HRMS Should Have These Features to Safeguard Employees’ Return

Features of HRMS

Considering the COVID-19 situation, this blog contains essential but novel features in HRMS software that will help employees to safely return to work. 

HRMS (Human Resource Management System) software or HR software has helped and changed the way the HR department operates. With useful information like leave and attendance, payslips, personal information, perks, and benefits, etc., HR Software has modernized the traditional business set-ups. As most HR related Software are cloud-based (web-based), offsite employees can easily mark their attendance from anywhere. Additionally, some HR Management System can be readily accessed through a smartphone, which greatly improved employees’ productivity and convenience.

Previously, the HR department used to be flooded with employee attendance sheets, leave sheets, and tremendous other documentation. But with the help of HR System, employees can fill their data easily, which gets automatically saved on the cloud. Therefore, the HR department can easily pull-out essential information as per their requirement. In case of any issues or feedback, employees can raise the issue or add feedback that goes straight to the concerned department.

How HRMS will Play a Big Role in COVID-19?

As people were working from due to the COVID-19 scenario, some businesses have seen severe productivity decline due to remote issues like slow internet, power-cuts, etc. For some jobs like manufacturing, employee’s presence is a must on the field. Thus, in such a critical case, we bring a list of useful features in Human Resource Management System that will effectively help you to bring back your employees safely.

Role of HRMS in Covid-19


Here’s the list:

  • COVID-19 Guide
    A crisp and comprehensive guide to safely return to work is the prime feature in HRMS software India to help employees learn more about their safety. Companies should add recommendations for health and safety practices and approaches to COVID-19 prevention. Additionally, constant real-time notifications like “washing hands frequently, with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds”, will educate employees to tackle the situation effectively. 

  • Location Tagging
    As per the current situation, many metro cities in India and across the world have a high number of COVID-positive cases. As an integration to the COVID-19 guide, the location Tagging feature will use the employee location data to help him learn more about his surroundings and take proper decisions about returning to work safely.

  • Body Temperature Data
    As employees enter the company, the first thing is temperature measurement. As body temperature is the initial indicator of COVID-19 possibility, it is important to keep measuring the employees’ temperature every day and track the variations. Thus, an Human Resource Management Software can add Body Temperature Tracker to fill the temperature data as per employee code to get a clear insight of individual employees’ temperature.

  • Touchless Entry
    In most of the companies, there are thumb scanners that are connected to the Attendance Management Software to mark the attendance of an employee on thumb impression. However, this type of attendance is no longer feasible in the COVID-19 situation. Thus, a touchless entry that scans employee IDs is much more effective to keep your employees safe.

  • Workplace Cleaning Data
    As every detail is important during the current situation, big companies can utilize this strategies for the future of HRMS to check if every block of the workplace is cleaned properly on a regular basis.

  • Smartphone Compatibility
    For off-site employees and out of the office work, mobile access to HR software solutions allows employees to keep in touch and access important information on the move. With smartphone compatibility, even if your employees are away from the office and forgot to fill in some important leave details, they can update it from the smartphone.

  • QR-Code Feature on Smartphone
    Smartphone compatibility further helps to add touchless features like QR-Code scanner. Thus, while doing attendance, employees can scan QR code from their smartphone instead of using their thumbs to mark their presence.

  • Employee Self-Service
    In case if any employee is not feeling well and detected similar symptoms of COVID-19, he can use “Employee Self-Service” to call a medical emergency and alert other employees to keep a safe distance. HRMS software providers can also add an alert feature to safeguard other employees from the situation and safely evacuate the area as soon as possible.

  • Employee Scheduling
    Employee scheduling feature will greatly help companies to schedule the activities for a number of employees according to their arrival.

  • Absence Management
    It should be easy for managers to see at a glance the presence of employees. HRMS tool with leave management system and scheduling is a plus to see when and how an employee will be available.

    Employee Health Check Data with Priority Inbox
    Currently, every employee is looking to get something different from the HR software to work safely. Thus, it is essential that companies should have the health check-up data. Moreover, HRMS should contain a priority inbox, where executives can easily interact with employees in case of health emergencies. This will further significantly increase employee engagement with motivation.

With a constant demand for new features and rapid real-time data tracking, the global market of Human Resource Management System is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.4%, and reach USD 25.9 Billion by 2023. (Source).

Today, the utilization of the aforementioned features is the need of the hour for the businesses that are looking to survive in the current pandemic. Likewise, HRMS should provide flexibility with changing scenarios and employee management to conquer the market and assist the users at the highest level possible.

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