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Technology Counter Attendance Management Software Buyer's Guide

Attendance Management System

The definition of attendance is as simple as “showing up for work”. The question is how are you supposed to track the attendance of your employees? How do you know the number of days a particular employee has worked? The process of assessing the reliability and productivity of an employee starts with their attendance. Not only does it help you calculate an employee's salary, but a proper attendance management system will make your business operations transparent and unbiased.

Businesses and educational institutions rely on an effective attendance management system to prepare the employee’s and student’s attendance records. If you are planning to invest in the attendance record software, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we are going to walk you through the meaning, purpose, types, importance, and elements of the employee attendance management software. Without further ado, let’s begin:

What is Attendance Management Software?

The punch cards and attendance registers are no longer effective. You can’t go on recording the attendance of each worker manually in the register. Manual attendance records are not only time-consuming, but they can result in manual errors that can cost thousands of dollars to your business. Startups with 3-4 employees can opt for manual attendance. However, medium and large corporations that have different departments, and hundreds of employees need the best attendance software for smoother operation.

Attendance management software is an automated cloud-based solution used for tracking employee attendance. Experts believe that the productivity of a firm and its success depends on its employee performance. The employees who are often on leave are not punctual. While it may only cost a few dollars to the employee for taking a leave, the growing number of absentees can have a negative impact on the business’ productivity.

With the time attendance management software in place, you will be able to set rules regarding attendance. This automated system can be used to specify the employee’s work schedule. It helps people know when they are supposed to be present in the office and when their work hours end. The system is especially needed for employees in the customer service department. It isn’t only about recording the presence and absence of each employee, but you also have to enter the number of working hours and overtime. The time management software can help you track the on-site and remote employee’s attendance seamlessly.

Common capabilities of Employee Attendance Software

Some SMEs use the excel sheets to record attendance. While that seems a better option than manual registers and punch cards, Excel Sheet is not a safe option. Anyone can access the sheets to track attendance. Besides, it is still going to be a time-consuming job. After all, you are supposed to mark the presence of each employee manually.

The best option for employee attendance management is the time attendance system software. It is an automated system that captures each employee’s attendance automatically. You don’t need to fill the data manually in a sheet or register. Here are some of the common features of the employee attendance management system:

Common Capabilities of Employee Attendance Software

1. Clock-in and Clock-out
The primary function of the attendance management software is to enable workers to clock-in and clock-out. The software must also allow your employees to enter their break period and the time they clock-out. Many companies opt for magnetic card readers as they are secure. You could also use other verification details for attendance management. For example, employees can register their entry and exit using their phone number or ID card numbers. The best and safest option is the fingerprint sensor. It prevents the risk of fraud.

2. Leave Requests
One of the reasons for implementing the time and attendance software is to track employees’ absences. The high-quality attendance software comes packed with the leave request module that is designed to track the total number of leaves the employee requests every month. Employees must be able to submit the time-off requests in simple clicks.

Employees need to submit leave requests for a planned vacation, sickness, and urgent reasons. The leave request module allows your employees to submit their leave application easily. Besides that, the manager or HR team can view this request and approve it in the software only. Using manual tools to track the time-offs and leave requests can result in inefficient staffing.

It also results in delays in project completion. With the leave attendance management system in place, you don’t have to waste your time recording the time-offs and sending email notifications for leave request approvals. The leave management module will handle the employee’s leave requests and absence effortlessly.

3. Policy Compliance
The policy compliance allows vacations, time-offs, rewards, and other perks to employees. The managers are responsible for granting leaves and breaks to employees to boost their engagement and increase their productivity. Additionally, managers are supposed to comply with the employee’s wages and tax regulations.

If a company fails to comply with the corporate or government regulations, they will have to bear the penalty. Now, staying up-to-date with policy compliance can be quite challenging without the automated attendance management system. Many vendors add policy compliance modules to the time and attendance software to streamline the compliance-related operations.

4. Payroll Software
Many companies sync the attendance management module with the payroll software in order to streamline the paycheck calculation. An employer has to issue a paycheck every month. They need to calculate the salaries and wages for each employee based on the attendance system. Issuing a paycheck can be a time-consuming and tedious task if executed manually.

The time and attendance management system helps calculate employee’s compensation by deducting the time-offs and adding overtime payment. All you got to do is link the payroll module to the payroll attendance software. The attendance payroll management system will handle all kinds of employee compensation, including hourly payment, seamlessly.

