7 Common Misconceptions About Point Of Sale Systems

Top Common Misconceptions about POS Systems

A Point of Sale (POS) is in fact a system in a retail location from which you lead the offer of actual merchandise. In a store, a POS is the place where the checkout occurs, orders are handled and charges are paid. As organizations have various profiles they need different retail location systems too.

A POS System is the general software and hardware system utilized for tallying and billing in a POS Store. It as a rule comprises the accompanying units for showing the product weight, total bill amount, etc. and other units for checking barcode on the product, printer, card swiping machine, and a sales muster. 

In the Point of sale software interface, you can include information about the items that you will sell, transact financially, and tally order price. The POS software causes you to handle orders in a retail location with the assistance of other hardware. 

A Point of Sale (POS) is in fact a system in a retail location from which you lead the offer of actual merchandise. In a store, a POS is the place where the checkout occurs, orders are handled and charges are paid. As organizations have various profiles they need different retail location systems too.Now let us debunk the myths related to Point of Sale system:

Top Myths of POS System

1. Myth: POS systems are nothing more than advanced calculators

While POS is a sure way to process even the complex calculations, however isn't everything it does. When actualized, the Point of sales system immediately becomes the core of the business, overseeing and smoothing out all habits of business activities from stock to managing accounts to marketing. A few systems offer loads of functionalities that can spare hours in pointless administrator, supports customer loyalty, and help improve your overall revenue. All systems are unique, so it's an instance of evaluating your necessities and finding the correct system to fit them.

2. Myth: POS is only suitable for big businesses 

While we cannot deny that generally, the big corporate businesses used the most insightful point-of-sale systems, an ascent in small and medium scale businesses have increased the opportunities of POS systems. Where big organizations actually appreciate the advantages of costly custom-made systems, small and medium businesses would now be able to access customizable options that let them personalize their POS in similar manners.

3. Myth: POS is heavy on pockets

Those who face issues with income might be hesitant to buy because of the underlying cost of the POS system. However, the individuals who use it regularly have observed a profit in a short while. Various organizations offer money alternatives, so inquire as to whether this is accessible. Using POS provides you with instant business insights, along with expansion and profit opportunities to reduce expenses and drive income.

4. Myth: All POS systems are same

Various POS software providers make it with enormous differences in scalability, quality, functionality, and affordability. It's critical to list your necessities while choosing a retail POS System for you business. Check your necessities with various suppliers and utilize free preliminaries or demos if possible. Comprehend the drawbacks of a provider’s software, service, and hardware functions to guarantee you're not gotten short in a period of scarcity. A brief glance at review sites and tributes will provide you a reasonable thought of exactly how extraordinary the features of these systems can be.

5. Myth: POS installation is tricky

It cannot be denied that there can be initial issues while introducing new technology in the business; the general advantages exceed the underlying uneasiness of installing a POS system. 

A few systems require a detailed set up, while others work on plug and play features. Various POS suppliers offer an on-site administration to help execute the system and even provide training. Some cloud-based suppliers will offer staff with distant preparation, which implies they can mentor employees on the most proficient method to utilize the system by signing onto the system while instructing them via telephone.

6. Myth: Cloud-based POS system are unable to manage and control shoplifting, waste management, and pilferage

The cloud-based POS system myth is proved wrong by technology. The cloud POS system is profoundly capable of tracking theft and entire waste of stock from the shop or warehouse. With properly printed barcode set up, the inventories bought, stock showed, the stock sold and the unsold stock is well managed on the cloud system. The entrepreneurs would then be able to track the location of the products that are stolen or wasted, the individual who deals with the stock and the individual who took the stock in godowns or shops.

7. Myth: POS system is not secure

While considering best point of sale software for your business, you need to build up when you need a cloud-based system. Privately stored systems work, securing all your information to employees in the offices. This implies if the device is harmed or taken, your information is lost and irrevocable. 
When you pick the cloud based alternative, your information remains secured in the cloud, which is basically another server utilized by your POS supplier. When utilizing a cloud-based system, you can get your information from any gadget with the Internet, which means you are ensured regardless of whether the device gets crashed.


The quantity of POS alternatives available can be overwhelming when attempting to choose the correct choice for your business. While it's best practice to do your exploration, collaborate, and address various suppliers, don't let this intimidation direct a choice which could see your business go from mere surviving to flourishing.

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