How Does YouTube’s Artificial Intelligence Work?

YouTube’s Artificial Intelligence

According to experts, YouTube works as a whole spectrum of artificial bots working together to generate revenue primarily for the company and then for its users themselves.

We know for a fact that YouTube is an algorithm-based platform just like most internet search engines. A lot of misconceptions revolve around YouTube being just like social media. Well, the basic argument against it will be: if Youtube is a mere social networking site, then how does its complex algorithm decide to rank only a few videos? 

What special qualities do these videos hold and how exactly is the artificial intelligence used or as they are most commonly referred to it (bot) recognizes and interprets the data? 

As easy and simple as it sounds on the upper crust, the core technical part of it is equally deep and to say the least, full of mysteries.  

In the current era, almost anyone can try their luck with Youtube, each one of us has been blessed with internet access and we are assuming that someone is so willing to put their hands on it, they must have sufficient monetary resources to buy YouTube subscribers or have a fair amount of time to invest. 

Well, whether you are interested in knowing all these juicy details because you want to start something over here or if you're just here for the hype that's created around YouTube’s AI, we promise you won't leave this page disappointed if you stick to the end.

Some Mythbusters On Your Way

Well, one of the severe downsides of the internet is everything and we mean everything happens in grey. Nothing is black or white especially if it relates to how the internet actually works. Sometimes we doubt whether the original creators truly know how the bot is working if they rely on the guesswork themselves.

Anyway, that's quite a conspiracy theory there, which we probably don't want to dive into. But, oh! We got to believe what experts say about the most common misconceptions revolving around the world of social media and the internet in general. Warning: These Mythbusters might be living rent-free in your head forever.  

Let's get straight into them: 

  • You Don't Decide What You Watch, YouTube Does: Okay okay, we can already sense some tension building up but it might come as a surprise that most of those ‘recommended’ videos on your feed are based on the automated activities that you perform on your devices and might not be what you want or need to see. Artificial intelligence is smart enough to find some relevance in the choices you opt for and show the matching recommendations on your home screen. That's quite intriguing because there's only so far an artificial bot should know about us. YouTube also suggests that more than half of the recommendations in your feed are AI-generated. 
  • Why Is the Algorithm there in the first place?: Well, that's actually a question we don't ask that often. Even though we understand that an algorithm is used to usually sort out the data, here's the thing, we are not talking about normal AI. OuTube’s AI is one of the most sophisticated recommendation systems on this planet. Yup, you probably read that right. It's not easy for each of the platforms to create such an extravagant structure out of just an ordinary bot. Chaslot, one of the construction engineers, lost his sense of vision while creating this bot, later describing it as a distortion to make you stick along a little too longer than it requires. The algorithm, however, does not comprehend what's actually a balanced fact or truth for that matter. He further added that the algorithm has an ever-changing tendency. It is the responsibility of engineers to keep an eye out for all the possibilities that could further lead to increased revenue. In this scenario, “WatchTime” becomes very crucial. The more lucrative your videos would be, the better algorithm placement it would obtain. 
  • The Search Effects: A lot of factors determine the search results or the search effects. However, the most common of them would be: 
  • Quality of the video shot, one needs to make sure that the data they have collected for the video is legit and either entertaining or informative. This is the time when likes, shares, and subscribers take a count as well. 

  • What is the metadata format of the video and how does the information solve the query or curiosity of their audiences? The algorithm also probably wants to read all those keywords and descriptions so it can rank your video higher.

Concluding It All 

According to experts, YouTube works as a whole spectrum of artificial bots working together to generate revenue primarily for the company and then for its users themselves. The speed at which a video becomes famous or viral has very less to do with the one uploading it and more to do with the ones watching similar sorts of videos and if you pay enough attention to your analysis, you can conquer the sort of making YT videos just as easy as a walk in the park.

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