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Compare the top accounting system features with 100% authentic reviews from verified software users. Also, get insights and tips on how to choose your ideal accounting tools for your business.

The business of building accounting solutions is booming, and business experts can access just about any solution they need to overcome. There are accounting software companies that can be utilized to reduce burnout in the organization.

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Top Accounting Software in India


Vasy ERP

ERP is Now Easy with Vasy

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Daily Working For You Worldwide

With over 250 professionals and consultants and excellence R&D centers and subsidiaries in Germany, India, Turkey, UAE, and Korea along with business ... See More



Best and the most complete opensource ERP. Re...

Used by more than 5000 companies across the world. ERPNext is the world's most advanced 100% opensource ERP Software. It is an open alternative to SAP... See More

Target One

Billing Made Easier

This accounting software has the capability to make a lot of the financial processes much more efficient and effective. This software is useful for Re... See More

Anajmandi Grain Management

A Unique Product for Krishi Upaj Mandi Vyapar...

A Unique Product for Krishi Upaj Mandi Vyapari (Traders) in Hindi Mahajani Padyati and English pattern can work as you want. Anaj Mandi-Specialized So... See More

Evolve School Management Software

concerned of all the activity of school conce...

Evolve Web Info remit you a state of Profession and most Catholic School Management Software “Evolve Intelligent & Smart School” be concerned of a... See More

ANDI School Management System

Complete ERP solution for all kind of Schools...

Complete ERP solution for Schools / Colleges. It is ideal for handling enquiries, Admission, Fee , Library management, Attendance, Time Table, Certifi... See More

Newton BPM

Live Your Enterprise Potential™’.

Realign your business process for better and optimal performance with a flexible and reliable framework that can scale as per the demands of your busi... See More


Campus Management Software

iCampusHUB | School and College Management System Software Specifically designed and developed to simplify Student, Fees, Academic, Parent-Teacher-S... See More


Power of Technology Developed by IITians

Real Estate CRM is the handy CRM software for Real Estate Developers that focus on customer’s best interests. CRM for Real Estate is a web-based and... See More

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Definitive Guide

Technology Counter Accounting Software Software Buyer's Guide

Types of Accounting Software?


Spreadsheets are the most popular software types amongst small organizations It comes with very low transaction volumes, thus, small businesses can run easily just using an electronic spreadsheet for its accounting needs. This is budget-friendly and a system that can be configured in any way.

Commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS)

Commercial off-the-shelf software is widely used across the globe. Also, It could be a perfect accounting solution for the small businesses in India organization for their needs to a business, with multiple layers of error detection to prevent incorrect information, packages specifically for certain industries, and a lot more.

Enterprise resource planning software (ERP)

ERP software is a kind of approach that is widely used to counter problems and eliminate human misapplications associated with not having independent department-specific software. Although, it is quite useful for any business but at the same time expensive too and may require a lot of time to install. This software is usually used by larger organizations with complex issues.

Custom accounting software

Custom accounting software is to be used for needs that are so specific and cannot be met by a COTS or ERP. This is a very rare approach and businesses get their software custom developed. However, custom software is famous to be buggy that requires high maintenance even in initial stages.

The Features of Accounting Software?

Automate Reporting

Total avoidance of human errors is a tricky task, right? Even a small organization finds it difficult to keep exact records of their funds. In a few circumstances, there might be lawful implications related to records and bookkeeping practices. Software on the other hand processes computerizing calculations to reduce the chances of errors. Automated reporting of data gathered from different sources. Collect information and notified about debtors and creditors, profit and loss, customer accounts, inventory counts, forecasting, etc.

Easy Cash Flow Management And Financial Statements

The software allows the system to project your cash flow position into the future, allowing you to record receivables and payables in every system. You can get a printed report which will tell you if you will have enough money, what you have now and what you expect to be coming in to cover the bills that are due. You can have records of all bills and invoices. A good planning tool will help you to reduce the chances of overdrafting and avoid charges and late fees. Help businesses to prepare computerized financial statements to present the financial performance and position of the point of time.


Managing a product inventory is important for any business. If you are managing it successfully then no doubt you have a strong understanding of the importance of having a stock to run a business successfully. Good accounting software automatically generates metrics about inventory and stocks as per your order inputs. With its robust features, you know when is the right time to order more, as they can predict when you will run out of products in inventory.

