Benefits of Integration of CRM With Cloud Telephony

Benefits of Integration of CRM With Cloud Telephony

CRM software with inbuilt cloud telephony will help your business to save time, energy, and finances. Integration of CRM system with cloud telephony services will enhance your efficiency and coordination. 

Any business needs to connect with customers at all levels. But it can be a challenge for your employees to switch between the telephone and the customer relationship management software (CRM), which you use.   

CRM with an inbuilt cloud phone system will help to connect with your customer base through CRM. It simplifies tasks for your team by merging two systems and saves the hassle of juggling between the systems.  

In this article, we will dive deep into What is CRM with inbuilt cloud telephone? And its benefits.    

What is a CRM with Inbuilt Cloud Telephony?   

The best CRM software solutions are a powerful tool to improve your customer experience. A CRM with inbuilt cloud telephony lets you call and manage customer information in a single interface. It is the most effective way to retain customers and improves your productivity.   

Features of CRM with Inbuilt Cloud Telephony:   

Any business must implement the best CRM software with cloud telephony to improve every aspect of your business. Following are the key features that will help your business to be prominent.    

Welcome greetings:

An interactive voice response system (IVR) plays a prerecorded welcome greeting for your customer. You can personalize the greeting to make your customer feel valued.    

Additionally, the IVR message should include your business hours to inform your customers about the availability of the team.    

Call recording and forwarding:   

The interactive voice response system will identify the reason; for the incoming call and forward it to the right department. Furthermore, if the customer has more queries, the team can internally transfer the call to the relevant department.   

The core feature of cloud telephony services is to record the calls for quality and training purposes. The recording of calls will avoid legal implications and make your team more aware.     

Self-help IVR:   

Self-help IVR will be like a virtual assistant to the customer queries. It is an efficient way to reduce the burden on your teams and make your business sound professional.    

Capture leads:   

It is easy to capture leads from various sources save them in a CRM system. It also distributes leads across your team for nurturing to convert a prospect to a customer.   

Effective business communication:   

It helps to schedule and set a task to connect with the customer at a convenient time.    

Conference call analysis:   

Get detailed insights about your business communications. It helps to note all the previous conversations to communicate effectively and increase your revenue.   

Automation of workflow:   

Top CRM software helps you to automate most of the manual tasks. It is beneficial to build a workflow that assists your presales, sales, and after-sales teams.      

Simultaneous inbound and outbound calls:   

Cloud telephony services that let your team call outbound and receive calls simultaneously as per business requirements will help to improve efficiency. It will connect your team with maximum customers and forward the call to the right department as per the customer’s request.  


CRM solutions let your team make a note of every conversation with the customer. It helps to pick up the from the last interaction on the previous calls. This feature ensures a better and quick customer resolution. 

Outbound dials:   

With the best CRM software in India, your team need not dial all the numbers manually. 
This feature is beneficial to enhance productivity and launch effective campaigns to increase revenue.  

Benefits of Integration of CRM With Cloud Telephony:

The implementation of CRM with cloud telephony can open new possibilities for your business, following are some benefits: 

5 Benefits of implementation of CRM With Inbuilt Cloud Telephony

Allocate virtual numbers:   

Virtual numbers make it easier for customers to contact you. The most effective source to capture leads is to have a toll-free number. You can divert the calls on this number to the sales team to identify the potential customers through an in-built interactive voice response system. This feature will be a catalyst to boost your revenue.    

Create and maintain the brand image:   

CRM solutions with inbuilt cloud telephony will help you stay consistent by tracking all the customer interactions. It is also beneficial to create and maintain your brand image and acquire friends and family business.     

Single interface:   

Your team does not have to toggle between CRM and cloud phone system. They can access the complete customer details and the call in a single interface.   

Reduces lead leakage:   

The best CRM software will let your team assign tasks and automatically send reminders for follow-up. If your team takes consistent follow-ups, there are very few chances of losing the lead.    

Cloud telephony services will have lesser response time and take consistent follow-up with customers for higher conversion.   

Personalized customer experience:   

Customer is at the core of any successful business. You can customize the voicemail and welcome messages to enrich their customer experience. CRM software in India needs to explore this uncharted market. 

Wrapping It Up:   

CRM with inbuilt cloud telephony will help your business to speed up its operations. It is easy-to-use and flexible that helps the presales, sales, and aftersales team.

The integration of CRM software with cloud telephony services will help organizations of any size; to collect and process data on a single platform.  

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