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CRM Software

The business of building CRM solutions is booming, and business experts can access just about any solution they need to overcome. There are CRM software companies that can be utilized to reduce burnout in the organization.

Compare the top CRM system features with 100% authentic reviews from verified software users. Also, get insights and tips on how to choose your ideal CRM tools for your business.

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Best CRM Software in India

BHOOMI Real Estate CRM And Construction ERP
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BHOOMI Real Estate CRM And Construction ERP

Bhoomi- A Gateway for world class Real Estate...

Bhoomi is multi-module application software that integrates activities across functional departments, from Lead, Sales Management, Customer care, Prod... View Profile

Newton ERP
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Newton ERP

Live Your Enterprise Potential™

NEWTON ERP is an affordable, integrated business management solution that offers a comprehensive assortment of capabilities needed to run your busines... View Profile

Newton CRM
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Newton CRM

Live Your Enterprise Potential™

Newton Complaint management function allows the user to register and allocate complaints to the respective department and their users for there comfor... View Profile

TechUnity ERP Software
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TechUnity ERP Software


DataNote is the most comprehensive enterprise solution designed to deliver the expected results without sharing confidential data or logic to any thir... View Profile

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Power of Technology Developed by IITians

Real Estate CRM is the handy CRM software for Real Estate Developers that focus on customer’s best interests. CRM for Real Estate is a web-based and... View Profile

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Indias #1 Affordable CRM Software Product

We are CRM Software provider, we provide CRM (customer relationship management solution) for; call centre CRM, iCRM, marketing CRM, support CRM, educa... View Profile

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CRM Software

Online CRM Software Automate the entire workflow process of Lead Generation, Sales Management, Marketing, Forecasting, Analytics and increase produ... View Profile

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Your Intelliigent Assistant

Manage All Your Business Activities with Ease!! IntelliStant is a CRM and business management software designed to automate critical and essential pa... View Profile

Focus WMS
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Focus WMS

Warehouse Management System

Cloud Hosted Warehouse and Logistics Management System. Focus WMS is the best Warehouse Management System software in Singapore. The Cloud-Based WMS S... View Profile

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Your Relationship CLoud

SalezShark is the next generation platform which gives businesses the power to build long lasting relationships with their clients. Its unique Relatio... View Profile

Definitive Guide

CRM Software

CRM refers to the practice of gathering and processing a large volume of data. If you look into the history of the CRM, you will discover how all these started with traditional marketing. Today, CRM has gone beyond the general practice of storing customer databases on your computer. It is more about collecting data and analyzing it to understand different trends in your industry and the current customers’ buying patterns. In this post, we are going to discuss the latest trends around the CRM software in India and the applications of this software.

What is CRM Software?

To get an edge over your competitors, you need to build strong and effective customer relationship management strategies. The better you interact with your customers, the higher the chances they will want to become your loyal customers. That’s what CRM is about: building customer relationships, boosting their engagement with your brand, increasing the retention rate, generating qualified leads, and building customers’ trust in your brand.

There is no doubt the customer relationship management has become one of the most important yet complicated aspects of management. CRM is one of the crucial components of business management. The word CRM stands for customer relationship management. Simply put, customer relationship management refers to the software, tools, techniques, process, and strategies that are designed to enhance your relationship with your target audience. To enhance your relationship with your customers, you are going to need a robust CRM or lead management software. Before we discuss the details of this solution, let’s understand its meaning in detail.

CRM software in India is an automated digital solution that helps businesses connect different departments and multiple management activities into a single cohesive system. The system enables businesses and the staff to access customer data anytime and anywhere they want. Not only does this automated solution help streamline the management and marketing operations, but it allows businesses to offer a personalized marketing experience to their customers. 

Additionally, it facilitates seamless coordination between different departments. If you compare the CRM software in India with those outdated legacy systems, you will realize how the updated and modern system has revolutionized business’ interaction with customers. Imagine how time-consuming and challenging it is for people to find information with the traditional record-keeping methods. Now, if they need to find information about a particular customer, they will not need to search through all their books and records to piece together the required information. 

