Everything to Know About Different Network Security Threats and Attacks

Network Security Threats and Attacks

Complete information on network threats, including types, common sources, and emerging cyber threats and attacks.

Are you having trouble accessing your data storage drivers lately? Cannot run through your network applications smoothly? Or does your company experience a series of failed network troubleshooting? Well, then, the problem is about your network security.

The technologies that safeguard the network and the applications that operate on it make up a network security architecture. With the awareness of comprehensive information technology innovation, a network security company will help you secure your business information assets.

Products and equipment related to the security system concerns in the network connection are distributed to both hardware and software. A network security agency does not only help solve problems and reduce risks from various threats, but they also increase the potential and efficiency of the client organization's work.

Latest Network Security Threats & Attacks

Every security risk in the system requires a specialized network security system to work. Here are the following security systems for specific risks:

  • Next-Generation Firewall

As per TrustNet (2021), the most common firewall threats are: careless passwords, outdated firewall software, failure to activate controls, firewall access may be too negligent, lack of documentation, vulnerability to insider attacks, and the inspection protocols being too basic.

Hence, the network security of Bangkok offers you next-generation firewall security that functions to block and monitor access given within your company's network. The server and the Internet may be monitored and categorized as playing games, sending messages, images, watching movies, and the likes.


Theft of valuable network resources is common in network intrusions, which often virtually threaten networks and data security. Our Bangkok-based network security system features this Intrusion Prevention System/Intrusion Protection System (IPS/IDS) to continuously identify and respond to network intrusions.

This network intrusion detection system monitors the nature of the information at risk, influencing the current system to identify intrusions from both within and outside the network. This IPS/IDS by TPS systems can also recommend remedies to the network system's problems to prevent them.

  • VPN

Because most workers are currently working from home due to the COVID-19 epidemic, many businesses are trying to keep up with the unexpected surge in Virtual Private Network (VPN) traffic. Consequently, malicious attackers will have a greater chance of disrupting services by launching various forms of attacks as a result of this.

Fortunately, our network security systems in Bangkok can provide you with a virtual private network system that operates over a public Internet network or may run on another IP network.

  • Web/Mail Filtering

Many phishing efforts for personal information theft occur during this pandemic, as hackers take advantage of people's anxiety during this pandemic period. As a result, we provide you with a web/mail screening system.

For companies to visit the site and send e-mails safely, this website accesses a security system and e-mail to prevent and filter websites and malicious e-mails that will destroy data in the computer.

  • Authentication Server

Because servers frequently store a large amount of an organization's valuable information, server security is just as crucial as network security. If a server is penetrated, the hacker may steal or change any part of it at will.

We happily propose our identity verification technology to check who accesses the Internet network. Before accessing or granting authorization to use anything, our system will verify the login and password.

  • NAC

Poor access control, if not addressed, can lead to illegal access to data and programs, as well as fraud and the loss of computer services. If not properly regulated, even authorized users can pose a threat.

We give you our Network Admission Control (NAC) with varied licenses depending on the type of device used (Computer, Notebook, Mobile Phone, and Tablet), location of usage, time, and internal software. This control system monitors the machine before network access policies use it.

  • Anti-Virus

A computer virus may steal passwords or data, track inputs, destroy files, spam your e-mail contacts, and even take control of your computer, to name a few of the destructive and frustrating effects it can have.

However, we are happy to inform you that we have an Anti-Virus system at Network Security Bangkok that provides software for preventing and removing viruses and malware from PCs.

  • Proxy Server

We have proxy server systems that deliver numerous services at our network security instead of an actual server. When you browse without a proxy, you're connecting straight to the server, which is how you access numerous websites.

Being anonymous when you use them is one of the essential benefits of having a proxy server. To keep prying eyes out of your transactions, you may set your proxy server to encrypt your web queries. You may also block access to known malware sites through the proxy server.

  • Log Management

Log entry comprises information of specific events that occurred within a network system. Within a business, there are a lot of records on computer security in the logs, which are very vulnerable to hacking and phishing. As a result, we proudly present our log management system.

The log, which has the data that tracks network usage, is kept and analyzed. It is used to keep track of network and internet access logs, analyze them, figure out what's going on in case of a network assault and inform the administrator about this.

  • WAF

Online application firewalls are used to defend web applications against a range of assaults at the application layer. Breaches are most often caused by attacks against applications, the entry point for your sensitive information.

In terms of network security, we have created our Web Application Firewall (WAF) system, which includes web-based intrusion detection systems, apps, and Application Programming Interface (API) that will execute audits. It can also handle traffic threats, transfer data, and assess the application's vulnerability. For many E-Commerce web platforms, this system is critical.

  • DDoS Protection

While some blackmail companies after accessing their networks by demanding a ransom to remedy the assault, known as 'cyber-extortion,' hackers attack to obtain access to databases and steal client data for their purposes. As for that, let our Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack defense system assist you.

Traffic assaults may be detected and managed by this DDoS protection system, which checks the application's risk, and ensures that the services operating on the corporate network are protected from hackers to keep the business running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Vulnerability Assessment Tool

A vulnerability assessment is a comprehensive analysis of a system's security flaws. It determines if the system is vulnerable to any known defects, gives severity ratings to those flaws, if and when necessary, offers correction or mitigation.

We have a network fault detection technology at network security Bangkok that allows us to locate and evaluate system flaws, whether they are in the application operating system or devices on different networks, and make recommendations on how to resolve them.

Putting it all together

Modern concerns require modern solutions. Every new avenue of innovation we find is a new avenue for attackers to commence. But by limiting the introduction or spread of a wide range of possible dangers within a network, network security is a collection of technologies that protects the usefulness and integrity of a company's infrastructure.

Thus, Network Security Bangkok brings effective information technology solutions to help you promote and secure your business activities to secure your assets. What are you waiting for? Secure your company's information technology assets and know more about us at The Practical Solution Public Co. Ltd.

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