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Sales Force Automation (SFA) Software Buyer's Guide

1. SFA Sales Force Automation Software

2. What is (SFA) Sales Force Automation Software?

3. Common capabilities of (SFA) Sales Force Automation Software Solution

4. What are the benefits of using the SFA software tool?

5. Who Uses the SFA Sales Force Automation System For Your Business?

6. Why do you need the best online SFA Sales Force Automation Management System?

7. Market trends for (SFA) Sales Force Automation Processing Software

8. Type of buyer and which (SFA) Sales Force Automation Software is best fits buyers' needs?

9. Choosing the best (SFA) Sales Force Automation software for vendor

10. Conclusion

SFA Sales Force Automation Software

Operating a business is an ordeal that involves tasks unimaginable for everyone to assess. In order to functionalize the daily operations of businesses, you need the right management system and investment. With innovative software, you can automate processes, invigorating an improved system.   

Having a set of dependable hardware and software systems can be the best ROI for any firm. It can help a firm improve all of its processes, including customer services, sales, retention, technical support, and so on.  

One such example is the SFA (Sales Force Automation) software. It is a software program a firm can implement on its system and increase its sales output. It also helps the firm with proper management of the sales operations. Offering multiple benefits and features, the software is here to impress you in ways more than one.  

What is (SFA) Sales Force Automation Software?

A sale is one of the most important processes of a company. It is the way a firm can generate revenue. Besides, with a considerable turnover and market permeation, the company can upgrade its place and increase its brand value.  

Good sales output, therefore, not only makes a company have better turnover but also have better recognition.  

The process of sales is complex. Increasing the sales output needs taking a lot of things into consideration. Finding the customer database, generating leads of prospects, and converting them into customers are the basic processes of sales.  

Each of these steps needs so much planning and resource management. With the help of the SFA software program, a firm can get all the help for handling its sales process. Here are some ways the SFA software can help a firm. 

  • Streamlining the sales process 
  • Automating the workflow 
  • Managing leads 
  • Forecasting sales 
  • Checking team performance  

In short, the SFA software is a complete solution for the sales process in a company.  

Common capabilities of (SFA) Sales Force Automation Software Solution


Managing the sales data, like the data of prospective customers for big businesses, is not an easy thing. This is because the data is in high volumes; handling individual customer's data is not at all a plausible option for the sales team. The SFA software helps the team to use the data in proper automation that greatly simplifies the sales task. 


Reports and analysis 

In processes like sales, being able to see the reports can be insightful. It can help the team know where they stand in terms of the sales target; this can help the sales representatives to catch up with deficits or over-achieve the sales targets.  

With the ability to check the sales trend for the past few months, the sales team can also analyze the factors causing an increase or decrease in sales. They can also find out whether factors like season affect the sales trend or not.   

This report and analysis can be of great use for the sales team in finding what are the changes they need to make to keep the sales trend steady or stepping up. 


Team collaboration 

‘Sales’ is a process that works with the collaboration of all its team members. There are various sales channels, namely telesales, email sales, online sales, field sales, and so on, that work synergistically. Therefore, with the increased marketing campaigns like digital marketing and traditional marketing, i.e., via brochures and newspaper marketing, the sales output also increases through all the channels and keeping track of all of their needs using the SFA software.  

Some firms have sales bases in several locations. Consolidating the data of all these channels and bases is not a very straightforward option without the help of a sophisticated system like the SFA software. With the consolidation of all these different sales input mediums, you can have a better team collaboration.


Task management 

‘Sales’ is an intricate process; there are a lot of aspects that can affect the process. Trying to contact the prospects, for example, multiple times can lead to futile attempts; therefore, calling after several intervals and at different times can increase the likelihood of getting contacts, which can proportionally increase the sales conversion as well.  

This is because different prospective customers have different working hours and work-off schedules. The SFA software can help you streamline the process; you can shuffle the data with the help of the software and call the customers at different times and intervals.  


CRM integration 

One of the greatest features that make the sales force automation software truly beneficial is integrating with the CRM, which is a software that contains data of former, existing, and potential customers. The integration of the CRM system can help the sales teams across different sites include the history of interactions of all the customers through various channels like emails, telephone calls, online inquiries, and so on.  

This feature can help the team understand the customers’ preferences, the latest sign of their interest in the product and service, their preferred medium of communication, and so forth. 


Integration with other software 

The SFA software is one way of handling a sales management system. There are several other software programs that you need to use along with it. One of them, as discussed above, is CRM.  