Common Capabilities of CRM Software System

Customer relationship management software is important for a business that wants to grow in a short period. Sure, you may have a marketing team that works on customer relationship management tasks. But, what are the chances they will complete the hectic manual activities without errors? Manual errors are the most common reason why companies are switching to CRM software in India. 

The process of turning your prospects into your loyal customer is super complicated. It gets even more challenging without proper cloud-based CRM software. Nurturing your leads is extremely important if you want to grow your customer base. One way to do that is by selecting the best sales CRM software.  

Let’s have a look at some of the main features of the advanced CRM solutions. 

  1. Contact Management 

When you find a new prospect that is interested in your brand, the first thing you are supposed to do is record their personal information. This includes the name, contact number, address, and other contact details of the user. You also need to add their social accounts to your customer database. 

Contact management is one of the core functionalities of a CRM solution. Though almost every CRM software system has the contact management module, you will need to consider the layout and interface of the software before making a purchase. Is it easy to store customers’ databases? How easy it is to navigate around the system? How long does it take to access the information of a particular prospect?

         2. Track Interaction

 Not only do you need to store the personal and contact information of the users, but saving the history of the customer interaction is equally important. You may also want to add some notes or the interaction history with each prospects’ database. Many people change their minds as they move through the company’s sales funnel. Tracking your customer’s interaction will help you know where you need to improve and how you can boost your customers’ engagement. Track interaction is another core functionality of CRM software solutions.            

        3. Lead Management

Getting viewers and prospects might not sound difficult. But, things get challenging when it comes to converting these prospects into your leads. You will need to identify and guide your prospects through the sales funnel so that they do business with your company and become your regular customer. Just like the contact management module, you will need to ensure that the CRM software system you choose features a lead management module that goes well with your business structure. If you have shortlisted a few collaborative CRM solutions, then invite one of your sales representatives or sales manager to go over the lead management modules. 

      4. Email Integration
As the name suggests, email integration will allow businesses to send an automated and personalized email to a bunch of prospects. You can’t go on sending a separate email to each prospect. Moreover, extracting customers’ information from the software and sending a personalized email to each customer can be a time-consuming and hectic task. This feature allows businesses to integrate Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and other mail accounts for smoother and simpler management. 
This also helps your internal management team to interact with each other as well as with the prospects. If your staff is not comfortable using the SMS or other in-app chat features for communication, then a CRM solution that allows email integration will be your ideal pick.

    5. Document Management
Another important feature of the  CRM software system is document management. It allows you to send, collect, upload, and save documents. Now, uploading and sending documents is possible in a centralized system. The CRM software in India makes it easier for your team to access the information of any customer under one roof. 
Document management is an important module for medium and large-scale businesses that have many people working in the marketing and sales process. Storing each document will ensure that each member of your sales team stays up-to-date with all the latest information around your prospects and marketing. It also supports a smoother and consistent customer experience. 

    6.Proposal Management

You are going to need to create and forward quotes to your customers. As much as easy it sounds, sending business proposals to your prospects can turn out to be super challenging, especially if you have a large number of prospects. How important this function is for your business depends on the nature and type of your company. If you are involved in a business that needs to develop and send quotes to your customers on a regular basis, then consider automating this process with an advanced CRM software solution.

 7.Pipeline Management

This function allows the business owner to track the status of each stage in the sales funnel. It also makes it easier for the team to get an overview of the whole sales pipeline in a centralized system. Note that businesses that have a longer sales funnel process, which means more steps for your customers to get to the end of the sales funnel, then it is worth putting the pipeline management feature above everything. It will help you track the progress of the sales funnel and how your prospects react to each stage. 

 8.Workflow Automation
One of the major functions of a CRM solution is the automation of manual, repetitive tasks. Using this module, you can create workflows according to your preference. Usually, workflow automation is not an included feature in the software. It comes as an upgrade for those who want to improve the functionality of the system. The more your software automates the repetitive tasks, the more time your team gets to focus on other productive activities instead of getting stuck in the hectic manual activities.

