price.

  • Whether you have prerequisite knowledge or not, you are going to need to use the training services for your employees so that they understand each module and function of the system thoroughly.

  • Moreover, you can seek professional help anytime you want. The vendor will offer support and maintenance services.

  • There is no fixed time, the total implementation time of the CRM software could vary by the solution you choose.

  • For instance, if you are planning to install a full-featured, on-premises CRM software, then it could take around 11 months for the proper implementation. 

  • Additional time is required for training & time to get used to this automated solution.

  • Nowadays, software developers have started designing cloud-based CRM software, which is easy to implement.

  • Some systems take only a few weeks for implementation, while others may require 6 months to a year.

  • The most important step in installing the CRM software is adding the necessary integrations to the system.

  • The integrations required in a company can vary by business. But, the most common ones needed in the system include few integration like email, calendar, social media, marketing etc.

  • YES! CRM solutions are customizable.

  • You can design your own custom software, which will be more scalable and flexible as compared to the standard customer relationship management system.

  • It means you get to select the modules and features you would like to integrate into the system.

  • We highly recommend you customize the CRM solution if you have specific business requirements. 

  • Sometimes, businesses end up investing in a solution that does not fit their requirements.

  • It is, therefore, important for companies to understand the CRM system properly and invest in a custom-made solution that fits their business requirements. 

  • Many systems do not offer integration facilities. If that is the case, you might not be able to integrate different modules or third-party apps into the system.

  • Many free and open source CRM software are available for those who do not have the budget to purchase an expensive customer relationship management solution.

  • But, before you implement this software into your business, make sure a free solution will not offer you as many modules and features as a paid version, neither do you get an opportunity to customize the free version of a CRM system according to your business requirements. 

  • The cost of the CRM solution depends on a number of factors such as the total features integrated into the system, license type, one-time fees, maintenance charges, and the number of people that will be using the system.
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