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Target One

Billing Made Easier

This accounting software has the capability to make a lot of the financial processes much more efficient and effective. This software is useful for Re ... View Profile


Vasy ERP

ERP is Now Easy with Vasy

Run Your Business From Anywhere You Are. Transition your Retail, Restaurant point of sale software, Distribution Businesses digital way. We have made GST compliance, adoption simple & easy ... View Profile



All in One - Education ERP for Schools, Colleges a...

All in One - Education ERP for Schools, Colleges and Universities Campus Management Software. Being use in 400 plus Institutions across the globe. It ... View Profile


Mink Foodiee Restaurant POS

Restaurant ERP System

Mink Foodiee is best restaurant pos software for restaurants and bar billing and management and it is an all-in-one point of sale system that helps a ... View Profile



Best and the most complete opensource ERP. Replace...

Used by more than 5000 companies across the world. ERPNext is the world's most advanced 100% opensource ERP Software. It is an open alternative to SAP ... View Profile



Daily Working For You Worldwide

With over 250 professionals and consultants and excellence R&D centers and subsidiaries in Germany, India, Turkey, UAE, and Korea along with business ... View Profile


Newton ERP

Live Your Enterprise Potential™

NEWTON ERP is an affordable, integrated business management solution that offers a comprehensive assortment of capabilities needed to run your busines ... View Profile



Complete Business Management Software

Bits & pieces everywhere, here you get it all. A first of its kind complete business management software that channelizes organizational workflow, Sim ... View Profile



Campus Management Software

iCampusHUB | School and College Management System Software Specifically designed and developed to simplify Student, Fees, Academic, Parent-Teacher-S ... View Profile


TechUnity ERP Software


DataNote is the most comprehensive enterprise solution designed to deliver the expected results without sharing confidential data or logic to any thir ... View Profile

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ERP Software Buyer's Guide

ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software to streamline operations by integrating all tedious manual tasks in a single platform. It automates a broad range of marketing and administrative jobs on a central server.

Organizations can customize it according to their business needs. To help you find the right ERP software, we have provided guide to choose the right ERP software.

Let us have an in-depth overview of the features and benefits of the ERP system.

Buyers Guide for ERP Software

What is an ERP Software?

ERP Software simplifies management activities by bringing all departments together. Cloud computing has made the software accessible on any device. Top ERP software in India is capable of managing inventory, performance, customer data, human resources, sales reports, and other operational tasks.  
Technology is transforming business processes. If you integrate this technology into your work process, you can manage a large amount of data efficiently with ease. ERP system improves business performance without hiring a large workforce. Every department will use their specific systems and ERP software solutions weaves all of them together for efficient functioning. 

Common Capabilities of an ERP Software

The ERP system will customize the features according to your business requirements. Business leaders can choose the features that they want to integrate. We have compiled the components that every ERP will have:

Important Features of ERP System


Accounting and Finance

Organizations do not need to invest in separate finance software. Irrespective of your company size, The ERP solutions can manage the accounts and finance. It can take care of payment receivable, bills payable, purchase records, sales accounts, financial statements, and other activities. You can also use the solution for filing tax returns. For businesses that have a global presence, SaaS ERP software can support multiple currencies. 


The best ERP systems in 2021 will have an accounting software that manages revenue, sales, and accounts. It helps to automate a wide range of accounting tasks. Organizations need to compare different ERP software products before purchase and choose the best one. 


Customer Relationship Management

As your business database will expand traditional bookkeeping methods prove to be inefficient. When you replace bookkeeping with an affordable ERP solution will have an insignificant impact on your business. 


CRM software gives insights about your customers. It stores all the required information like customer contact details, purchase history, and patterns in one place. It is a comprehensive solution to your complete customer database. Top ERP solution integrates CRM to give you 360-degree access to customer profiles on different channels to track their past purchases and interactions. 

The ERP solutions keeps businesses ready for all challenges. It enables personalized customer service to each customer. From personalized recommendations to speedy delivery, the software does everything to improve customer service and retention rate. 


