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MyHotelLine PMS

Serving Hospitality

MyHotelLine is a leading provider of software solutions for hospitality industries like hotel, resort, restaurant, clubs, apartment, bar etc covering all aspects of these industries.... View Profile



Integrated Solution for Hotel Business

A comprehensive Hotel Management Solution to manage your hotel's day-to-day operations with the ease of Tally. Tally.Retreat an integrated solution t... View Profile


ADM Hotel Management Software

True Vision Great Success

A hotel is a hive of numerous operations such as front office, booking and reservation, banquet, finance, HR, inventory, material management, quality ... View Profile


MCi apps for Hotels and Resorts

Your Business. Forward.

MCi Apps hotel management solution helps you interact and build long-term relationship with your customers through effective management and impeccab... View Profile



a complete hospitality Software

True Restaurant is easy to use, full of the feature software a restaurant uses many time, every day, and at very affordable price. Restaurant software can make order entry easier, make customers happier by building a perfect restaurant business.... View Profile


THMS Hotel

Now Interspect Your Needs.

THMS (True Hotel Management Software) is a system for hospitality industry to manage operations like check-in / check-out, hotel reservation syst... View Profile


eZee Absolute

Online Hotel Management Software

eZee Absolute is a Cloud-Based Hotel Management System which mechanizes an inn's everyday tasks and builds lodging income.... View Profile


Arpus Hotel Management System

Boost your hotel solution!

This Hotel Management System is Best Hotel Management Software Developed using VB.Net as Front end and Sql Server as Back End.... View Profile



Automated Hotel Revenue Management Software.

Aiosell, a hotel revenue management software, increases hotel sales by optimizing occupancy all year round. It uses fully-integrated technology tha... View Profile



Completely integrated Restaurant Management Soluti...

Romio POS arrangements is the most exceptional framework for Restaurant, Pub, Bar, Sweets shop, fine feast in café, Food Courts, and Hotels. It pr... View Profile

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Technology Counter Hotel Management Software Buyer's Guide

What is Hotel Management software?

hotel management software is a set of algorithms to manage the hospitality and customers at your hotel. It is a powerful tool for hotels, motels, resorts, and beds and breakfasts. It is also a boon for hostels, homestays, RV, and other lodging systems.  

The hotel management system; helps you to track all the daily tasks, reservations, and employees.  The features of hotel software; may differ from vendor to vendor based on your type, size, and requirements. For example, a hotel with multiple chains across the globe will need an all-inclusive solution that can process large amounts of data effortlessly. The solution also needs to ensure the service standards at all the locations. A small-scale hotel or lodging system will require a basic solution.  

Implementation of the best hotel management software will not only help you to save time and energy. But, It is also a cost-effective solution to store large amounts of data. The cloud-based hotel software does not even take your physical space. It is easy to deploy on all devices and compatible with smaller screens. It helps to automate most of the mundane tasks and simplify the operations of your business.  

hotel management solution helps you take care of the front desk, inventory, billing, reservations, and check out. It also is beneficial in managing employees, rooms, and engaging with the clients. The solution can also; integrate other software in it that you use to become the foundation of your hotel.  

Common capabilities of Hotel Management Solution.

When you are in the hospitality industry and use the traditional methods to operate your business. Many business leaders or managers might have this question, what does a hotel management solution offer for your business? What are the features of this solution? Do you get the freedom to customize the platform?  

The solution not only helps your hotel with basic functionalities but also you can add up many features to streamline your daily chores. We will now dive deep into understanding the core functions of the hotel management software.  

  •  Direct booking  

Your hotel can have various online and offline distribution partners to expand your business. But then you will have to pay a commission to them for giving you business. If you have a good branding team, there is a chance of the customer directly reserving their room from your hotel booking software.  

The hotel booking platforms will help your clients to look for various options, check availability, pay for the stay, and receive the booking information in a single session. In the past decade, hotels with multiple chains across the globe; are striving towards direct booking with the help of hotel management software.  

  • Best available rate (BAR) 

The hospitality industry is one of the most competitive sectors of all. That is why it is crucial; to give the best services at an economical price to be at the top of your competitors. The best available rate feature; of the hotel management system will help you with the best rate plans in the market. This feature benefits you to handle the marketing campaigns, employee compensation and adapts to the marketing conditions.  

