A Disruptive Guide To Develop Grocery Delivery App Like Instacart

Guide To Develop Grocery Delivery App

Online grocery shopping is a trend that is dominating the internet. So check out the best disruptive guide to developing a grocery delivery app like Instacart.

In today's cut-throat competition there is a hidden business that is booming with the help of the increasing use of the internet. One such business that experienced growth in online grocery ordering and delivery. The trend has merely been visible and has shifted to the next stage.

Online grocery apps are witnessing great demand. The grocery market size was valued at 2.9 billion in India in 2020. The market is projected to grow at 37% CAGR between 2021 and 2028. The market has acquired immense traction due to changing lifestyles of the customers and increasing urbanization.

With the busier lifestyles and growing disposable incomes, customers are increasingly looking for online platforms for grocery shopping instead of going to the physical stores to buy their day-to-day essentials.

Customers who have never ordered groceries online have started offering it online and say that they will continue ordering online. Online grocery shopping is a trend that is dominating the internet.

Outrank Your Competition: Ways How Delivery App Helps

Throughout history, we haven't measured such an event that has changed society. COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and make purchases. We are forced to rethink how we purchase groceries, how we enjoy our lives, and more. Most of us have measured sorrow and doom during this time, it has also given a boost to a new wave of entrepreneurs.

Pandemic has given birth to modern mobility apps, it has boosted the popularity of such platforms. The online grocery sales in the US alone increased by 22% in 2019 while it increased by 40% in 2020, while the global grocery business is predicted to generate around $440bn in sales by the end of 2022. The number is expected to grow higher in the upcoming years.

Customers these days are preferring to purchase all the essential items using mobility solutions. More than 50% of shoppers are buying groceries online and others have started making online purchases due to pandemic spread. During the survey, more than 34% of customers said that they prefer buying online due to COVID, while 10% to 14% preferred making purchases online amid the outbreak.

Looking at the above-listed facts it wouldn't be inaccurate to say that customers are more likely to do grocery and other shopping online. Thus a grocery delivery and ordering app like Instacart is hot and if you want to compete, then it's sure that you need an app that helps you stand out in the competition.

Step-by-Step Process to Follow to Develop App Similar to Instacart

Most people globally are eliminating public space to prevent the spread of viruses. Even after re-opens, many prefer to avoid in-store shopping. In the report, it was found that around three-fourth of the shoppers in the US are likely to eliminate going to physical stores to make purchases.

While 75% of Americans stated that they are more likely to make purchases through advanced grocery delivery apps. Around 23% of grocery shoppers intend to shop online more often in 2022. Those who are active online intend to shop all their day-to-day essentials online has increased by 31%. The online grocery purchasing trend is here to stay while 64% of online shoppers are intended to continue with online shopping in 2022.

Being a grocery store if you want to leverage the potential of doorstep grocery delivery, then you are all set to step into a competitive market. When you are thinking of launching your business online, you need a lot of patience and planning.

Investing in Instacart like app development helps startups to automate their business and smoother the pickup and delivery task. For grabbing better opportunities and coming up with advanced solutions you need to follow a few of the essential steps including.

• Market Analysis

The very first and crucial thing is market and competitors analysis. For effective research, you can consider answering a few of the questions:

  • What do your customers expect?
  • How do your competitors meet the growing demand?
  • Which business strategy is followed by your business competitors?
  • What is the present trend?

Performing market research provides you with deep insight into customers' shopping preferences and markets. It will help with optimizing your app similar to Instacart from the very beginning stage. It's better to learn from others' mistakes rather than learn after making the same mistakes.

• Select Business Model

The primary aspect to remember while choosing a business model is that it must satisfy all your requirements. You can choose from different models available but make sure to choose the one that helps you keep your grocery delivery business operational.

• Right Platform Selection

Have you decided on which platform you want to get your grocery delivery app deployed for? You can either choose to go with one platform or can get it deployed for both platforms. If you are choosing to go with app development for one platform then you need to keep certain things in mind like your targeted audience, geographical areas, etc. Also select the development methodology like Native, Hybrid, or any other.


Once the pre-design stage of your delivery solution is completed it's time to move to the design phase. Keep your grocery delivery app as simple as possible. To keep your customers engaged and shop more from your app like Instacart it is a smart option to keep it simple.

• Develop and Testing

You can move to the development process once you complete the designing phase. Turn your design into reality, follow an effective development strategy to come up with an advanced and effective working solution that helps you make more money similar to what Instacart is doing. Test your app to ensure that it operates speedily and systematically on each and every device.

• Maintenance

It's the ongoing process that comes into the spotlight after the launch of your grocery delivery app similar to Instacart on the app store. It helps you to find issues that come across you when your ideal customers start using the solution. Customers' feedback and reviews can also help you to improve the overall performance of your branded solution.

Parting Words

With the growing trends and internet-connected devices, mobile apps have gained huge popularity. Now, most people are interested in purchasing online. Thus most apps gained popularity and one such is a grocery ordering and delivery app like Instacart.

Looking at the growing popularity of grocery delivery giants, many retailers are choosing to develop an advanced solution that functions similarly. They can consider the above-listed steps to complete the development process hassle-free.

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