Collect the real-time sales reports of your daily, weekly, quarterly, and monthly sales performance. Generate accurate reports and ascertain your sales figure. Though analytics or reporting is not the core functionality of the CRM software in India, these functions enable businesses to generate reports on the basis of a few essential factors such as the funnel stage, geography, and more. It gives you an opportunity to understand your sales process and get an in-depth analysis of the performance of your sales team. It also makes it easier for businesses to fix common sales-related issues. 

Predict the future trends in your industry and determine the projected sales and revenue for the future with the CRM software in India. This function allows you to ascertain future business trends based on the current database. Using this feature, you can put your database to good use. This also enables companies to make informed business decisions. 

Who Uses CRM Software for Small business?

Businesses that need to build a strong relationship with their target audience need a high-quality and premium customer relationship management software. Suppose a salesman obtains some important information about their customers. They record some of this data in their books and spreadsheets. They also create notes with customers’ phone numbers and personal details scribbled on it. 

That’s when the CRM software for small business comes into the picture. The sales manager and sales representatives need CRM software to access information about their clients. They use this solution to collect insights into their prospects. In addition to tracking information about customers, CRM solutions are designed to generate sales reports and financial statements. So, all departments in your business will use CRM software to automate multiple tasks.

CRM software in India allows businesses to put all this information into a single unit. This makes it easier for you to access real-time customers’ information at any time. The software accommodates all your customers’ history, products they have purchased from your store, previous deals, and other such records. You just need to type the name of the client to access all their records. Additionally, you will get a notification every time a new customer subscribes to your email newsletter and visit your pricing section or landing page. In simple terms, it gives you an opportunity to track your customers’ shopping and experience with your brand.

That being said, the customer relationship management system is the one-stop platform for small, middle-scale, and large firms. It allows you to boost your conversions and sales. Moreover, it forms better and smoother coordination between different departments in your firm. Even startups need effective and advanced CRM software for small businesses to streamline their regular management and marketing operations. After all, who wouldn’t want to enhance their relationship with customers and boost their sales productivity? Every business needs an automated solution that can facilitate seamless interaction with customers and better communication with the team.

Why do you need CRM Software?

A CRM system is specifically designed to enable business owners to track their relationships with customers. Initially, the uses of CRM software in India were limited to recording customers’ personal information and tracking sales status. Today, it performs a broad range of functions that not only help streamline your management operations but bring coordination between different teams in your company. From managing inventory to storing customers’ databases to tracking customers’ interactions, these tools can do it all for your business.

They collect plenty of information about your customers, sales funnel marketing, customer interactions, and other details that give you a clear view of how your sales are going. Just like any other automated solution that helps organize your day-to-day management operations, customer relationship management tools can simplify and automate a range of manual tasks. Let’s have a look at some of the important reasons why you need to invest in a CRM solution.

Market Trends for Customer Management Software

Like other software, the customer management system undergoes plenty of changes from time to time. New trends keep emerging. Only businesses that manage to stay up-to-date with these trends and add them to the solution survive the competition. If you compare the CRM solution with the outdated legacy systems, you will discover the number of trends introduced to the software. 

In the past five years, the changes and constant trends in the customer relationship management software revolutionized the management operations completely. Today, a broad range of tasks are automated. Now, your staff and employees have plenty of time to focus on other crucial business activities than executing those time-consuming and difficult management operations. If you collect a proper insight into the trends around the CRM industry, you will discover some of the crucial changes that are introduced in the campaign management software. Here, we have discussed the most popular CRM trends that have brought major changes in the industry.

Nowadays, software developers have started launching industry-specific customer relationship management solutions. For example, Real Estate CRM Software is designed for the property business and investors. Similarly, different CRM solutions are designed for education, jewelry, retail, and other businesses. 

