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Technology Counter Employee Monitoring Software Buyer's Guide

What is Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee monitoring software goes beyond time tracking and timesheet management. It works as an Attendance Management Software and Employee Management Software. Consider a scenario where you are the manager of a software firm, and you have to assign tasks to your employees. Additionally, you will have to schedule and reschedule tasks to ensure the projects are completed on time. Here an employee monitoring system that gives you a complete perspective of the business activities carried out by your employees, their strengths and weaknesses, and their abilities will make it simpler for you to assign tasks.

Similarly, you will also find it easier to correspond with the Human Resource department of your office with staff monitoring software when you discuss payroll, bonuses, and other disbursements. This is necessary as sometimes disbursements are given based on performance: employee system monitoring software can prove extremely helpful when discussing the performance of your team members. Thus, with employee monitoring tools, you can understand the business activities being carried out by your employees and their proficiency. 

Common Capabilities of Employee Monitoring System

When you start using employee monitoring open-source tools, you expect it to be more than just a time tracking software. When you install an employee tracking system, your objective is to get a complete perspective of your employees' activities. Some of the expectations from employee monitoring software free are as follows:

  • The system should work as useful screen monitoring software to understand the software that you need to install and improve the business activities of your company.
  • It should be a net monitor for employees, professionals, and the stakeholders of your company. You must be able to give business-related information to your company stakeholders based on the large-scale workforce's performance. 
  • Screenshot monitoring software can help you with in-depth monitoring of your employees' business activities, especially concerning the employees who work on-field.
  • With open source employee monitoring software, you should get a complete understanding of your employees' proficiency. It would be best if you also got an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your employees.

The employee monitoring system that you use should give you a complete understanding of all your employees' activities during office hours. This does not mean it will give rise to dystopian work life, but it can help employees achieve a proper work-life balance. 

Who uses the Employee Monitoring Software for Free?

All companies can use employee monitoring software. Software, SEO management firms, and project management companies use screen monitoring software to understand employees' issues better while working. For example, social media firms can use employee internet monitoring software and computer activity monitoring software to evaluate the hours employees spend doing online marketing activities, doing social media postings, or promoting Pay-per-click advertisements. With automation, direct messages or red flags can be set up, especially if the employees are working remotely. In some cases, employee Time Tracking Software can also be used for monitoring employees at work.

Ecommerce companies often use an employee attendance monitoring system as an alternative to the Leave Management Software to keep track of on-field employees' work. Sometimes employees working on-field are not required to report to the office, especially in eCommerce firms. In such cases, an automated system of attendance monitoring system such as remote employee monitoring software can simplify the entire process, and company managers can better understand the number of employees working on-field on a given day. 

Why do you need the Best Remote Employee Monitoring Software?

If you use employee monitoring open source tools and software, you will not get full access to all the best employee monitoring software features. As a business manager, you will need real-time data regarding the business activities being carried out by your company employees within the working hours. You are also responsible for improving their proficiency levels. To do so, you will have to support them in their professional and personal lives as well. In such a scenario, employee screen monitoring, employee pc monitoring, and employee desktop monitoring software can be helpful. It can help business managers gain insight into their employees' productive activities without causing a breach of privacy. 

Any issue that the employee is facing at work can be addressed immediately by the manager and can be resolved. This will ensure that there is no loss in work-hours. Subsequently, this will also ensure that the productivity of the employees is not compromised. When you monitor employee computer activity, you are not just evaluating the work they do on the computer during office hours; you are also keeping track of any issues they face while working. An automated system will ensure that immediate red flags are set up when the system malfunctions or any problems with the work itself. This is necessary to ensure that there are no bottlenecks and the work is completed on schedule.

Market Trends of Employee Monitoring Software

The employee tracking system has now become a complete integrated software that gives the manager a complete perspective of the employees' business activities and functions as HR Software. Company managers nowadays look for employee tracking systems that have employee computer monitoring software with employee pc monitoring tools. Moreover, the system should also generate automated reports and provide company managers with real-time reports regarding the employees' productivity and proficiency. Sometimes computer activity monitoring software can also provide analytical reports regarding productivity metrics. This is necessary to develop employees' proficiency levels and help them in their career paths.

Additionally, with the help of analytics gathered from the data generated from employee screen monitoring software and employee monitoring app, you can evaluate any unproductive activities, evaluate keystrokes to understand the interaction of employees with the machines, and the tools no longer in use can be discontinued. This can help in reducing operational expenses. Thus, the latest employee tracking software trends are developing a comprehensive system, which produces real-time data and offers data management. 

