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Choose Best Smart Door Lock

Choosing the best smart door lock is difficult because you must select the correct smart lock. In this blog, we will go through the aspects to consider while selecting a smart door lock.

Choosing the best smart door lock is tricky as you have to pick the right smart lock that's secure and with the right set of features. Most homeowners are often looking for a convenient way to control who gets to access their homes while they are away, and a smart door lock is the best solution.

When shopping for a smart door lock, you have to keep in mind that it's the most crucial part of a connected home. It's therefore of the utmost importance that you purchase and correctly install the best smart door lock on the market. This guide will take you through the factors you need to consider when choosing a smart door lock.

Features To Consider When Choosing A Smart Door Lock

• Deadbolt style

Depending on your door’s specifications, you will have to consider the deadbolt style used in each smart door lock. This is because some locks require you to replace the deadbolt, while others can be integrated into the existing deadbolt. 

A full deadbolt replacement will be much more costly, especially if the door is not compatible with a smart door lock. You can also opt to get an adapter that integrates with the existing deadbolt.

• Trigger options

You should consider getting a smart door lock with multiple trigger options such that if one fails, you are not left locked out of your home. Most manufacturers include multiple ways to unlock the lock ranging from fingerprints to OTP codes, smart apps, and even geofencing. 

Having multiple trigger options also makes it easy to assign specific unlock options to specific family members or guests so that they can access the door even while you are away.

• Smart integrations

Most smart door locks have wireless connectivity and smart capabilities. You can use your smartphone to download the manufacturer's specified app and even integrate the lock with the rest of your connected home devices. These smart locks are compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and Apple HomeKit. 

There’s no limit to the smart integrations you can deploy when a smart door lock is connected to the rest of your smart network. This allows you to set up home automation setups, such as having the smart lights turn on automatically when you unlock the smart door lock.

• Ease of installation

Depending on the complexity of the smart door lock, you may need some assistance installing the unit. For this reason, you need to consider the ease of installation when shopping for a smart door lock. Most of the units have an interior escutcheon and an exterior component. You should mount the escutcheon to the inside of the door and the keyed cylinder and touchpad on the exterior. 

You can assess the ease of installation of a specific smart lock by looking for pre-drilled holes. The capability to integrate with the existing keyed cylinders and deadbolts is a key benefit, and it will make it much easier to install the smart door lock.

• Battery life

Most smart door locks are battery-powered, and the longevity of the battery life is a crucial consideration when choosing a smart door lock. The battery life is heavily influenced by the type of wireless protocols the smart lock uses, with Z-wave and Bluetooth consuming very low power and WiFi being more power-hungry. Consider getting a smart door lock with a larger battery capacity for longer battery life. This is often the case with lithium batteries which are also rechargeable, albeit more expensive than alkaline cells.

• Compatibility with smart doorbells

Smart doorbells often have a wired power connection, giving them a broader range to integrate more features and hardware without worrying about battery life. IF your home already has a smart doorbell, you should look for a smart door lock compatible with it. 

This allows their individual features to complement each other. For example, you don't need to get a smart door lock with two-way audio if your smart doorbell already has the feature.

• Auto-lock and unlock functionality

Part of the rarity of smart door locks is their incredible convenience, especially with keyless options. These allow the smart door lock to auto-unlock the door and lock it automatically without bothering you. These options are especially useful in a household with kids, whereby you can set the smart door lock to identify the kids and let them through automatically.

Wrap Up

Choosing the best smart door lock for your specific needs is a sure way to secure your household while improving convenience. If you are shopping for a smart door lock, you have to prioritize safety features, ease of use, and convenience. With the above features, you will have no problem narrowing down your intelligent door lock options. Take a look at our smart door locks catalog while you are at it. 

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