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How to verify the email address that gets delivered to the right mailbox? Check the best comprehensive guide for email verification processes to avoid email bounces.

If you have chosen SaaS email marketing to be a significant part of your promotional strategies, it is immensely crucial that you have a great delivery rate. Therefore, you can't afford to send random emails hoping that they will land at the correct destination.

After all, sending ten thousand emails using the best email marketing automation tools is useless if half of them bounce. Instead, better use of resources is when you send fewer emails, but the addresses are verified and guarantee a prospect.

Trust me, you do not want an inbox flooded with returned emails or ones marked as spam. It results in a cluttered email inbox that may hide actually essential emails. To save you unnecessary frustration, we are here to guide you on how to verify an email address without sending an email!

Find typing errors

You do not need any sophisticated system or software to help you in some cases. Some of the email addresses in your database may be merely errors., for example, might be written as (with the "m" replaced by an "n"). These mistakes can be discovered by a thorough email checking process. After that, you may edit them and send your email as planned.

Check syntax

A common way to verify is to perform a syntax and format test. It's possible to check if the email address contains no additional characters such as periods, "@" symbols, or punctuation.

To know what's 'additional,' you must know the structure of a correct email. An accurate email address consists of two parts separated by "@ ."The first section is the local part and the second section is the domain.

The local part can consist of alphabets, numbers, and special characters. This is usually the person or the company name with characters inserted to make it unique. For example – "avenue1999" or "Gerald.Thomas". 

Be mindful, however, that the local part cannot begin or end with a period. It also cannot be more than 64 characters. If you see an address like or one that seems very long, consider it invalid.

The domain part can also be both alphabets and numbers. The most common examples are "".

Ping an email

Another way to check the legitimacy of an email is by using the Command Prompt interface in Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 to ping an email address. You can link to the domain's email system and interact with the email address for confirmation after having the database of MX (Mail Exchange) entries for the domain of an email address. However, before you can begin, you must first enable the Telnet remote access guideline.

For the sake of understanding, let us assume, is the email we want to verify.

  1. In Windows, set up telnet or use the PuTTy program. If you're using a Mac, launch the iTerm application.
  2. Next, enter the nslookup function at the command prompt: nslookup –type=mx

This nslookup function will search the DNS settings. Because we chose MX as the type, our program will retrieve and show the email domain's MX data. Change the domain of the email address you're trying to verify from

  1. Connect to the mail server - telnet 25
  2. Say HELO and press Enter
  3. Next, type mail from: and press Enter
  4. Then type rcpt to: 

You'll get an "OK" message if the email address validates. If the email address is invalid, you'll get a "Does Not Exist" or "Disabled" warning. Just to reiterate, the email used above is a mere example. Replace this with the email you want to verify.

Disposable email address

A disposable email is only valid for a short amount of time. You must delete any disposable emails created by Nada, Mailinator, or other similar sites from your inbox. These can detect throwaway email addresses with a high degree of accuracy.

Email verification tools

When it comes to automated email verification, you have a few alternatives.

 A free tool will suffice if you just send a few emails each month or only need to validate an email address once in a while. However, if you're expanding your marketing emails and don't want to incur bounces, use an email finder service that will identify and validate any provided email address effortlessly.

You may be using SaaS subscription cancellation email templates or SaaS welcome templates - in all situations, you need a verified list for maximum engagement.

These email finder services have inbuilt verification in them.

Some examples are:

  • ZeroBounce
  • MailerCheck
  • EmailListVerify
  • Email Checker
  • NeverBounce


Above are both manual and automatic ways to verify an email. The use of an automated system for email address validation is unquestionably the best alternative. 

The verification procedure is quick and straightforward. Furthermore, this is without a doubt the most effective approach for mass email validation. However, bear in mind that high-quality email verifiers aren't free.

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