Another software program you need for carrying out sales is cloud telephony. It helps you make calls, tag them. Some firms use diallers that keep dialing calls and routing them to the telesales reps depending on their availability.   

The SFA solution integrates with the cloud telephony software. The data upload is done by the SFA, and the calling bit is done by the cloud telephony dialler.  


Lead management 

Getting customer contacts is the first step in the sales process. Often, most customers do not get closed on the first call. The sales representatives, therefore, have to arrange call-backs and follow-ups. At times, they have to send other communications, namely emails or so. 

Some customers have a strict call-back window, and missing it for making the follow-up can be a loss of lead for the sales team. Managing the lead can be a tricky business for most sales teams because it requires following up at the right time, inputting the right information, and a lot more.  

The SFA tool has integrated features that allow the sales representatives to manage leads due to their single point of contact; the representatives can type the interaction, select the right indicators, keep an automatic follow-up within time, and so forth.  


Order and invoice management 

Getting the right number of contacts, generating leads, and converting the customers is not where ‘sales’ is limited. After converting the customers, i.e., getting sales, it is important to keep track of the sales data.  

Not adhering to the product delivery time, product specification, color, and so can soon turn out to be a flawed sales attempt. It is needless to say that such a customer can be lost forever. Managing the order, sending the invoice, ensuring that the customer gets the order on time, and so are some processes that follow the completion of sales. 

The SFA software can help the concerned departments keep track of all these aspects and fulfill them on time. Therefore, apart from making sales, the SFA system is also useful in order and invoice management. 


Compilation and cascading of the data 

The data is the most vital resource for the sales team of any company. Losing it can be a big loss to the firm in terms of its resources that help it with revenue generation.  

The SFA software is a digital solution that stores data and retrieves it from hardware storage systems and servers. It, therefore, makes the data secured. Another great feature of the SFA system is that it compiles the data in a systematic order. Should you choose a different SFA service provider, the transition won’t be a problem.  


Tracking the data 

The sales process depends a lot on things like call history and sales progress. Although getting sales is the ultimate goal, managing the leads can help you with the goal. However, being able to track the data as to how many calls have got contacts, how many have got converted into follow-ups and sales is possible with the help of SFA.  

The SFA system has features where you can sort such data and keep track of the progress. The sales team can also find out whether the data is worth dialing or not; if not, then it can change the data.  


Channelization of the sales processes 

As stated above, ‘sales’ is a multi-channel process. Choosing the right channels, i.e., the telesales, automated voice calls, and so, and also whether the firm needs to outsource its sales aspect, etc., need using an effective system.  

The sales force automation solutions make channelization of the sales processes very easy. Data of customers with no contact numbers and email IDs can be compiled and channeled for email marketing. Similarly, older data can be allocated to the external sales team and a lot more.  



Software and any other digital solutions like websites are effective in meeting the demands of the firms; they can be even more effective if they meet all of their requirements. The sales force automation system is highly customizable; a firm can get even more sales output and better ability to interact with the help of customized SFA software. 

What are the benefits of using the SFA software tool?

Using the sales force automation software in India is one of the best ways of increasing the sales output and, thus, the revenue from the process. It is the need of the time because the solution has proven its worth and effectiveness. It can have the following benefits.  


It increases sales revenue drastically 

There is no dearth of potential customers' data; however, getting the right sales output is a challenging process. This is because only a small fraction of potential customers are interested in the product or service.  

With the traditional method of locating each potential customer manually and following up with the lead, getting the right amount of sales output is not a viable option for dialing a large number of customers.  

The SFA software program offers you the ability to manage leads. The inbuilt features allow you to cascade the data by adding filters like customers with good income or credit rating. This allows your sales team to sort the data well by working only on valuable data. 


 It saves time 

Sales, in particular, are the department with severe time constraints. It is a well-known fact that the more time the sales team saves, the more its efficiency increases. Automation of sales means cutting down on unwanted aspects, which can help you save time.  

The integration of CRM, sales pitch, and terms and conditions page can help the sales representative save time by using a single window and not switching between different windows and tabs. This process increases sales efficiency. The lead management system process, too, allows saving time and increasing the efficiency of the sales team.  


It helps you improve your sales trends and reduce costs 

Sales generate revenue for a firm; increasing sales is the only way of increasing revenue. However, if the data is old and unproductive, then maintaining a sales team without getting the right financial outcome is a futile activity.  

Sustaining a team means paying for the individual employee's salary. Besides, maintaining computer systems and paying for utilities like electricity, internet services, and so can cause financial losses to the business. 