5. Reporting and Analytics
The responsibility of an HR team isn’t limited to issuing paycheck and recording the attendance. Generating performance reports is as important as tracking the attendance of employees. The ideal attendance software can generate accurate reports regarding the employee’s productivity, engagement, and performance. It helps companies get a clear picture of the best and productive employees.

Besides that, the software allows HR managers to import the attendance report to their device. This will give them easy access to employee attendance reports. These reports include the total number of leaves, missed days, paid leaves, overtime, and more.

Now, the best time and attendance software provide you with an insight into the attendance pattern. It analyzes the attendance records and generates attendance reports. These reports help you gather information about the employee’s attendance pattern, the list of employees who work overtime, and those who take maximum leaves.

6. Biometric Management
For large corporations with hundreds of employees working in different departments, a biometric attendance system can make the best investment. For instance, if your employees work in 2-3 shifts, then a biometric attendance system can minimize the risk of fraud. Each employee will have to record their attendance in the system using their fingerprints or identity card.

7. Calendar Integration
You can integrate the attendance tracking software with Google Calendar, Outlook, and other digital calendars. By syncing the calendar with the attendance software, you can make it easier for the HR department and employees to track the status of the employee’s availability.

Calendar integration allows employees to update their work schedule on the calendar. Once the calendar is integrated into the attendance management app, the whole HR department and other employees will be able to access the employee’s works schedule. Based on these updates, the manager can allocate tasks to each employee.

8. Missed Clock-in and Clock-out Notifications
Employees might forget to register their entry, exit, and break times. Usually, when employees are in a hurry, they don’t bother to clock-in. If that happens, the attendance management software will send an automated notification to the employee to clock-in and out. It also sends an alert to the manager.

Who Uses the Time Attendance Management Software?

Simply put, time and attendance management software is an automated solution that is used to track the time when an employee starts and stops work. Their arrival and exit are recorded in the attendance management software electronically. Now, every small and large scale company needs a time management system. Most large corporations use this software to streamline attendance management and time tracking. After all, it is not possible to handle the attendance records manually. Even if you hire a bunch of laborers for attendance management, chances are you will face manual errors in attendance recording.

Overpayments and underpayments can cost your business a fortune in the long run. Besides that, it affects employee’s engagement and your business transparency. The leave management software will ensure an automatic recording of the employee’s attendance. You don’t have to worry about paying your employees for days they have not worked. Most importantly, the time attendance management software is used to stay up-to-date with policy compliance and follow all the corporate and government regulations concerning employment.

Startups with 2-3 employees do not need the time and attendance management system. You can manually record the overtime, time-offs, planned and unplanned leaves, and the regular clock-in and clock-out time manually. You could use an Excel Sheet to record this information. However, if you run a small company with 10 or more employees, then you are going to need the latest office attendance software.

Schools and Educational Institutions
Schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutions have started to embrace student attendance software. It is no longer optional for schools. Usually, the class teacher is supposed to mark students’ attendance every day. While it takes only a few minutes to record the attendance, teachers often find attendance recording a time-consuming and tedious task. Moreover, recording attendance in the register can result in errors, which can affect the student’s final grades. It is difficult for the institution to store the attendance registers.

To streamline the attendance management and record this data electronically, teachers opt for the student attendance management system. Not only does it prevent unnecessary manual errors in recording, but it saves teachers a lot of time. They can use this time for teaching and other productive activities. Students can record their attendance in the college attendance management system for the school.

Small and medium-sized businesses need time attendance software to streamline the employee’s attendance and work records. Even if you have ten employees working for your company, you need to use the attendance management tool to record their leaves, overtime, break time, clock-in and clock-out hours, and other details. Automating these tasks will allow the manager and employees to put their focus on productive activities.

Why do You Need the Best Online Attendance Management System?

Adapting to the latest technology has become important for all sizes and types of businesses. Not only does it help you speed up the administrative work, but modern technology streamlines the hectic administrative tasks.

It gives your HR team and employees enough time to focus on productive activities. The attendance time tracking software is designed to streamline the employee attendance tracking activity. This automated solution can transform your business into a modern and digitized workplace.