Festivals and holidays are usually a peak season for the hospitality industry. It is essential to ensure that your hotel management system software uses the BAR functionality efficiently. For instance, You can use this feature to set a high price during the season. You can reduce the room price automatically during the offseason.  

With the help of BAR, it is effortless to adjust the prices and packages on the hotel billing software. It also helps to create promotional codes and loyalty programs to boost the customer experience.  

  • Maintenance and housekeeping  

Cleanliness and maintenance of the room play a crucial role in the hospitality industry that influences the customers. For example, the guest books your hotel room; when he arrives to stay finds the room shabby and dirty. Imagine what impression will be on the customer about your services.  

Implementation of the hotel front desk software; will help your employees to track the cleanliness and maintenance of the rooms. It also lets the employee arrange the extra preparations according to the guest's request before they arrive.  

The hotel management system helps the team to identify the areas of improvement and if they need renovation. It also helps to schedule the repair works like electric, plumbing, and other maintenance work; for smooth functioning. It assists you to manage and combine housekeeping and timekeeping schedules to ensure an enhanced customer experience. It is the most effective tool to streamline your efforts in the right way.  

  • Reports 

It is a basic necessity of a hotel to have various reports handy for smooth functioning. Hotel management software enables you with the following reports at your fingertips:  

1. Production reports  

The hospitality industry must verify that the online hotel management system is working; according to the best available rate, distribution channels, and occupancy calculations. Availability of the production reports helps you make strategic data-driven decisions based on distribution pricing according to the demand.  

2. Financial reports  

Financial reports help you to understand the position of your business. Hotel revenue management software lets you track the cash flow. It is a perfect tool to produce detailed reports of revenue, expenditure, payable taxes, and profit margins. Implementation of software that tracks your cash flow and taxes will help your business flourish.  

3. Daily task reports  

The hotel industry has to execute various tasks daily to provide a top-notch guest experience. Hotel front desk software lets you track; the arrival and departure of the guest, housekeeping, and maintenance tasks of the employees. It helps you prioritize the task; based on urgency and mark it complete once your team accomplishes it.  

  • Inventory management   

The hospitality industry caters to every minute need of the guest. It will be a challenge for your team to track every need for billing and restocking. Hotel inventory management software tracks the usage of every item or ingredient by the customer. It is the most effective way not to miss out on a single product to restock and enhance the guest experience.  

  •  Property management 

The hospitality industry must manage the property efficiently. The market demand is dynamic and differs with time and trend. For instance, the guest might look for a room with two queens, or king, or a deluxe room. The online hotel management system will understand the needs and sell the same private accommodation in various forms as the customer demands. It is a perfect tool to cater to the market demand.  

  • Guest management and communication  

Guests are at the core of the hospitality industry. Hotel management software helps you to store and track the customer database. It helps you have consistent communication with guests via email or phone, updating them regarding new offers and discounts.  

When you provide a great experience to your guest and have an excellent property. These simple strategies will help you to get repetitive business and referral business too.  

Communication is a crucial factor that determines the quality of your hospitality. Cloud-based hotel management software helps you to communicate with your guest strategically. It helps to send a confirmation mail to the guest once he books the room. It will also send a reminder mail before the arrival date, and once the guest checks out, he will receive a feedback mail.  

You need to ensure that the communication should have a unique professional voice that represents your brand image. The best hotel management software is capable; of giving attention to the smallest things that hamper the guest experience.  

  • Reservations and front desk  

Guest experience starts right from the check-in to the check-out of the customer. That is why it is crucial to have a smooth check-in and check-out to enrich the guest with top-notch hospitality. The hotel management system is an all-inclusive platform that tracks; the arrival, the services used by the guest, and the departure. It helps to have a smooth and quick process of check-in and check-out.  

  • Payment gateway  

Hotel management system software helps; to track the utilities used by the customer and includes them in a bill while checking out. You can accept all digital currencies and cash with the software solution and update the transaction details.  