Human Resource Management

Managing employees is as crucial as managing customers. A happy workforce will deliver quality and quantity. Employees are more productive when the company takes steps to reduce their workload. Workforce management mainly involves activities like performance management, attendance tracking, issuing paychecks, and incentives according to their productivity. Top ERP systems will be inclusive of all the features of workforce management to handle tasks on a single platform.   

Earlier businesses had to invest in software for payroll and human resource management. Businesses nowadays only need to invest in the best ERP solution that takes care of payroll and employees efficiently. Human resource management is an essential part of ERP. It can help you to retain employees, boost productivity, and maintain a happy workforce. 


Sales and Purchase Management

Tracking sales, generating invoices, track orders, sending quotes, and assigning sales tasks to your employees can be hectic without a proper sales management solution. The sales module in the ERP software amalgamates with CRM to boost sales and increase revenue.  

Integration of sales and purchase management in your business process automates invoicing for the customer. The customer gets a softcopy of the invoice on the email automatically. The software reduces the errors to a bare minimum. The best ERP solutions also helps to generate purchase orders and share them with the vendors with the due date. 


Inventory Management

The best ERP system tools and software help to manage your inventory. Retailers need to track down the movement of goods. Retail ERP software helps to monitor the stock levels and notify the team so that they are never out of top-selling products. Restaurant and cafe owners can identify low stocks and refill them for the smooth functioning of the restaurant. Stocking up unnecessary products is just a waste of your resource, and buying less than required will increase your customer dissatisfaction. Inventory Management Software helps you to maintain a balance between demand and supply. 


The best ERP system in 2021 will help to track your inventory 24*7 and identify the best sellers. These insights help your business to concentrate on products that drive more profits than spending your resources on less profitable products. 


Reporting and Analytics

Reports and analysis help to understand business growth. The best ERP system’s dashboard will appealingly show reports using pie charts, graphs, and infographics. Business leaders already have a lot to execute that they get less time to draft an action plan. 

Your business cannot grow without strategic future planning. Top ERP software enables reports and analytics at your fingertips which helps to visualize and design an effective action plan to achieve your objectives. These reports and analytics will help to predict future business trends.

For an instance In order to run a school smoothly, several factors must be taken into account. For eg, students, teachers, and administration must be well-coordinated, which necessitates the use of the latest school Management software to handle all of these aspects. Implementation of school ERP will automate and analyze all staff's performance. 

Who Uses the ERP Solution for Business?

Small, medium enterprises (SMEs) and large-scale investors use ERP solutions to keep a tab on business operations round the clock. Even hospitality and non-profit organizations have found this automated software very beneficial in their day-to-day operations.  

Large Enterprise ERP Software are applications that can incorporate all areas of service, from product planning to product design, creation, production, and sales and marketing, all in a single database, programme, or User Interface.

Small Business ERP Software includes features such as business intelligence, accounting, order control, CRM, manufacturing, human resources, supply chain management, integration, analytics, and analysis to make day-to-day operations easier.

Any business that involves customers, employees, inventory, and sales management can implement ERP to streamline their operations. We will help you to choose the best ERP software in the world according to your needs.   


Why do You Need the Best ERP Software?

Best ERP software automates almost all management operations.A business of any size and sector needs to adapt to changing customer demands and market requirements. Adapting to change can be a hectic process. It is challenging to execute administrative tasks while monitoring the latest trends and coping with customer demands. 

It not only saves your time on manual activities but also reduces errors. Let us take a look at the reasons why you must consider installing the best ERP software in India.

Best Reason to Choose Enterprise Resource Planning System


Save Money

Finance is a crucial part of any organization. The main goal is to integrate an affordable ERP solution that is effective to automate administrative and marketing tasks. ERP is a long-term investment that can cost you upfront thousands of dollars. Organizations pay license fees and monthly subscriptions. The good news is that best cloud ERP software pays off the implementation and subscription costs quickly. 