Time-theft is quite common in large corporations. To prevent these frauds and improper management of the attendance records, you need to embrace the time and attendance system software. Here, we have listed some important reasons why you must invest in attendance management software. Let’s take a look:

Need of the best Online Attendance Management System

  • Efficient Management
    Even if you use Excel Sheets and computational devices, chances are you will make errors. This is because human calculations are prone to manual errors. You don’t have to worry about the wrong calculations and inappropriate attendance entries as long as you have the attendance monitoring software in place.
    This automated solution ensures that employees register their attendance, break times, clock-in, and clock-out hours efficiently. You can sync the attendance module with the payroll system to calculate employee’s salaries according to their attendance and break-times. In fact, you don’t need to calculate the salaries or wages. The software will check the attendance record of each employee and calculate the salary accordingly.
  • Save Money
    Everyone knows that the time attendance management software can save time, but do you know it can help you save money in the long run? Research suggests that large corporations could save more than $1600 per employee after implementing the online free attendance management system.
    Once you have installed the attendance management solution, you don’t have to worry about the inaccurate attendance reporting and manual errors in the attendance records. Time abuse, time theft, buddy punching, and absenteeism will no longer cost you extra bucks. Besides that, no employee will be underpaid and overpaid.
  • Boost Productivity
    Manual attendance recording can be expensive and time-consuming. Think about it – you need to approve the employee's leave request, record their attendance in registers, process paper sheets, and track the employee’s working hours manually. The most tedious job is to calculate the salary for each employee according to their attendance. This often results in overpayments and underpayments.
    You can save your time and invest it in the production and marketing activities by implementing a high-quality attendance management system. From recording the attendance to transferring this information to the payroll module, the time attendance management can handle it all.
  •  Get Quick Insights
    The attendance management software is capable of providing you with an accurate summary of the employee attendance reports. It gives you an insight into the planned as well as unplanned leaves of each employee, overtime, and other such details.
    You could also import the graphic report of the attendance record to get a better understanding of the insights.
    The software allows managers to create customized reports. You can use these insights to modify the working hours, workplace, overtime, payroll, and other employee policy.
  • Hassle-free Management
    The management of administrative tasks is quite complicated for the HR department. We have already mentioned the activities you are supposed to execute manually when handling employee’s attendance data.
    If you implement the online attendance software in your business, you can manage the attendance database from a single dashboard.
    From the attendance records to the employee payroll, you can handle all the Employee Management activities conveniently. Now, the employees no longer need to walk to the manager’s office and write a letter for overtime applications or leave requests manually.
    Managers can view the employee’s leave request, overtime, and work status from the dashboard and accept their request in one click. An automated alert will be sent to the employee and manager for the request approvals.
    You don’t even need to allocate work manually to each employee or track their shifts. The automated attendance management software will allow you to manage schedules, monitor shifts, and swap employees shifts if needed.
  •  Flexible Operations
    Employees need flexible working hours. As a business owner, you have to manage your on-site and remote employees efficiently. The ideal attendance software for office is the one that allows you to track the attendance of all types of employees and record their attendance in a single centralized system. A high-quality attendance system is compatible with multiple attendances registering options, including smartphones, biometric attendance, swiping technology, card reader, ID verification, and more.
  •  Enhance Security
    Buddy punching and time theft are not uncommon in workplaces. Many people use these fraud methods to record inaccurate attendance and get payment for the time-offs. The biometric system and ID verification devices are extremely secure and reliable.
    With a proper attendance system in place, you can enhance the security of your workplace and prevent time thefts and attendance frauds. For instance, the fingerprint sensor makes it impossible for a person to record the attendance of their co-worker.
  • Easy Integration
    Some attendance management systems can be integrated with third-party apps and other software solutions for smoother management. For instance, you can integrate the biometric attendance or swipe technology with the cloud-based attendance software to enable employees to record their attendance electronically. You could also integrate the GPS-attendance module into the attendance software. This module will record the attendance of the workers by tracking their location.
  • Remote Working
    Modern workers like to execute their regular business tasks from the comfort of their homes. The freelancing and gig economy is growing rapidly. Millennials have started to accept freelancing jobs. It’s time for businesses to embrace digital growth and hire temporary employees and freelancers for the best jobs.
    The question is “how do you record the attendance of these remote workers”? Even Excel Sheet won’t help you track the number of hours the freelancers work on your project. Well, the best attendance management system can record the clock-in and clock-out hours of your remote employees.
    That is what sets the automated attendance management software apart from the Excel sheet and some random attendance recording tools. It is the best way to track the overtime, total working hours, and attendance of the freelancers and employees who work remotely.

Market trends of Attendance Tracking Software

Just like other software systems, the cloud-based attendance software has witnessed several trends in the past few years. It’s important for businesses to consider these trends and choose the latest and upgraded software for the best results.