The SFA software tool allows the sales department to check the data of the past few months or years, find what the reason for the decline of sales could be, and a lot more. This can allow the department to know whether it is worth continuing the way things are working and finding ways of improving the process.  


It helps using other means of the sales process 

The process of sales depends on other processes, like customer services. Due to the multichannel nature of the process, having multiple mediums for the process, namely outbound sales, inbound sales, email marketing, field sales, and selling via the website, help you make sales truly productive.  

With the ability to sort the data, integration with the CRM, lead management, task, and workflow management, you can make team collaboration plausible. Using SFA software facilitates other sales channels and several sales sites.  


Who Uses the SFA Sales Force Automation System For Your Business?

Handling the SFA system is done in the sales department of the firm. The software has to be installed on the central computer from where the authorized personnel can access its admin rights.  

Through the connected computers, the users can access the connected systems, namely the CRM or cloud telephony; this allows individual sales representatives to make outbound calls or receive incoming calls.  

If the company or the sales department uses virtual systems, then installing the software on the main system can help the firm get done with the installation process.  

In either case, the main computer works as the control panel of the software, and it also connects to the server for backing up the data and retrieving it. 

The sales team head, namely the team leader, can do some administrative work from his or her computer like changing the data, uploading the new one, and filtering it. If the company has an external sales team, then they have to do the system setup.  

Why do you need the best online SFA Sales Force Automation Management System?

The Sales Force Automation software programs are of several types offered by many vendors. They all differ in terms of their features, options, prices, and so on.  

For a small firm with a small sales department, i.e., with fewer working heads, going for a less expensive and, therefore, least featured SFA system may seem like a good option. However, it may turn out to be a mistake. Here are some reasons why you should go for the best sales force automation software in India. 


Get the most efficiency for sales 

Brands that have a strong reputation in the market need not worry about getting the right sales output. Such valuable brands have a strong base of already convinced customers. Using a lousy SFA may not seem like a good option; although the sales team can anyway generate a good amount of sales revenue, it can lack sales efficiency.  

Therefore, even though the brand is highly credible, choosing the right SFA solution is essential for it. On the other hand, brands that do not have a good base of potential customers, due to the lack of brand value and credibility, rely heavily on their marketing and sales processes for their revenue. Therefore, due to the lack of revenue from proactive customers, outbound sales are the only thing firms rely on.  

In this situation, too, getting the highest sales efficiency is the thing no firm can miss. Hence, choosing the best sales force automation software is the right move to make. 


SFA software installation is a one-time investment 

The installation of the SFA system is an investment a company can make to increase its sales revenue. With the installation of the system, the firm can continue reaping benefits for a long time.  

Therefore, going for an inexpensive and less featured SFA sales force automation option can be a wrong choice as it may make the firm go for another investment in the future, thus adding to the spending. 

Getting a multi-featured sales force automation program can be the most prudent investment as a one-time option; it will also help you get the right sales revenue and efficiency right from the start. Thus, it will help your company get proportionally high sales output too.  


Going for an integrative SFA system can make ways for other software solutions 

One thing worth considering is that a comprehensive SFA solution can be the right way of future-proofing sales and other business aspects. 

For example, not having an automatic dialler on cloud telephony may seem like a viable option for the time being; however, you may have to employ more sales representatives with the increased sales response. Dialing via the non-automated system can be time-consuming and hectic.  

Besides, the non-automated method of dialing, i.e., manual dialing, has severely limited revenue and efficiency outputs. Thus, going for SFA software that is natively compatible or ready to support other essential software programs can make a way to an overall reliable sales system. 


You get optimum management of all the sales aspects 

‘Sales’ is an intricate process; it requires handling all its aspects optimally to improve its revenue-generation capabilities. Things like automatic follow-ups, call-back schedules, the ability to note interactions, and so are the core methods of increasing sales. 

Things like proper responsiveness of the software contribute a lot to its efficiency and capability. Going for a feature-loaded SFA software solution can be the best way to manage all the sales aspects.  

Market trends for (SFA) Sales Force Automation Processing Software

Technology is one of the most promising, and every technological trend, particularly in the digital platform, has positive outcomes in a range of business processes, including sales.  

The SFA software solution is one such technological integration that has proven its effectiveness to many companies. Nowadays, most firms, be small-scale, medium-scale, and large-scale, depend a lot on outbound sales for their revenue. Therefore, they do not only advertise and market their products but also have outbound sales campaigns.  