With one centralized system implemented, you do not have to contact different software companies and organize training. Organizations can save money on a large workforce since you are not going to need accountants and inventory teams. The enterprise resource planning software will help you to reduce costly expenses that your business incurs due to manual errors. 


Centralized Unit

Earlier, each department had a separate software for purchase, sales, inventory, customer, and employee management. Enterprise resource planning software has a radical transformation in every industry. It is essential to have a centralized system instead of implementing different software solutions. Everyone can easily access the required information in one place. 

It is very tedious to enter the same information in different software. That may result in increased errors, delayed services, and unhappy customers. ERP system is an all-inclusive solution that your business needs to reduce manual errors and handle everything in one place. 


Improve Productivity

If you still believe in traditional management practices, then you are investing a lot of time in it. Manual counting of inventory, tracking employee attendance, generating regular reports, issuing payroll, and completing customer orders are some tedious tasks with the traditional enterprise resource planning. You cannot record employee attendance manually or manage inventory single-handedly.  

If the employees have to enter the same information, again and again, it will be quite dull and exhausting. That will hamper productivity.   

Top ERP system will make tasks simpler and smoother. It automates calculations and eliminates manual errors. It is a proven way to increase productivity by automatically updating information and focusing on more valuable tasks. ERP Software improve efficiency in various manners.


Higher Customer Satisfaction

Customer reviews published on the internet matters as much as word of mouth in the past decades. It is crucial to provide high-quality products and reliable customer support for a happy customer base.Customer requirements are stronger than ever. companies will get benefit with the Integrated ERP solution with Smart Manufacturing. That enables to track customers browsing activity, buying patterns, and behavior. You can offer your customers personalized service and recommendations based on their buying history. 

Businesses can send a personalized email or SMS to their customer base about the offers that might interest them. You can gather information on a single platform and plan an effective marketing action plan. The Best ERP system also helps to draft and manage loyalty and reward programs for customer engagement and satisfaction. 


Manage Risk

It is crucial and challenging to stay up-to-date with current compliances and regulations regarding corporate laws. It gets complicated when you expand your business on a global level. The advantage of ERP accounting software is that it complies with the rules, files tax returns, generate reports, issues paychecks, and many more. 

If the business does not comply with rules and regulations, it will result in legal charges. ERP systems simplify this for you and ensure that your business policies align with the corporate laws. 

To a very large extent, businesses are getting benefits from implementing an ERP system to automate most of their business processes, but there are certain myths for buying ERP Software, that must be avoided. 

Market Trends for Enterprise Resource Planning Software

According to Mordor Intelligence, the ERP software solutions market expects to reach USD 65.2 billion by 2025. It is getting popular and is quite mandatory for all company sizes and sectors. The software can manage huge administrative and marketing tasks from a single platform. It also brings security, transparency, and efficiency to your business. We have compiled a list of the top 10 ERP software in the india.Market Trends for ERP Software


Personalized Solutions

One of the most common trends in the ERP software market is personalization in customer service. Businesses look for a vendor that customize the solution according to the business requirements. They do not need to hire an IT team to customize according to their needs. The cloud ERP solutions vendor is responsible for customizing according to the evolving needs of the business. 


AI and IoT Integrated Solutions

The integration of modern technologies like AI and IoT has changed the way we perceive a business. Now in 2021, Artificial intelligence has made ERP software more robust. This technology streamlines your operations and enhances customer service. It allows business leaders to make data-driven decisions. Businesses are adapting to these technologies to make their business processes more efficient. 

ERP emerging trends have made tracking of customer orders and jobs easier. the future of ERP Software market will continue to meet vendor needs efficiently.

Moving to the Cloud-based ERP Software

Earlier businesses implemented complex on-premises ERP software that took a long time to implement and was more costly. The advent of cloud computing made management operations super smooth. 

