What are the Benefits of E-Prescribing in the Healthcare Industry?

Benefits of E-Prescribing in the Healthcare Industry

E-prescriptions are an efficient tool to share the prescription with the patients and pharmacies digitally for record and easy access. An online hospital management system helps track and record; the treatment and prescription, for a larger medical database. 

There is a higher risk of inefficiency and committing mistakes with handwritten prescriptions. These inefficiencies and errors can have costly penalties and even be hazardous to the patient's health. Hospital software that allows medical staff to digitally prescribe will help to reduce the inefficiencies and mistakes to amplify patient experience

E-prescriptions are an efficient tool to share the prescription with the patients and pharmacies digitally for record and easy access. An online hospital management system helps track and record; the treatment and prescription, for a larger medical database. 

Healthcare professionals globally are implementing these systems to enhance the reliability and security of prescriptions. 

What are the Advantages of Digital Prescriptions?

Advantages of Digital Prescriptions

Minimize Pharmaceutical Errors:

No pun intended, but we all know that most of our hardworking doctor’s handwriting can be only understood by pharmacists. In comparison to handwritten prescriptions, digital ones are more precise and clear about the treatment and the dosage. A clear and precise prescription will require less time to interpret. This solution will minimize prescription errors substantially. 

Hospital management software that prescribes medicines digitally; will give the patients concise information about instructions on how to take the medicines. Taking a medicine dose incorrectly at the wrong time might hamper the patient’s health.  

Immediate Clinical Alert:

In many emergency room cases, the cause of the visit to the emergency room is due to adverse drug events (ADEs). The core reason for ADEs is the allergies due to drugs, interaction with the treatment, high dosage, and overuse of a specific medicine. Electronic health records (EHR) will give the medical staff an overview of the patient's present and past medical history.

The best hospital management software will immediately notify the medical professionals about the possible prescription interactions with other treatments. The notification will prevent doctors from prescribing medicines that the patient might have allergies to.

The advanced hospital management systems will alert the medical professionals about duplicate treatment therapies. It is an effective tool to avoid over-prescription for the same medical ailment. 

Notification for Refilling the Prescription:

Software for hospital management with digital prescriptions will help the doctors and patients to understand the due date to refill the medicines. This tool assists the medical staff; to identify which patients adhere to their treatment schedule and who do not. 
The system will send a notification; to the patients who have lower adherence to the treatment schedule and remind them to adhere to it. This process will ensure that the patient is treated and does not have to get readmitted. 

Enhanced Prescription Efficiency:

It will be a tedious and time-consuming task for the medical staff to write and interpret the prescriptions. Digital prescriptions will reduce the burden on the medical staff and notify them when the stocks are depleting.

Online hospital management systems are an efficient tool that helps patients who have lost access to their medication and need it on an emergency basis. For instance, if a patient is away from his house traveling and forgets his medicines at their residence, he can access the e-prescription from anywhere and stay medicated. 

Minimize Readmissions:

Already the medical staff has an overload of patients to cure, and readmission can increase the burden. Readmissions can happen due to drug interactions or lower adherence to the treatment, or probably the medicines provided were ineffective.

The hospital management software will help the medical staff track the previous treatment method, adherence, and interactions. Healthcare professionals that prescribe digitally will be able to reduce patient wait time and readmissions substantially. Prevention of readmission will help to save time, energy, and money for both patients and doctors.  

Save Money:

As discussed earlier, e-prescriptions help to reduce readmissions, prescription errors and have a higher treatment adherence. All of these benefits of the adoption of e-prescriptions will help to save a large amount of money. 

Monitor the Use of Controlled Prescriptions:

Various medicines in the market need a prescription to buy to avoid substance abuse. The healthcare industry can track the number of medications brought by the patients and keep them in control. The online hospital management software with digital prescriptions will help track the sale of controlled substances in all the pharmacies. 

E-prescriptions Please:

Digital prescriptions will help to reduce the errors in dosage and treatment. Hospital software with e-prescriptions will help have an overview of patient’s present and past ailments; also the drug interactions and treatment adherence. Digital prescriptions are even more clear and precise for the pharmacy representative to interpret. This technology will help to minimize errors and improve patient care.

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