Earlier, the standard CRM systems were popular. People had to change their business structure according to the customer relationship management system. Today, the integration and industry-specific solutions have made it quite easier for companies to adjust the solution according to the business structure and the current workflow. Software is designed keeping in mind the different management operations in companies. For example, a hotel and restaurant CRM software will be completely different from educational and school management CRM systems. This enables businesses to offer personalized services to customers.

Artificial Intelligence Improving the Sales Cycle
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have become the talk of the town lately. Thanks to their exceptional marketing abilities that allow businesses to build customer engagement by tracking their buying pattern and shopping history. There is no denying that machine learning and predictive analysis have helped companies generate qualified leads and build customer engagement. This further helps in the closure. Most types of CRM software in India use artificial intelligence and predictive analysis to generate accurate customer browsing details.

Gone are the days when SalesForce Automation and other CRM software were compatible with big screens only. Today, businesses demand a mobile compatible CRM app i.e. a solution in which all features are accessible on smartphones. This makes it easier for your employees and staff to access the solution and customers’ information conveniently. 

Type of Buyer and which business CRM Software best fits buyers' needs

Customer database software can benefit all types and sizes of businesses. Whether you have just commenced a startup or running a multinational firm, you will need a system that can automate your hectic management and marketing activities. Most importantly, this system will allow businesses to get insight into their customers’ buying patterns and other records. Sure, the type of solution you purchase may differ. 

Not all CRM software in India features the same modules. Considering the fact that these systems are customizable, businesses get an opportunity to design the software the way they want. Based on the size and nature of the company, your requirements can be different and so do your expectations from the CRM solutions. Fortunately, the CRM software in India is designed for startups, small businesses, and enterprises. Each solution features a wide range of features that cater to the varying requirements. For instance, the enterprise-level CRM software is an all-inclusive system that comes with all the modules a large-scale firm needs. Let’s discuss the best business CRM software for different organizations.

Startups - As the owner of a startup, you may need a CRM software solution that is easy to understand and operate. The budget is going to be the number one concern of small-sized businesses and startups. The second important factor is training. You might not be in a financial state to afford comprehensive training. So, it is best to look for a CRM software in India that does not need training. 

The point is you need to select a system that is easy to learn. You are not the only one to use CRM solutions. Your team, staff, and employees may need to access the system to collect customers’ information regularly. Keeping this factor in mind, choose a CRM software solution that requires minimal to no training. So, we recommend you choose CRMS designed specifically for startups. They offer intuitive design, user-friendly interface, and most importantly easy navigation. These features enable startups to grow their customer base quickly.

Small Businesses - You might be running a small retail outlet now. But, you are not going to operate a small business forever, Of course, you must have planned your financial objectives and the strategies to grow your business. Small businesses may not be able to afford customer database software designed for enterprises and large-scale firms. However, they cannot miss out on the unlimited perks the large-scale companies receive with an advanced CRM software solution. The best system you can choose is the one that’s available at a reasonable price but includes an extensive range of features. In other words, you can look for CRM software for small businesses that are designed to promote the growth of small-scale firms with advanced and effective modules.

Enterprises - Every business needs to settle deals. Enterprises or large-scale organizations have similar goals. The only difference between the enterprises and small businesses is that the former needs to settle big deals. If you have thousands of employees working in your firm and a plethora of management activities that need to be handled on a daily basis, then you are going to need an all-featured customer relationship management system that can streamline all your manual business operations. In order to bring clarity to your marketing campaign and simplify your sales funnel, an advanced CRM solution that is designed specifically for large-scale companies will be an ideal fit for your business.

Choosing the Best CRM System Vendor

The automated solutions you choose to operate your day-to-day management and marketing activities matter more than ever in today’s competitive environment. As the technology is growing at a rapid pace, vendors have started to develop high-quality and all-featured CRM solutions that claim to simplify all sorts of business operations. 