If you implement the standard attendance management solution that doesn’t match the latest trends, then you will probably want to upgrade the HR Attendance Software in the future. So, it is best to watch the current market trends around the attendance and time tracking software industry and opt for the premium solution. Let’s take a look at the top 2020 trends in the automated attendance management software.
Market Trends of Attendance Tracking Software

  • Employees Self-service Portal

Vendors have started to design employee self-service portals that enable workers to handle a plethora of their regular management tasks electronically. Now, they don’t need to talk to the manager or HR department for requesting leaves or reporting the overtime. All they need to do is make the necessary entry in the attendance management system. If they want to request time-off, they can send the leave application to the manager through the software. The employee will get a notification as soon as the manager accepts their application.

Similarly, employees are allowed to clock-in and clock-out. They are given access to the software so that they can record their attendance, break time, overtime, office entry and exit time, and etc. They can also use the software to track their attendance and match their payments with their total worked hours. Not only does it help reduce the workload of the HR department, but the employee self-service feature boosts employee engagement.

  • Compatibility with Wi-Fi

The latest attendance management modules come equipped with the Wi-Fi feature that is used to store and manage the attendance records of hundreds of employees. The Wi-Fi function makes the attendance software compatible with the fingerprint sensor, face recognition, and other such identification tools.

This enhances attendance security and speeds up the process. The Wi-Fi feature supports up to 500 employees’ attendance records. So, even if you are running a large corporation, you will find this feature quite helpful in maintaining the attendance records.

  • Calendar Integration

Employee attendance software free can be integrated with the digital calendar. This is done to allow employees to share their schedules with the co-workers, HR team, and the manager. This helps the manager allocate tasks to each employee according to their schedules. If the employee makes any changes to the schedule, the manager and other employees will be notified instantly. Similarly, the manager can change the employee schedule on the attendance management software. An automated email notification will be delivered to the employee if there is any change in their schedule.

Employees can use this module to update their schedule on the calendar and make it easier for the HR team to plan work accordingly. This also keeps the manager up-to-date with the employee’s availability. Managers will know the employees working in different shifts and those who are doing overtime. This is especially helpful for medium and large corporations. If an employee is unable to show up at work due to certain reasons, they can inform the whole team by updating their schedule on the calendar.

  • Attendance through Mobile

Usually, the hr attendance management system features the fingerprint sensor or biometric attendance system that seems quite inconvenient to employees. Besides, this function works only for employees working in the office. It cannot be used for freelancers and temporary workers who choose to work from home. Fortunately, the latest attendance management system software supports mobile apps. Such software applications allow employees to clock-in and clock-out using the fingerprint sensor and face recognition system on their smartphones.

The employees can use a mobile app to record their attendance electronically. The system is 100% secure as it involves a fingerprint sensor and face recognition. They also get a dashboard, where they can view their working hours, schedule, overtime, allocated tasks, and work status.

  • Seamless Integration

Attendance management works wonders when it is combined with a third-party app or another software system. For instance, if you have payroll management software in your firm and you are planning to install an attendance and time tracking system, then you should look for a system that can be used in cohesion with the payroll software.

However, not all attendance management software solutions are flexible enough to support third-party apps integration. So, make sure you check the specs and quality of the solution before making a purchase.

Type of buyer for Attendance Software

  • Small-scale Companies:
    Small businesses, such as a grocery store or hardware retail outlet, need a dedicated and free biometric attendance software. If you run a small business, then a standard attendance management system with the basic modules will work for you. For example, you do not need analytics, reporting, and biometric attendance management if you only have a few employees.
  • Medium Companies:
    For medium-scale companies, all-featured attendance management software is a must. It is important for businesses to stay up-to-date with the trending technology. Not only does this software help you speed up the expansion of your business, but it gives you enough time to focus on the growth-related tasks. With the time tracking and attendance software handling all the employee management activities, you can use this time to enhance business productivity. Medium-scale companies with 20-30 employees need software that comes packed with a range of automated tools, including but not limited to, time tracking, leave requests, payroll integration, biometric attendance, and cloud-based system.
  • Large Corporations:
    It goes without saying that a large corporation needs a high-quality and premium attendance database management system that helps the company automate almost all the hectic administrative tasks.
    If you have more than a hundred employees working for your company, then it is important to implement the attendance management solution in your firm. You can opt for a cloud-based system that is easy to operate and accessible. Now, large-scale companies need a solution that comes packed with the latest tools. You can customize the solution so that it fits your business requirements.
    Make sure that the more modules you integrate into the system, the more the software will cost. The attendance management software can save your company thousands of dollars. Think about it – you no longer need to hire laborers for attendance and time tracking.
    It also saves you a lot of money on the overpayments due to manual attendance recording errors. Each employee will be paid the compensation they deserve. The payroll is calculated according to the number of hours and days the employee has worked.