The cloud-based ERP software is a leading trend. Retailers have understood its importance. Also, the implementation is simple and offers high-security features. The vendor is responsible for implementation, upgrades, and maintenance. It saves a lot of money. The cloud ERP software is an ideal solution for your businesses of all sizes. 


Omnichannel ERP software

The Internet has made shopping from your comfort zone possible. Using ERP management system customers can shop on social media, eCommerce websites, mobile apps, and other marketing channels.

Your audience can choose their preferred mode of shopping. It is a challenge to manage orders from multiple channels. The best ERP solution brings everything in one place to receive orders from different channels. It combines the frontend with the backend. It benefits retailers to track and process orders quicker. 

Mobile Application: Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP software in the world has made it easier to deploy the software on any compatible device. You can choose Vasy ERP software to operate the frontend and backend from the comfort of their homes. Mobile compatible software offers convenience and minimizes delayed orders. The market of cloud ERP software in India is growing at an exponential rate. 

Type of ERP Software Buyers and Which Solution best fit their Needs

The market has Different types of ERP software. The best and suitable solution depends on your companies requirements. You do not have to invest in an all-inclusive and expensive software if you do not have the budget for it. Let us take a look at different solutions available: 


A majority of cloud-based ERP and legacy solutions classify as generalist. The best quality of these solutions fit different business requirements and supports integrations. We recommend it for all organizations that need a flexible and customizable solution for smoother operations. 


Some vendors focus on developing a niche-specific software solution. Vendors design these types of ERP solutions for specific industries. Industry such as fashion, construction, manufacturing, restaurant, spa, salon, gym, and so on. Small vendors can benefit from this cost-effective ERP software in India. 
Working with industry-specific ERP software yields some significant advantages relative to working with generic ERP software.

Small business ERP:

Enterprise Resource Planning tools for small businesses is an effective solution for SMEs that cannot afford a high monthly fee. They can be on-premises or cloud-based solutions with a small number of features. They can use it for managing particular business operations according to their needs. It also comes with an add-on feature. It is an ideal solution for small businesses to streamline a few manual tasks. As your business will increases, you can customize the features of ERP management system. 

Startups buy these types of ERP Software to automate solutions. If you want to automate a couple of administrative tasks without investing your complete finances in a software solution, then it is a perfect solution for you.

We have also covered Questions To Ask Your ERP Software Vendor for better ERP software selection for your business.

Choosing the Best ERP Software System

ERP system is going to be a long term investment with an upfront cost and monthly subscription. You need to curate the features according to your business requirements.

Not all expensive software has the best features. We are a fastest growing tech recommendation platform with reliable list of ERP software vendors. We are helping ERP buyers with  easy steps to follow for their successful ERP selection.We have compiled fundamental factors you need to consider when looking for ERP software: 


Replacement Vs Customization

With the advent of technology, the ERP market is evolving. Most of the retailers implement enterprise resource planning software in their outlets. Outdated software can hardly automate tasks like calculations, manage inventory, and customer relationships. 

However, the best ERP solutions let you customize and integrate features according to your needs. If the software allows you to customize, you can only add features than replacing the whole software. It will only need an upgrade and save you money. 

If your ERP software is old that cannot customize or integrate features, it is better to consider a replacement. If your business has recently invested in software, then a few upgrades will do. For instance, ERP for the manufacturing industry will come loaded with purchase and vendor management software. There are types of upgrades that must be understood before focusing on ERP system upgrades. Let's discuss the reasons in detail.



Old software will have a complex implementation process. On-premises ERP solutions will require technical knowledge and IT infrastructure for installation. You need to train your workforce to acquaint them with the software. 

The cloud ERP solutions have a simple implementation process and takes less time. It is easy to customize and operate. The implementation of a Cloud-based ERP system can be as simple as allowing access to the system with their unique login credentials. Some business leaders opt for a hybrid solution.ERP implementation will positive outcome, higher ROI, and successful implementation. Check out infographic we have created for the key factors for successful ERP implementation in 2021.



The workforce must train themselves to get acquainted with new ERP software. Business leaders can create a training module if the vendor does not provide training.  