The online hotel management software sends a softcopy of the invoice to the guest. It also tracks the income and expenditure of the hotel to calculate your profit.  

  • Gift coupons and discounts  

The best hotel management software in India helps you to design an effective loyalty program. Guests can redeem the gift vouchers, loyalty points, and discounts in their final bills. It is the best way to appreciate your valuable guests and their business.  

  • Employee database and management  

Hotel software systems is a single platform that manages the customer and employee database. It makes it easier for your managers to assign tasks to the resources; maintain the availability of employees all the time. It also helps to exchange the duties or contact the employees not on duty in case of urgency.  

The top hotel management software will help you to calculate and process employees' salaries. The employees can access their payslips on the same software itself.  It also helps to track; the employee's performance and quality of their service to make an effective incentive plan.  

  • Retail support  

The best hotel management software integrates retail inventory software to track the housekeeping and food item requirements. This feature makes the demand and supply chain so easy and automated that your team does not have to keep a physical track of it.  

  • Manage restaurants  

The restaurant is an essential and revenue earning part of your hotel business. You need a system that tracks; all the expenditures of a restaurant. If a guest has food, the bill gets added to the room invoice. When you select a hotel management software, make sure that it has this feature for business growth.  

Who Uses the Hotel Management System For Your Business?

Hotel management systems are a core requirement; for any accommodation business owner in the hospitality sector to simplify their operations. The accommodation sector provides shelter temporarily. It helps travelers to find accommodation, and locals take a break from their daily routines.  

The main aim of accommodation business owners is to provide a home away from home to their guests. There are various hotels, motels, lodging services, Airbnb, bread, and breakfast. They can implement a hotel management system to enrich the guest experience and simplify their operations.  

Why do you need the best online Hotel Management System?

Implementation of the best online hotel management system opens new possibilities for your business. Following are the benefits for the hotel business owners:  

  • Centralized operations 

Hotel management software helps your business to centralize the complete operations on a single platform. It tracks every small task in all departments daily. Hotel business owners or managers can track the entire business operations on a real-time basis.  Most of the software vendors let you customize the features according to your business requirements.  

  • Reliable system  

Online hotel management software is a reliable tool to minimize manual errors. The traditional reservation method; might create a hassle or book the same room for two customers in a day. Hotel reservation software will reduce all errors and automatically update the customer with the booking reference and other vital details.  

  • More accessibility 

Online hotel booking software helps your business with more visibility. It will increase the visibility to the right target audience that searches for a room in your location. This software solution tracks your reservations and lets the prospect know the availability; so that they can book a room on the desired date. It helps to penetrate the international market without a charge to the guest with the facilities they require.  

  • Seamless generation of invoices and reports  

Hotel revenue management software records the transactions and invoices. It is a perfect tool to securely record the transactions and generate the reports with a few clicks. It generates error-free invoices and detailed reports with ease.  

  • Easy to use interface  

The vendors develop the app so that your team does not need to be tech-savvy to use the software. You can restrict and grant access to the online hotel management system; to your team members according to their job roles. Multi-user access to the system helps interdepartmental communication smooth and efficiently. The software automates most of the tasks that increase the productivity of your team.  

  • Simplified operations  

The best hotel management software helps you to simplify most of the operations and enhance productivity. It automates tasks like availability of the room, generates reports, invoices, and many other crucial daily tasks.  

Online hotel management software helps your business with automation features that do not require any manual interaction. This software solution assists you in sharing the data across different departments and locations for smooth functioning.  

  • Increased profits  

Best hotel management software in India helps you save on resources and other operational costs to increase your profit. It is a powerful tool to enhance delivery and pricing.  

It tracks and records previous transactions to make data-driven decisions and predictions. Hotel software analyzes your customer data to give personalized deals.  

Online hotel management software helps you with better visibility and availability across all the distribution partners. You can also use this technology to increase the visibility of your rooms and services.  

  • Decreased expenditures  

Implementation of the best hotel management software might have a substantial investment cost. But you will give a higher return on investment with time and increase your profits. It is the best tool to reduce operational errors and the time, money, and energy involved.  