Computerized Invoices With Minimize Errors

A computerized system decreases the chances of errors in complex invoice calculations. Commonly it is a useful advantage, especially when you are preparing detailed invoices in which time and products are billed at different rates or numbers. After a system is set up properly, you just need to choose the items to be invoiced and the rest is done for you with a low risk of blunder and error in accounting software. It is a fast process because the software organizes data as we enter the system. This is done easily and you still have all the controls of your finances. A well-run business depends on reliable information, and a computerized invoicing system is what they need.

Things To Be Considered Before Buying Accounting Software?

A User-Friendly Accounting Software

Ease of use should be the most important factor to consider when you buy accounting software. The user-Friendly system will provide great help to all user activities in one place while simplifying your bookkeeping and accounting.

Web-Based Application

Today most business owners prefer online applications instead of on-premise giants. A web-based application would be the best option to always stay informed with your business’ financial data and email invoices to the customers.

Best In Customer Support

Customer support has always been crucial for any business that is looking to scale and the level of customer support offered by the provider shows how much he values its customers. While choosing accounting software it is one of the important factors to consider. If your end-user is not satisfied with the service and support, there is no point in investing in such a system. 

Pricing of Accounting Software

The pricing of the cloud-based accounting system has always been an important factor to consider for small business owners. As most of them have started with very little capital and resources, and buying costly software is definitely not the option you should go for. However, this is not true for online accounting software. These tools are available for a monthly subscription basis which are easy to afford.  Where you can begin with using their basic features at an affordable monthly fee.


In the future, you may want to look for additional tools in order to increase the efficiency of your business. But at this time, look for a system that is flexible and easy to integrate to make it work smoothly. Integration should work seamlessly with your set of business tools without disrupting your business process. 

Data Security

Data security, an important but also an overlooked factor while buying accounting software for many businesses. This year make sure you don’t just look over your data security but utilize the latest technology to make sure when your data is backed up as per your needs. The cloud-based accounting system is safe and secure to use, all the business data is stored in the server. It lets you manage the data backup and can make sure the frequency of it as per your needs.

Choosing Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses in India?

If you’re looking for the best suggestions and comparisons before buying a ‘Financial Management system Technology Counter is the right place for you.

We have a huge category of best of the software featured under certain criteria in this guide which you may need to evaluate before taking the initial steps. Selecting a new software is daunting, most people often overlook the process of analyzing the situation after a software goes live. We, on the other hand, help businesses to successfully analyze the true situations by providing them with personalized case studies of our successful users.

Let’s find out what actions you need to perform before investing in a finance & accounting management solution.

Perform a needs assessment 

Advancements of technologies often lead to drastic changes in the functionality of an organization. However, assessment of your requirements and needs would have a profound impact on your decision-making strategy even when you are looking to replace your current old system. It is basically a process used by organizations to determine future priorities, make organizational improvements, or allocate resources.

Complete system analysis

At this stage, you are going to collect system data such as interpreting facts to identify the problems, and complete analysis will follow. In some cases, accounting systems act as a core system where replacement decisions are more complex. Newer systems must be capable of supporting the core more efficiently than the current one, a complete system analysis will help you to counter these strategic issues in the first phase of your buying journey.  

Reference & vendors check

Poor communication with the vendor is the reason behind why many technology experts emphasize a lot on reference & vendors check before you go for the purchase. The technology counter in its suggestion always recommends making a question checklist, that you would require to ask a vendor in the first phase. The vendor must have already told you about the specification and function in the first conversation itself. These questions should strictly be about its past sell-outs and experiences.


Even In the rush of choosing the best technology,  neither of us want to invest money in a system that is not as per our needs. Often buyers get confused in the overwhelming process of investing in an accounting system. Mostly while shortlisting the features they require. This article will guide those who seek guidance and important insights into their first accounting system purchase. 

We will help you in every step until you find the right accounting tool for your business. Their features, benefits and pricing will be discussed as determined by our experts. Be an early bird, call us today for free consultations.

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]
Accounting software is used to automate, record and process accounting transactions using accounting functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, journal, general ledger, payroll, etc.

1. Missing out on tax deductions

2. Overestimating Expenses

3. Balancing Quality and Growth

1. Spreadsheets

2. Commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS

3.Enterprise resource planning software (ERP)

4. Custom accounting software

1. Automate Reporting

2. Inventory Management

3. Revenue Management

4. Accounts Receivable

5. Accounts payable

6. Account Management

7. Billing & Invoicing

1. Reduces delays

2. Provide a Learning Curve

3. Minimize Errors

4. Easy Cash Flow Management

5. Easy Integration

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