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Welcome to Technology Counter.

Technology Counter is the fastest-growing tech recommendation platform. Where businesses can explore, analyze, and manage appropriate technology required for their businesses. Thus, achieve their goals and vision.

Technology counter is a brainchild of Mr. Hussain Kachwala started in November 2019. That is just the tip of the iceberg; Hussain and the core team has been working hard since 2014 to curate quality content for its users. It all started when he understood the pain that organizations go through when they adapt to new technology. We have observed that organizations take a long time to research and choose the software. We reduce the time and energy for research.


Automation is the new normal that comes as a hazard and opportunity for the organization. You do not have to invest money and resources in research. Our product consultant will understand your needs and recommend the best software solution according to them. Our complete team has only one vision to simplify technology for everyone. We aim to provide user-centric solutions. We give business leaders the wings they need for the digital transformation of business processes.

We also understand the budget and time are very important that is the reason why we offer free services. That enables the vendors to list their products, and users can explore them for free. We also have a diverse range of services that we provide to B2B businesses that fuel expansion.

All of our team fits the values of integrity, dignity, and enthusiasm. Our website has 900+ categories that cater to different sector businesses. Our strategic planning and alliance teams do a scrutiny check of vendors and understand their features. Our product consultants have helped more than 100+ businesses to simplify their processes with software solutions that suit their business.

Technology Counter
Our customers have a successful story to tell because we know the art of listening.

We have a vast product list, industry evaluation, and an experienced user base. This helps new buyers to make smart software purchase decisions. Our reliable vendors offer a specific list of basic, common, and uncommon features. This helps new buyers to make intelligent purchase decisions.


Small and medium enterprises play a vital role in any country's GDP; SMEs are the backbone of the economy. Finding the right software for your business that matches your needs is a difficult task. We observed the struggles faced by SMEs to set up suitable software solutions for them. We have a highly dedicated and passionate team that understands your needs. Our mission is to streamline your business processes and reduce your hustle to a bare minimum.


We at Technology Counter aim to be the most reliable source for every business. We help you to make the right technology decisions for the best results.

Why Technology Counter?

We bridge the gap between vendors and buyers.

Software buying made simple
Choose the best software solution.
Verified and reliable software
Honest and pure software reviews.
Fulfill your organizational goals
Free and easy listing for vendors.
Fulfill your organizational goals
Higher conversion rates.
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