Labor cost is one of the biggest; expenditures in the hospitality sector, but automation of tasks with hotel management systems helps you downsize your team and their time.  It also helps to uncover better distribution channels hence saving the cost on the distribution.  

  • Enrich guest experience  

Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in the hospitality sector than others. To provide a top-notch customer experience, you need to give a smooth guest experience, right from booking to check out. It is the priority of all business leaders to provide the best customer experience to their clients in every aspect.  

The only way to enrich the guest experience is by the implementation of the best hotel software that understands your business needs. This software solution might allow your guest to check in and check out through their phone, which enriches their experience.  

Top hotel management software integrates POS systems in it for efficient billing. It can also allow you to control the temperature and lights.  

  • Be the leader  

This benefit will make you look for a hotel management system on an urgent basis. Cloud-based hotel management software analyzes the competitors and helps you to provide the best rates and discounts in the market. It will ensure that you are making profits irrespective of competitive prices and discounts.  

Implementation of the best hotel management software in India will not only help to enrich the customer experience; but also in creating a loyal customer base. You can also use the saved finances to improve your customer service.

Market trends for hotel management system Software

The past decade has seen a tremendous change in every industry. There will be an enormous transformation in the market of hotel management software in 2021. The use of this technology is rising because of the introduction of cloud-based hotel solutions. Following trends will take over the hotel industry in the coming years:  

  • Artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence has potential use in the hotel industry. AI helps you to set and maintain the best available rates (BAR) to drive maximum traffic. There is substantial use of AI at the front desk to make check-in faster. AI can help your guest order without calling, and the back end accepts the order without manual interaction. You can also use this technology to deliver the order using AI bots. AI will help your housekeeping team; to stick to the schedule and make the rooms ready before the guest's arrival. The hotel management software can integrate AI to understand the wastage of electricity and switch off the appliance if not in use.  

  • Cloud computing  

Cloud hotel software is already trending in the hospitality sector and will trend more shortly. The best benefits of cloud computing are that the interface is easy to use, implementation is quick, and is cost-effective. Cloud-based hotel management software gives your team the flexibility it needs to complete the tasks. It centralizes the entire operations, and the managers can access the system from anywhere. Thus cloud computing will be the new normal in the hotel industry.  

  • Automation 

Automation is the new normal in every industry then why not the hospitality sector. The best hotel management software will help to automate most of the tasks making your team more productive. It helps to reach a new market with the best distribution partners. Hotel managers or owners can get automatic daily operations reports to understand the progress of the business. 

Type of buyer and which Hotel Management software is best fits buyers' needs?

Now let us take a look at different accommodation types that use hotel management software 

  • Bed and breakfasts or travelers hostel  

Bed and breakfast or travelers hostel is also known as B&B is a small business which offers bed and food for people traveling. It is a cost-effective way of accommodation. They can implement a cloud-based hotel management software to simplify their operations and yet be economical; on their budget.  

  • Hotels  

Hotels are one of the most preferred choices of accommodations. Along with stay, they also provide additional services like room service, housekeeping, travel, and food. 

Hotel business owners can use hotel management systems to get the entire operations on a single platform. Hotels might have multiple chains; they can use a cloud hotel management system to centralize the operations.  

  • Resorts 

A resort is also a similar concept to a hotel but with a lot of luxuries and amenities. They will have to implement the best hotel management software because they charge a hefty amount of money to their guests. In return for money, guests will expect the best experience.  

  • Motels  

The motel is a similar concept to a hotel but with fewer services. It is one of the most preferred accommodation types located on the road for motorists to stay overnight. Hotel reservation software will work for your business as it tracks check-in and check-out.  

  • Subletting accommodations  

Subletting accommodation is a stay type where the owners of a house, condo, or a similar property accept bookings when they are not using. They can use hotel booking software to manage the reservations and payments.

Choosing the best Hotel Management software.

The best hotel management software depends on the size and scale of your business. It depends on your business needs, goals, and other aspects you are looking for to help your business. Before you implement the hotel software, we recommend you consider the following points before you make a choice:  

  • Personalization  

Before you start searching for the best hotel management software, you need to do a self-analysis to understand; what your business requirement is. Most of the software vendors will provide features like reservation, CRM, and reports. But you might require more additional features to simplify your hotel operations. For instance, many hotels give extra services like bars, spas, gyms, and conference rooms to enrich the guest experience. If your hotels provide additional services, you will require different booking systems integrated into one platform; for smooth functioning. 