With the help of the SFA system, the firms can increase their sales revenue manifold. It works for companies with high brand credibility and those with no recognition in the market.  

Many small firms have seen better sales trends and have got good brand value and market recognition with the help of the sales process enhanced by the SFA system. 

Besides, SFA is also optimum for other processes that are related to sales, namely marketing. The sorted data can be put up for outbound sales campaigns and email marketing at the same time, which increases the likelihood of getting customer contacts and, proportionally, the revenue.  

In 2016, the global SFA software market was at $3872 million. It is estimated at a CAGR of 10.6% by 2023, i.e., to $7773 million.  

Strong marketing tactics and optimum use of the SFA system can help any type of brand from any industry reach the heights it has always dreamt of soaring. 

Type of buyer and which (SFA) Sales Force Automation Software is best fits buyers' needs?

The SFA software solution is useful for sales processes for every type of firm regardless of the industry it belongs to or the product or service it sells. After all, ‘sales’ is an integral part of every firms’ business processes. Every firm relies on the following types of sales. 

  • Inbound sales: In the inbound sales process, the prospective customers call the firm's inbound contact center either querying about the product or service or to buy it.  
  • Outbound sales: In this type of sales process, the sales team from a firm make calls to prospective customers and offer their products and services. In the outbound sales process, generating revenue from customers is challenging as not all customers are easily convinced.  

‘Inbound sales’ is a process that is optimum for a firm that has good brand recognition, product value, or after a good marketing campaign. Outbound sales can be an additional way of generating revenue for an already well-established firm; it can also help a firm that has not yet been able to set a strong foothold in the market. Here are some types of businesses that can use the SFA software and get good sales outcomes. 


Solo proprietors  

The term company is more of a broad sense meaning any kind of firm. Sole proprietorship firms are the most basic types; a single owner owns it. Such types of businesses have limited resources like finance. Managing the resources well can be a little challenging for them.  

Many small firms have outstanding or unique products. With effective marketing and strong outbound sales campaigns, they can make the products available to a more extensive set of people and proportionally increase the sales turnover.  

With these two methods, the brand and its products can get better recognition as well, which can be helpful in the long run.  



When discussing firms that have just entered the market and seek a good business response, the sole proprietorship is not the only type; the small and midsize businesses also usually struggle with a good sales turnover and brand recognition.  

With the help of open-source sales force automation software, such small and medium-scale firms can have better market penetration right from the start. The sales process enhanced by the SFA system along with a strong marketing campaign can help such firms get good brand value along with sales revenue.  



Large enterprises usually have a strong market grip; however, competition is the biggest challenge they have to face. It is something challenging to overcome. Using marketing tactics is often the only way of increasing the brand's value in the market.  

Marketing has limitations like the inability to get the right business response and can still prove ineffective in generating sales turnover. Increasing direct sales is, therefore, often the most likely solution. Strong sales drive increases sales penetration and get unprecedented business output.  

Choosing the best (SFA) Sales Force Automation software for vendor

Digital solutions, including software, have a wide range of multiplicity. There are several types of software. The FMCG sales force automation software is no exception. 

As pointed above, there are several types of sales force automation software for FMCG available in the market. They differ in terms of their utilities and features. Therefore, they also differ in the price ranges. Here are some factors you can consider while choosing computer and mobile sales force automation solutions. 


Consider the needs for using the SFA solution 

The most obvious need for using the SFA solution is to increase the sales turnover. However, SFA not only offers better sales output but also loads of other features that add a lot of dimensions to sales.  

Some SFA solutions offer some of the most outstanding features that make them distinctive. Things like online sales and Field Force Automation Software are worth considering while choosing an SFA solution.  

Even if you do not have an automatic dialer, for now, going for an SFA solution that has inbuilt support for it can be a way of future-proofing the sales process.  

Some SFA programs only offer basic methods of generating reports. For a strong and functioning sales team, going for an SFA and Sales Analytics CRM Software program can allow you to generate detailed reports, stats, and analyses. You can not only generate the report, therefore but also get data in pie charts, graphs, and so on.  


Go for a customized solution 

You are very likely to find an SFA software solution that will have all the features to meet your business’s sales needs. Many SFA software solutions also come along with CRM Software and Affiliate Management Software.  

However, if there is something specific you are looking for, like a particular feature, then one of the ways of ensuring that the SFA software solution stands true to your expectations is by going for a customized solution.  

Customization can, therefore, be only as minimal as superficial changes like a specific design pattern, layout, font choice, and so on. However, it can be as major as opting for more features.  


