Best Sales Tips to Boost Your Productivity and Drive Revenue

Best Sales tips to Boost Your Productivity

Check out the best sales tips to help your sales team overcome sales productivity challenges, become more effective at selling, and boost revenue acquisition.

It is an essential responsibility of a salesperson to have a personal connection with the customer. The recent Covid-19 pandemic that surged the world has changed the paradigm of every business. The salespeople today have to close deals over call and other channels. The best CRM software will help to integrate all the communication channels on one platform.    

The sales team now has adapted to the new normal and is closing sales. The sales team these days rely on the cloud-based CRM system to minimize the gap between them and the customers. It helps the sales team to build a stronger relationship with their customers. So check out the top 9 sales tips to boost your revenue as follows.   

1. Hire the best sales team: 

Organizations need to have a stringent process to select their sales representatives. Companies need to have an efficient recruitment and onboarding process to increase sales productivity. Hiring the best sales team will help to have a higher revenue for your business.

There are various ways to evaluate the capabilities of the sales team. For instance, organizations can share a document about their products and company culture with the candidates. It will help the candidates to have a clear understanding of what they are getting into.

The HR software will help to recruit the best sales team as per your requirement. Business leaders can integrate HR and CRM software to simplify and unify the process.   

2. Implement the best sales tools: 

The sales team has only one goal to achieve which is to make revenue. All business owners need to equip the best sales tools to help their team. The sales team with the right tools will make three times more business than the others.

Customer relationship management software is a perfect tool to simplify and automate the sales process of any organization. As a result, it will help to make the sales team more productive and efficient in all aspects. Following are the right tools that will help every business to grow:  

  • Customer relationship management system.  
  • Client prospecting tools.  
  • Communication tools.  
  • Field tracking software.  
  • AI-based tools. 

3. Set ambitious sales goals: 

Every business will have a different sales goal depending on its products and services. It is essential for business leaders to set ambitious goals and motivate the sales team to achieve them. Every business will have a set of limited resources which they need to use efficiently.

They need to allocate these resources strategically to make the most of them. The cloud-based CRM system will help to set goals, track performance, and remind the team of the deadlines. The CRM software will have an aesthetic dashboard that will give your sales team an overview of their performance. We have a comprehensive list of top 10 CRM tools in India for you to explore, evaluate and choose.

Organizations need to have short-term and long-term goals for their sales team. Following are a few ways to set up business goals:  

  • Clearly defined goals:  
    Business leaders need to understand the aspect that needs immediate attention and set goals accordingly. The goals set should be addressing micro and macro issues as well.  These goals should be made keeping everyone in the loop and set clear expectations. For instance, increasing the basket value of each customer can be a goal in 2021.  

  • Measurable goals:  
    The growth parameters of the goal should be measurable to understand the progress. Business leaders can measure the increase in the basket value by calculating the difference.
  • Deadlines:  
    The leaders can set a deadline by when they need to achieve that particular goal. The deadline for increasing the basket value can be the end of 2021.
  • Ambitious goals:  
    The leaders need to set ambitious goals and motivate the teams to achieve them. 
  • Individual goals:  
    The organization will have a combined goal for the entire business. The business leaders can set individual goals for each sales rep to calculate their progress.   


4. Integrate automation in the sales process: 

The sales team already is overwhelmed with a lot of tasks to complete. Additionally, adding the burden of repetitive tasks on them will hamper their productivity. The lesser the productivity of your sales team the lesser will be the revenue generated. Automation is a robust technology that will help to automate tedious and menial tasks.

As a result, your sales team can focus on more valuable tasks like customer interaction and closing deals. Automated emails and texts will help to reduce the burden on the sales team. Chatbots with AI will help to interact with the customers automatically and answers their queries. The top CRM software in India will have automation integrated into the system to make sales life a little easy.

 automates your sales process using CRM

5. Let your sales team do a competitor analysis: 

Competitor analysis is the most crucial aspect which helps your sales team tremendously. Because your business and your competitor will have the same products and services with a little variation. Competitor analysis will help your sales team to understand the pricing, sales strategies, quality, pros, and cons of the competitor.

As a result, your sales team will be ready to answer all the rebuttals of their customers effectively. Competitor analysis will help the sales team to understand the difference between their and competitors' products. A sales rep with a thorough understanding of the competitors' products will sell more than others.   


6. Set an efficient lead qualification process: 

The performance of the sales team depends on the quality of the leads provided. Hence, businesses need to have an efficient lead qualification process to identify high-quality leads. This does not mean that all other leads will go to scrap.

Business leaders can distinguish the leads based on their quality and distribute them according to the sales rep's capability. For instance, high-quality leads can go to the top performers to have a higher conversion rate. They can pass the low-quality leads to the new sales rep or bottom performers to filter the lead.   


7. Set KPIs and monitor the progress: 

The business leaders need to decide on key performance indicators for their sales team. They also need to set a clear expectation with each sales rep to have transparency in the process. These KPIs will help to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team.

If you measure your progress constantly it will help to achieve the goals quickly. The best CRM software solutions will help to set efficient KPIs and track their performance in real-time. Furthermore, the following are a few KPIs that businesses need to keep in mind:   

  • Conversion ratio (Lead to sales):  
    Businesses need to know how many leads they gather and how many are their customers? It will help the business leaders to understand the loopholes and challenges in their process. It is fact that not all your leads will be your customers but you can set the right process to increase the conversion rate.   
  • Customer lifetime value:  
    Customer lifetime value helps you to understand how much does a customer spends on your brand. It helps you to understand the purchasing power of the customer and the retention rate. The higher the CLV and retention rate the higher will be the revenue.  


8. Rewards and recognition: 

Rewards and recognition are the biggest motivators for any sales rep. Any organization must recognize the top performer and reward them to appreciate their efforts. It helps to motivate the bottom performers to put in more effort.

Rewards and recognitions are over and above the salary so the resources put extra effort to get rewarded for their efforts. Organizations can reward their employees with paid vacations, dinners, gifts, and incentives to appreciate their efforts. The CRM software in India will help to track the performance and recognize the top performers.   


9. Consistently train and develop your sales team:  

It is crucial to have consistent brush-up sessions with your sales team to keep them updated. Consistent training and development will ensure that your team is aware of the product and services updates.

It will also help to understand the challenges faced by the sales team in real-time. The leaders can come up with a strategic plan to overcome these challenges to make more revenue.



The sales team is the backbone of any organization irrespective of its type or size. Hence, it is crucial for business leaders to have the best sales team, which is productive and makes more revenue.

There are various strategies and tools in the market that increase the productivity and profit of your organization. 

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