With a myriad of products available on the market, the decision of selecting the best and most suitable CRM system for your business can be quite overwhelming. It gets even more difficult for startups and companies that have never had any type of business or sales software implemented in the firm.  Here, we have mentioned a few important factors you need to take into account when searching for the right vendor for CRM software. 

Analytics: You need to invest in a solution that does more than saving customers’ databases. It should collect useful data and enable you to analyze this information to generate accurate insights. This allows you to make data-driven decisions.

Customization: Most types of CRM software in India are customization. Still, it is best to check the customization of the solution before making a purchase. The solution must be flexible enough to be adjusted according to your company’s unique workflow.

Scalability: Invest in a solution that supports the growth of your company. The last thing you want is to migrate the customer database continuously. Make sure the CRM software solution you choose is scalable so that it adapts to your growing business. 

Integration: The CRM software in India must be compatible with third-party apps and other security systems. When it comes to building your relationship with the customers, third-party integration matters. The first thing to look for in a cloud-based CRM software is whether it can be integrated with third-party solutions.

Mobile Support: Last but not least, you need the best sales CRM software that runs seamlessly on smaller screens. You must be able to use the software on mobiles. Choose a system that can be accessed via mobile. This will allow your employees and staff to find the information they need from the comfort of their homes.

Closing line

Often considered as the “bread and butter” for all sizes of companies, the business CRM software is one of the most integral components of your marketing strategies. Considering the importance of CRM software in your business and management, it is extremely important for businesses to make the right choice. After all, CRM is going to be your long-term investment. 

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

Customer relationship management software is specifically designed to improve your business’ relationship with your target audience. The main purpose of the solution is to help you build a strong connection with your prospects. The software helps you achieve this objective by streamlining the management process and enhancing your workflow. Not only does it facilitate a smoother and better interaction with customers, but the CRM solution is designed to improve coordination between different departments in your company. 

CRM apps seem quite intimidating at first glance. You may need the knowledge to navigate around the solution and operate certain modules. Prerequisite knowledge is necessary for an enterprise-level solution that comes packed with a plethora of features and multiple modules. However, the CRM software in India features an intuitive design and simple interface. 

 Training is included in some packages. For instance, vendors offer thorough training and cover its cost in the total price. Whether you have prerequisite knowledge or not, you are going to need to use the training services for your employees so that they understand each module and function of the system thoroughly. Moreover, you can seek professional help anytime you want. The vendor will offer support and maintenance services.

There is no fixed time. The total implementation time of the CRM software could vary by the solution you choose. For instance, if you are planning to install a full-featured, on-premises CRM software in India, then it could take around 11 months for the proper implementation. 

Additional time is required for training. You may also need some time to get used to this automated solution. Nowadays, software developers have started designing cloud-based CRM software, which is easy to implement. Some systems take only a few weeks for implementation, while others may require 6 months to a year.

The most important step in installing the CRM software is adding the necessary integrations to the system. The integrations required in a company can vary by business. But, the most common ones needed in the system include email integration, calendar integration, social media integration, marketing and workflow automation integration, and call center or customer support integration. 

CRM solutions are customizable. You can design your own custom software, which will be more scalable and flexible as compared to the standard customer relationship management system. Customized software means you get to select the modules and features you would like to integrate into the system. We highly recommend you customize the CRM solution if you have specific business requirements. 

Sometimes, businesses end up investing in a solution that does not fit their requirements. It is, therefore, important for companies to understand the system properly and invest in a custom-made solution that fits their business requirements. Just gathering personal details of your customers and sales data is no longer sufficient these days. 

 Many systems do not offer integration facilities. If that is the case, you might not be able to integrate different modules or third-party apps into the system.

Many free and open source CRM software in India are available for those who do not have the budget to purchase an expensive customer relationship management solution. But, before you implement this software into your business, make sure a free solution will not offer you as many modules and features as a paid version, neither do you get an opportunity to customize the free version of a CRM system according to your business requirements. 

 The cost of the CRM solution depends on a number of factors such as the total features integrated into the system, license type, one-time fees, maintenance charges, and the number of people that will be using the system.


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