Ask for timely updates 

Software is made with complex engineering; it needs to use a complicated set of programs and codes for its making. Often, optimization of the software is something most software developers and programmers cannot attend perfection at.  

Things like these arise in case the software hasn't been tested enough on enough systems.  

Moreover, software tends to develop bugs that affect its functionality. Restoring it to the original factory settings can take a long time and also may not work. Running updates in the forms of patches, firmware updates, driver updates, and framework updates can ensure the SFA tool's smooth functioning. We strongly advise you to ask for timely software update rollouts.  


Ask for support 

Software, be it of any kind, is known to crash and develop problems. Things like the update with the operating system, unexpected failures, hardware crashes, bad sectors in the hard disk drive, sudden electricity failure, and so forth can cause the SFA program to crash down. It is needless to say that such an issue can affect sales for a long time. 

Such instances need timely support from the software vendor to ensure that the SFA software solution is well-supported and running in time. We strongly advise you to ask for timely and responsive support from the software service provider.  


Look at your existing infrastructure 

Installing the multichannel and Field Sales Software on your computer system needs a robust computer system with strong network support. Things like the lack of adequately required hardware can be a big problem, and it can make the system lag and not give you the desired responsiveness while using the software.   

On a larger level, it is also essential to consider the available number of computers, their peripherals and so on in the sales department.  

If you have an IT infrastructure with bare minimum system requirements, it is sure to run the software; however, going for a little upgrade can also help you with better system efficiency.  

Going for a well-sized computer monitor can help each sales representative with better work efficiency. Having good inbuilt graphics can also make the fonts adequately eligible for easy reading; this increases the work efficiency and eventually the sales turnover.  


The Sales Force Automation software is a solution that can help every type of firm increase its sales revenue. Due to the digital nature of the multichannel and Field Service Management Software, a firm can also streamline all of its sales aspects, enhancing sales efficiency.  

With FMCG Software implementation, every firm can increase outbound sales productivity and add dimensions to their sales process. Besides, the software solution also integrates other tools that allow you to manage other sales aspects, namely report generation, checking stats, making notes, maintaining a follow-up with the customers, and so on. 

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

Sales are a complex process; data of potential customers are scarce. Not having a sophisticated system of streamlining sales cannot get the best sales output. With the SFA software solution's help, a sales team can get better revenue from sales and with unmatched efficiency.  

Implementing the SFA software is something every firm is doing. It can streamline the inbound sales process by enabling the sales team to use simple features like making notes and scheduling follow-ups. It can also help the firm set up an outbound sales team for increasing sales manifold.  

Implementing the SFA system is one of the best ways of increasing revenue through sales. One of the features that make choosing the SFA software solution is its simplicity in use. All it needs is a little hands-on experience using the software for a few days.  

Using it for the first time, irrespective of whether it is for administering or sales purposes, one can get the hang of it just within two to three days.  

The process is relatively simple. You have to consult the right vendor. They will send a field representative to your site to check the minimum system requirement and your existing IT setup.  

He or she will suggest an upgrade if needed. Once all the IT requirements are met, the vendor will perform an installation of the SFA software on the systems. 

Some of the best Sales Force Automation systems are fully integrated with other software solutions like CRM, Affiliate Management system, and so. However, some SFA software programs do not have some features that you may need.  

Other things you can consider while opting for a comprehensive sales solution is cloud telephony and integrated dialler. Some SFA software tools also do not have some basic features like a call-back scheduler or so.  

Sales Force Automation is a software solution that vouches to take care of a lot of sales needs. It is intrinsically highly optimized for most of your sales needs. Another great feature of the software solution is that most of the vendors offer highly customizable SFA tools.  

The vendor does the process of customization, and it is a one-time process; you can get the software customized before its implementation. Nevertheless, you can change the layout and design even after installing the software on your computer systems.  

The Sales Force Automation (SFA) management software program is one of the best solutions for your inbound, outbound, and in-house and outsourced sales processes. It is regarded as indispensable for firms that have high sales requirements.  

It is a system-demanding software solution. You need to have a dependable set of hardware and network systems. Besides power outage, the internet disconnection, software bugs caused due to the lack of timely updates or un-optimized updates, and lack of adequate IT support strength both internal as well as from the vendor's ends can pose a few problems.

The issues might wreak havoc on the system, rendering the SFA software unproductive for the time being. We strongly advise you to take care of all these issues to ensure the proper working of the whole system.

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