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Are you looking for unbiased Spine HR suite review? Learn more about its product details and check out what our software experts think about its features and integrations.


The human resource department is at the core of any successful business irrespective of its type and size. Every business needs a robust solution to manage its workforce efficiently. This HRMS software is one of the most scalable, reliable, and flexible human resource management software.

This software solution integrates the latest technologies to make it user-friendly and robust for employees and the employer. Spine HR suite software is a completely configurable solution that adapts your processes seamlessly.

It is a one-stop solution for all your HR needs right from recruitment to exit formalities. Additionally, business leaders can set workflow on approval based as per their requirements.

spine hr suite dashboard   

Top reasons why your business needs Spine HR software: 

  • Spine HR suite updates its system every quarter.
  • They have a configuration-based set-up policy for you to pick and choose the features.
  • Spine HR software allows businesses to have a workflow-based management system.
  • Each module will have a unique dashboard to give you an in-depth analysis of your performance.

  • This software updates its system every quarter to ensure your team is working on the latest update.
  • Spine HR suite deploys on mobile for seamless access from anywhere at any time.
  • It allows businesses to integrate ERP with this software for simplified processes.     


Spine has Octagonal aftersales support, which helps clients to resolve their queries, concerns, and grievances with ease. Following are the six ways of Spine customer service:  

  • FAQ's.  
  • Implementation support.  
  • Ticketing support.  
  • On-call support.
  • User manual.  
  • Customer relationship department.


Core HR:  

  • This HR software automates payroll calculation and processing to eliminate the chances of manual errors.
  • It has an employee self-serve portal that helps the workforce access, update, and save all the HR-related work by themselves. It is a perfect tool to reduce the work burden & common challenges on the human resource department.
  • The HR department can set a leave approval algorithm based on their process. The employee can apply for leaves through the portal, and it will automatically pass to the concerned person for approval or rejection.
  • Spine HR solution blends Geo-tagging and Geo-fencing technologies to capture the workforce attendance.
  • This software will also incorporate a facial recognition feature that allows the employee to record attendance through a selfie.   


Strategic HR:  

  • Spine is a HR software that helps organizations throughout the employee lifecycle from hire to retire.
  • This software is a one-stop solution for all your recruitment needs. Because Spine helps to have a digital and automated recruitment process. The employer can send notifications through email or messages regarding their recruitment process through the interface.
  • It helps automate the entire onboarding process and has a learning management software (LMS) integrated to train and develop their employees.

  • The performance management system (PMS) of Spine HR software will help to improve the bottom line of your business in every aspect. Additionally, it helps to recognize and reward the top performers to; keep your workforce motivated.


Admin Add-ons:  

  • Spine HR system allows businesses to manage their expenses accurately and keep an eye on the cash leakages and over-expenses.
  • This solution helps the workforce automatically raise a travel request, and it can go for approval in a process set by you.

  • This HR software in India will help to keep a record of the entire workforce timesheet in real-time. Additionally, the workforce can book the resources and assets through this portal.

  • Spine HRMS will have a community-based discussion forum wherein the employees can discuss, interact and share their views.  
  • It also helps to simplify the visitor management aspect to avoid trespassers and tailgaters.
  • Ask Spina is an AI integrated HR chatbot that helps to automate most of the HR functions like raising tickets, grievances, queries, and others.      


Areas of Improvement in The Spine HR software: 

  • No free trials or versions.    

Key specifications: 

  • Operating Systems supported: Windows, Android & IOS.   
  • Deployment type: Cloud-based, On-premises, Hybrid.   
  • Supported devices: Desktop, Smartphones.   
  • Industry expertise: All Industries, irrespective of size or type.
  • Language's support: English.
  • Free trails: No.
  • Implementation time: 7 - 8 days. 


TC reviews: 

  • Overall: 4.8  
  • Features efficiency: 5  
  • Budget-friendly: 4.8  
  • User friendly: 4.6  
  • After-sales support:5  


Closing Lines:  

Spine HR suite is a human resource management system that allows you to pick and choose the features. It is a comprehensive system that helps to manage the entire employee lifecycle efficiently.

Furthermore, they have a passionate team of developers that keeps updating the software every quarter with a very friendly customer service team. Contact us for any software related queries and our experts help you choose the right HR software for your business.   

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