How to Make Low-Cost Video Ads for your Business

Low Cost Video Ads for your Business

The video content leads to 1200% more engagement on the social media platforms in comparison to image and audio content combined, so further delay you must have your hands on the different ways of creating video advertisements within a budget.

Knowledgeable marketers are well aware of the significance of effective and attractive content. They clearly understand the type of material to be used when and where and that too without causing a hole in their pockets. Podcasts, videos, and blogs are just a few examples of the different content varieties.

Studies show that videos are the most effective form of content with a wider reach and engagement across varied social media channels. Statistics show that people take in around 16 hours of visual matter on an average per week.

Other reports suggest that video content leads to 1200% more engagement on the social media platforms in comparison to image and audio content combined. Now that you know the importance of video marketing, without further delay, you must have your hands on the different ways of creating video advertisements within a budget. Let's dive in:

Plan, Plan, and Plan

It is quite likely to jump straight into shooting a video or playing with the different animation tools when you have the script of the video ready. Nevertheless, you must try and have some control over your creative enthusiasm.

Do not get carried away by this enthusiasm. Remember, you will be able to create the most cost-effective video easily and quickly only if you have the planning in place. Spend a good time planning the stages of video production instead of hurrying with the steps.

By the time you reach the phase where you need to execute your concepts in practice, you will get a clear idea of your finished product. Hence, you save both your money and time that would otherwise get wasted on coming up with ideas that do not work.

Decide on the Purpose of the Video

Deciding on the purpose of your video even before the recording or shooting will again help you save money. You will be saved from developing the wrong video marketing plan that will actually not bring in any results.

Remember, your marketing video requires a reason to exist. The purpose of your video can be anything from educating the audience about the services you are offering to reach out to more and more people on social media sites.

Have your intended audience in mind and what you actually want them to do once they finish watching your visual content. And yes, you must also work on gauging the success of your video.

Use Your Phone as the Camera

There is no other better way of saving money than using your phone as the camera for shooting the video. This will help you save money in that you would not require any extra gear for taking the best shots.

Major technological advancements have completely changed the way phones are made in these present times. The smartphones of today come with highly advanced cameras that have the ability to record some of the coolest and most breathtaking videos.

Also, the cameras in smartphones come with all the features and effects generally available with professional-level shooting gear. The 12-megapixel camera phones of the present era have the ability to compete with the picture quality of the DSLRs!

As for the editing, there are different online video editing tools available. You can use any online video maker such as InVideo for making videos of the highest quality. These online video editing tools come loaded with filters and effects that will surely help you make the most professional videos.

What else do you need? A smartphone worth Rs. 10000 and a free online video editing tool are enough to create low-cost attractive video advertisements for the business.

Use Natural Light for Recording Videos

There is no need for you to arrange for artificial or fancy lighting to create the best quality videos. Won't you have to spend a huge amount of money in arranging for the right lighting conditions and the set-up?

Why go for such huge expenditures when you have the option of using good natural lighting in your videos. The only thing you need to compromise on is the type of video you are making. If you really want to save some bucks by going for natural sources of light, try shooting more live-action videos.

That's because live-action videos generally do not require any kind of artificial lighting. The main objective of these videos is to show the products and services of a brand or any form of content in real-time.

These videos are intended to create connections with the consumers by getting up close with them. That's why they are shot the way they are. No extra lighting conditions or expensive settings are needed for shooting such videos.

The only thing you need to ensure is setting your camera on a steady surface, so you do not end up shooting shaky footage.

Think About the Things You Can Do Yourself

Going for a DIY, creative attitude will help you in saving huge bucks when making marketing videos on a budget. For instance, if you are good at writing, why waste money in hiring a content writer to write the script of your video?

You can do it by yourself. Or maybe you can try your hands at recording voice-overs instead of taking the services of voice actors. It would also be a great idea to learn some special skills that can help you in saving money on the different procedures that go into making videos.

This way, when the majority part of your video production is kept in-house, a major part of your marketing budget is also saved. You can use this saved amount in doing something more fruitful for your business.

The Bottom Line

These days, almost any individual can create low-cost marketing videos without putting in a lot of effort. Cheaper and better tools & top softwares are available in the market have made the process easier than ever.

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