Top ERP software systems come with an in-built training module. 



Your workforce is going to spend most of their time on the dashboard. It should be easy to update and find any information on the dashboard. The best enterprise resource planning software has a simple yet smart dashboard. It gives seamless access to required information.  
The drag and drop functionality makes it simple for newcomers. Businesses must invest in an efficient ERP software with a dashboard that helps you navigate in a few clicks.  



Business leaders should choose an ERP solution that integrates with the existing software. If you don't have existing software, then you should choose software that offers easy integration. The staff doesn't have to worry about entering the data twice if you buy a new software.

Customer Support

ERP solutions are a complex and long-term investment. When you are signing a contract with the vendor, you need to check the quality of customer service. The workforce can have questions and may need support anytime. If your ERP solution provider does not provide training after implementation and good quality customer support, then it is time to change your vendor. 

Business leaders should choose the best ERP software vendor that has a professional and knowledgeable IT team. If you face any technical issues, there should be an immediate resolution. 


User-friendly ERP-Software Interface 

The advantage of ERP software is to streamline their business processes. If you invest in an ERP that has a complex to use interface, you are increasing the burden on your workforce. Not every business can afford an IT team or professional support, that's why the simplicity of the software matters. You cannot wait for ages for your team to get acquainted with the complex structure of agriculture ERP. It is essential to choose the best ERP software in India with an easy interface. 


ERP Budget

ERP software price plays a crucial role while choosing ERP software. If you have a small scale business with limited resources, then you need to spend your capital wisely. It is undeniable that ERP is a must for all size businesses. The market has multiple software to offer. Our product analyst will understand your needs and suggest the top 5 ERP which will help to achieve goals. 
Also check out what are the easy ERP selection steps for your business.

Closing Line

The ERP software streamlines different management functions and gathers everything they need on a single platform. This long term investment can automate various business activities and saves you time to focus on crucial tasks. Technology Counter has a broad range of the best ERP software vendors that you can explore, analyze, and choose the best one that suits your business needs.
Our platform has an extensive list of software vendors, you can explore, analyze, and choose the best.
Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

ERP software helps improve the transparency and efficiency of a business. It makes it easier for companies to streamline administrative tasks and automate all the hectic management activities. A reliable and efficient ERP system can save your business time and unnecessary expenses. It helps you utilize your resources efficiently.

No, you don’t need prerequisite knowledge or technical skills to run the enterprise resource planning software. However, some models are complex and need proper training. Basically, training and knowledge won’t be an issue as long as you buy the solution from a vendor who’s willing to organize a proper training session. You may also need to contact the vendor frequently, especially when you have recently implemented the Best ERP solution for your business.

The timeframe for implementing the ERP software can differ depending on the vendor you choose. It also depends largely on the type of software application you purchase. For example, if you invest in a cloud-based Education ERP System, there is a good chance the implementation is going to take only a few months. The on-premises ERP software, on the other hand, can take up to a year for proper installation. Training will require additional time. So, make sure you discuss all these terms with the ERP vendor.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to the ERP solution. Each company requires a set of unique modules. However, some basic integrations that almost all companies will want in this automated software solution include inventory management, customer relationship management, employee management, finance and accounting, reporting and analytics, and so on. You could also get add-ons. The best integrations for your company depend on your management operations and business structure.

Fortunately, most of the cloud ERP software applications out on the market are compatible with customizations. However, you can’t customize the solution on your own. To add modules or customize the interface of the ERP software, you need to contact the Erp Vendor. That’s because software customization is a complex process that requires coding and technical skills. Rest assured that you can customize the modern-day ERP software system to your business needs.

ERP software automates a plethora of activities. However, it can be quite challenging for beginners and traditional business owners to adapt to this digital system. Understanding the basic functions of the ERP software is not as easy as it seems, especially when you don’t have a professional in-house IT team. Budget constraints can be another issue. Not every company has the budget to finance the upfront implementation cost as well as license fees.

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