If you implement a one size fits all solution; you will need additional software to manage departments, and it will be a challenge to operate different systems. Personalization of the hotel management system according to your needs will provide your managers an overview of the availability, bookings, and bills of every department. 

  • Interface  

The purpose of implementing a hotel management system is to simplify the task of your employees, not to increase it. When you implement a software solution that has a difficult to use interface. It will increase the challenge of your employees and result in a bad customer experience. That is why it is crucial to choose software with a user-friendly interface.  

  • Deployment  

Deployment plays a crucial part when you choose the best hotel management software in India. Cloud-based software solutions; can be easily deployed on portable electronic devices. Mobile deployment of hotel management software will act as a catalyst to boost your guest experience. Hence we recommend you choose a solution where the deployment is on portable devices. 

  • Integration

 A hotel uses various platforms to increase its visibility and revenue. When in search of the best hotel management software? You need to ensure that it integrates well with online travel agencies and other global distribution systems. Your hotel might have various distribution channels for reservation and booking. You need to make sure; that the software you use takes real-time data from all the distribution channels to avoid errors.  

  • Security 

The hotel industry deals with a lot of private information of guests, their data, and transactions. You need to ensure that your data is secure on the vendor platform. That is why when you look for hotel management software in India, you need to check the security measures they have in place. You need to be extra vigilant when you choose cloud-based software. 

  •  Price  

Price plays a crucial factor for your hotel as well as their guest. When you look for hotel management software, you need to check the pricing of the vendor. The vendor that has high prices doesn't need to give you the best features and services. That is why it is crucial to focus your minute attention; on the features and what the pricing is for them.  

Pricing also matters for your guest, which is why you need to choose the best hotel software. Which gives dynamic prices to our guests and yet makes profits for you. 

  • After-sales  

Irrespective of how user-friendly or deployment type of the software. Your business will be dependent on hotel management software to operate smoothly. Just imagine; that there is downtime or crash of the software; your entire business will go on hold. That is why when you look for a vendor, you need to check how efficient and knowledgeable their customer support is. The best hotel management software vendor in India will have a quick and efficient resolution to your queries.  

Closing line (Conclusion)

The hotel management system is a powerful tool to simplify operations of the hospitality sector. It is an all-inclusive software that handles your reservation, finances, and daily tasks. 

Hotels, motels, beds and breakfasts, Airbnb, and other accommodation providers should implement the best hotel management software to enrich the guest experience.

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

The hotel management software streamlines finances and operations for your hotel. It gives a complete overview of your hotel task and transactions. The best hotel management software will handle your bookings, employees, finances, maintenance, and other vital tasks. The purpose of this software solution is not only to enrich the guest experience but also to reduce the challenges for your employees. 

No, it is not necessary to have the prerequisite knowledge to use the hotel management system. The software vendors try to use the interface as user friendly as possible. The best hotel software vendor in India will provide basic training or a manual for your team members.

The implementation time of the hotel management software differs from vendor to vendor. Most vendors implement the software in 10-14 days. But it might require more time when you have more customization in the software. 

Hotel management systems should have tools that help the front desk, kitchen, housekeeping, and all other departments. According to your business requirement, you should also integrate point of sale software, online travel agencies, and global distribution partners. 

Yes, it is easy to personalize the hotel management software solutions unless you do not have the traditional systems in use.  

Most hotel management software vendors will customize the solution according to your business requirement to accomplish your goals.

Not all hotel software vendors need to allow you to customize the software. Before you implement the software solution, you need to ensure its scalability because not all the software is scalable. As your business will grow, you need software that adapts the growth. Just imagine if the software does not adapt to your expansion. Then you will have to migrate to another software, which can be a challenge.  

Your business is dependent on hotel management software for smooth functioning. You need to check the lag time or downtime of the software. And if the software operates without the internet when your internet is down, and should not hamper your operations.

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