Type of buyer and which Employee Monitoring Software is best fits buyers' needs

The employee monitoring system can be used by all types of companies and all industrial sectors. Larger enterprises often use time tracking software to evaluate employees' productivity levels and generate information regarding unproductive tools and software that can be discontinued. This can prove to help reduce the operational expenses even for the larger business houses.

For small and medium-sized businesses, employee monitoring software can help evaluate the employees' performance and help them achieve work-life balance. For SMBs, data management is necessary to evaluate employees' performance, which time tracking software can offer. 

For self-employed people, employee monitoring software can help with time management. It can help you evaluate, which are your productive and non-productive activities. These can help you improve your business activities in the long-run. The only thing that you should keep in mind while using employee monitoring software is that here you have only one employee, which is you. Moreover, you are the employee and the manager, which makes using the system honestly very important. But if you can use the system adequately, you can identify the non-productive work, reduce it, and promote productive work, thereby improving your proficiency. Thus, employing monitoring software can help all types of business activities and across industrial sectors. 

Choosing the Best Employee Monitoring Software for Vendor

When you purchase an employee monitoring software, it is essential that you first do an objective analysis of your requirements. In other words, you need to answer the questions of why you need the software and what are your expectations from it. If you want a system that lets you evaluate your operational expenses, identify the tools and software that your employees no longer use, and evaluate the best methods to boost employee productivity, then discuss your requirements with the vendor. 

Additionally, if you have an eCommerce firm, it would help if you opted for a remotely operated employee monitoring software. Here you could choose to use a mobile-based application or cloud-based software. Therefore, you should discuss with the company providing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) your requirements and the software's in-built tools. This will also give you an idea of the training you need to provide your managers to implement the software. Thus, before you select software, it is essential to do a requirement analysis and special software meets these.

Similarly, while choosing an employee monitoring software it is important that you discuss with your service provider the tools that you need. For example, if you need a real-time dashboard that will give you analytics of the productive activities being carried out by your employees, then this will require data management and machine learning. Ensure that the system you select supports similar requirements. If you need GPS based tracking to be integrated to monitor your employee activity, then too you can have it integrated in the employee monitoring system. 


Employee monitoring software is not merely an automated tool that helps you evaluate your employees' business activities. It can prove to be crucial in reducing your company's operational expenses, helping your employees achieve work-life balance, and creating metrics to improve your company's productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

Employee monitoring software can help company managers keep track of all the business activities carried out by employees. With the help of an automated system, employees are no longer required to maintain timesheets manually. The single software can work as a comprehensive system that manages employees' attendance, leaves, and business activities. 

Usually, you do not require extensive knowledge of software to handle Employee Time Tracking Software available free. However, you have to ensure that it is user-friendly and the interface is easy to understand. This will help your company managers to handle the system quickly. Otherwise, they will keep facing issues with the software, and that will be frustrating.

There is no fixed timeframe to implement remote employee monitoring software. However, you will need to train your company managers to start using the software. The implementation timing and the time required to train your employees will have to be discussed with the company from whom you are purchasing the software. Once your company managers start using the software, it will be a continuous process, and the only thing you will be required to do is maintain it. 

Most employee monitoring tools come with necessary features like keystroke management, screenshot analysis, real-time data analysis, and other similar features. However, if you require specific exclusive employee monitoring tools, you will have to discuss it with your service-provide. For example, some eCommerce firms require live dashboards to evaluate the business activities of on-field employees. If you need such tools for your company, you have to discuss it with your SaaS provider. Hence, customization of the employee monitoring tools to a certain extent can be done.

If you are looking for third-party integrations for your employee monitoring software, then the first thing you must look for is a system that allows timesheet integrations. This will allow you to check the number of hours logged in by your employees along with the business activities carried out by them. Drawing up metrics and developing statistics based on these metrics will become simpler with all of this data. Thus, the employee monitoring system should offer timesheet, HR, leave, and attendance management features. 

The only point that your company managers should keep in mind while using employee monitoring software is that it should not breach privacy. The software should be used to generate automated reports to improve the company's productivity. It should be designed to help employees evaluate their weaknesses and promote proficiency. The company managers should use it to reduce operational expenses and not to invade anyone's privacy.

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