Choosing the Best Time Attendance Management Software

There is no denying that automating the attendance and time management can save you a lot of time and bucks. However, selecting the best system for the job can be frustrating. The decision of choosing the best and cost-effective product can turn out to be a little challenging for SMEs and large corporations.

Usually, the business owners select the attendance management system based on their business structure and requirements. You can take a look at the features integrated into the software and make a decision accordingly. Not all companies need an advanced and costly solution.

Your business will do fine with a standard attendance management module that comes packed with the essential functions. If you still have a hard time choosing the best software for your business, then check the below-listed tips.

  • Simple User Interface

You don’t want to spend hours understanding the design and navigation of the attendance management software. You need to select a system that features a simple user interface and intuitive design. You must be able to navigate around the software easily. You will probably want your employees to access and use the free attendance management software (if you want to turn your software into the employee self-service portal) in the future.

  •  Easy to Track Time

The best office attendance software is the one that enables your employees to record their attendance using their smartphones, fingerprints, punch card, and more. What’s the point in buying an attendance management system when the manager has to record the database manually? Look for a system that automates all the attendance-related tasks.

The software must be able to track the overtime hours and sync this data with the payroll module. This way the salaries for overtime hours will automatically be calculated and added to the employee’s payment for the month.

  • Compatible with Mobile Apps

Many workers work from home. Those who are working from remote locations need an advanced attendance management system to register their clock-in, clock-out, and break times. They also need to submit their leave applications and get notifications for approval. To execute all these operations seamlessly, you need the attendance software that’s compatible with smartphones. Your employees must be able to run the software on their devices.

  •  Reporting and Analytics

The primary function of the time tracking and attendance software is to register the employee’s time-offs, clock-in, clock-out, overtime, and breaks. However, the enterprise solution will come equipped with the reporting and analytics module that tracks the attendance pattern and generates reports. Based on these insights, you can change your employee attendance policy to minimize absenteeism.

You could also develop a reward program or offer incentives to employees that show up at work on time. It is important for businesses to analyze the employees’ attendance. You can gather important insights from the detailed management report. The software generates monthly attendance reports that give you insights into your employees’ performance and punctuality.

  •  Notifications and Important Alerts

The employee attendance management software must send regular notifications concerning the overtime, changes in the employment policy, and other crucial information. These notifications are especially important when the employee forgets to clock-in and clock-out. Besides, the automated notifications can be used to notify the employee and manager when the worker is nearing overtime.

Closing Line

A high-quality and customized attendance management system will give you a clear picture of the employee’s clock-in and clock-out times, prevent missed punches, and support seamless attendance tracking. Moreover, it can help save your time on crucial yet hectic administrative tasks and money on laborers.

You could also integrate the attendance management software with third-party apps and other solutions to streamline your management operations. Consider the above-listed factors to choose the best vendor for the attendance management system. So, why wait? Implement a cloud-based attendance management software solution and automate a plethora of administrative tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

The purpose of attendance management software is to gather insights into the employee’s attendance, productivity, and performance. It helps companies know how often the employee requests leave and how often they work overtime. The main goal of this automated software system is to minimize the risk of fraud in the attendance system and boost employee’s productivity.

You don’t need prerequisite knowledge to use time and attendance software. However, some on-premises attendance software solutions feature a complex design. If that’s the case, you will need the training to be able to run the software. Usually, the software vendor and developer offer proper training. They help you get familiar with all the integrated modules and their uses.

How long it takes to implement the attendance management software depends on your vendor and the complexity of the solution. For instance, if you have chosen multiple modules and intricate design, it can take up to 6 months for the vendor to customize and implement the attendance management software in your firm. Cloud-based attendance systems take a month or two for installation.

Yes, the attendance management system is customizable. You can add, remove, and upgrade modules based on your business structure. If the software does not meet your requirements, then you can request the vendor to customize it for you. Most attendance and time tracking software systems are customizable.

Some standard modules that come pre-installed in almost all types of attendance and time tracking software are clock-in and clock-out records, reporting, leave requests, and payroll management. They are the basics. You can integrate a set of trending modules for the best performance. For instance, the biometric app and employee self-service portals are the latest modules that make the attendance management system efficient.

Every company encounters some issues in the HR software at some point. It is, therefore, important to choose a vendor that offers round the clock support assistant. You will not want your attendance system to hamper your mundane business activities because of some technical issues. Besides that, technical bugs are not uncommon. Both cloud-based and on-premises attendance management systems can experience technical issues.

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