Best Game Apps to Activate Your Brain and Enhance Problem-Solving Skills

Game Apps to Activate Your Brain

Here are some of the best apps curated for you to enhance your problem-solving skills, improve your focus, concentration, and more.

The App Store and Play store is brimming with several apps that can help you enhance your problem-solving skills and chisel your existing skills. But to find out the best one for you is no piece of cake.

So here are some of the best apps curated for you to enhance your problem-solving skills, improve your focus, concentration, and more. So check out these apps and feed your brain with some good thoughts.

Word Connect

One of the most versatile, fun, curious, and knowledgeable games that will activate your brain and enhance your problem-solving skills is the WordWord connect game. The game is full of fun and certain twists. With the successful completion of every level, you will encounter another difficult level, making the game further attractive.

For people who like playing crossword puzzles and want o to learn every day, Word connect is a treat for you. Moreover, the game is so addictive that you will spend hours playing the game and wouldn't even notice how much time has passed.

In this game, one has to connect the words in front of them and form meaningful words. For every successful level completion, you will be awarded 30 coins. On the other hand, if you feel stuck somewhere, you can use the hint menu, which will cost you 50 coins. It is a fun way to sharpen your skills and enhance your vocabulary.


Chess is one such board game that improves your brain power and concentration. The game helps you to make informed decisions and to strategize appropriately. The game requires critical thinking and strategic moves; it helps develop the prefrontal cortex.

This allows adolescents and adults to make better choices in all fields of life. In addition, playing Chess will help you refrain from making a wrong decision and making hasty decisions that might later prove critical for you.

You can play Chess offline or download chess game and play online with your friends and even people on the Internet. Moreover, many platforms organize championships to participate and win prizes and cash rewards.

Speed Chess

If you consider yourself a Chess wizard, then Speed Chess is the game for you. Chess is another exciting game, and to spice things a bit, Speed Chess allows less time (around 60 seconds) to the players on both sides. This game forces you to make quick decisions and calculate risks in minimum time.

Moreover, this is an exciting way to activate your brain and enhance your cognitive abilities. The game also makes you a pro strategist and helps you formulate your plans and pick your tactics wisely.

The game activates your brain cells and helps you to make fast decisions. Speed chess will help you always be on time and strategize your moves accordingly.


Math Clash

Math has always been a dreaded subject of every student. To make arithmetic problems more interesting for you, Math Clash is the best game that one should play. A fun and addictive game that involves adding numbers to pass every level.

The game can be pretty intense and challenging after completing the game's initial levels. However, the game is easy to play and has a visually appealing user interface that allows smoother gameplay.

Bingo Clash

Solitaire and Vimeo are classic games that allow a person to have maximum fun and pass the time while learning new skills and sharpening their existing skills. Bingo Clash makes things further interesting for you and takes the fun to the next level.

Bingo Clash is an amusing game through which you can make real money too. This game allows you to chisel your skills and get rewarded for the same too. Bountiful rewards can give you an additional rush of enjoyment for a person who loves playing games and killing time.

Bingo Clash is available on both Android and iOS devices for free. Moreover, the ticket games in Bingo Clash let you turn your points to actual cash and vice versa. You can participate in different tournaments and compete against other players to stay on the top of the leaderboard and emerge as the ultimate champion.


Have you ever wondered why are people addicted to 2048? 2048 is a single-player addictive sliding tile puzzle game that requires exclusive techniques to solve the tricky puzzle. The game usually seems to be a series of doubling numbers, but it gives you a major adrenaline rush.

Like Sudoku and other crossword puzzles, 2048 is a fun-filled game that acts as a treasure of dopamine. Moreover, dopamine is an eminent neurotransmitter that boosts pleasure and perseverance. Apart from being a fun game, this also acts as a stress buster and positive addiction. The game also chisels your arithmetic and algebraic skills and makes you a pro at mathematical calculations and crossword puzzles.

The game's objective is to slide the tiles and match the numbers. When two tiles of the same number are matched, they merge. All you have to do is slide all the numbers on the square grid to combine them so that the grid reflects 2048 after completion. Moreover, if you perceive that the game ends after that, you are in for a surprise. You can continue playing to merge more tiles and create more significant numbers.



MPL's Bloxmash allows you to make a fortune just by matching tiles. You get several points after matching every tile. The advantage of Bloxmash is that the more tiles you match, you receive an extra score for every matched tile. You will also get extra points if you scroll down the tiles and match them fast.

In addition, if you match several tiles simultaneously, you will be up for more bonus points and increase your score. The game makes your brain cells active and improves your reflexes.


These are some of the best game apps that will help you sharpen your skills and activate your dead cells of the brain. These games will groom you and help develop your personality too. So have fun playing and learning.

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