Reopening schools: Will in-Person Classes, Online Learning, Or A Mix Be The Solution?

Reopening Schools

School management software is a necessity even while conducting classes physically because of the features. School software ensures an efficient learning process for students and reduces the school tasks.

The COVID-19 lockdown has had a significant impact on businesses and every other aspect of life. Students are not able to go to schools and colleges. Even private classes are impacted and have got closed down. Students have to choose other modes of appearing for the examination, particularly from their home. This, too, has affected their ability to show their true talent. 

Even if the coronavirus lockdown ends, catching up with the deficit of missed syllabus is going to be a challenge for teachers. Thus, these teachers and students are planning to find an alternative like in-person classes to ensure that they impart the knowledge to their students and do not miss any vital aspect of their studies. 

The lockdown is the only way of maintaining social distancing to let the pandemic die out in due course. Therefore, conducting in-person learning vs. online learning are the proposed resolutions. However, whether ‘online vs. in-person classes’ is the big question they have. Below are some points that will help you differentiate between them and help you decide what the key takeaways are. 

Here are some prominent features of online classes 

features of online classes

1. Social distancing 

The biggest concern that led to the quarantine is the risk of contracting and spreading the coronavirus infection. Virtual learning with online classes makes it possible for students to stay at the safety of the house and seek education. 

The E-learning software option is the surest way of learning, and it is the best way of maintaining social distancing. 

2. Group learning 

For a teacher or professor, teaching an individual student or a group is equally time-consuming. Inputting the same amount of effort but getting a higher output is a better deal. 

One of the reasons why the online learning option is so useful is because it facilitates group learning. One teacher can dedicate the same amount of time to as many students as possible. This allows the learning of more individuals while reducing teachers' efforts. 

3. Easy sharing of data 

Online school management solutions like via video chats also allow sharing files like audios, videos, and PDFs. This helps the students to have a single point of learning. He or she can find all the notes and reference information, all at the group learning option. 

4. Data compilation 

Another important feature of online school software is that students can ask doubts by chatting. The teachers can respond to them and clear the students’ doubts. These doubts can also be compiled into forming a data bank and FAQs for further references. 

In fact, some of these questions can also be helpful in easily shaping the training modules and courses. 

However, despite all the online learning system effectiveness and merits, the online classes have certain limitations. 

Why are in-person classes better than online classes? 

in-person classes

1- Better interaction 

One of the key ways of making sure that education is instilled effectively is by conducting in-person classes. The face-to-face interaction interface is undoubtedly better than the digital method. 

Also, students can ask questions in real-time, which they can immediately get the answer for. 

2- More hands-on experience and better practical 

The in-person method of conducting classes allows students to gain better experience and exposure to the subjects. The teachers can hand some samples to the students to see. 

Besides, some subjects like physics and chemistry require conducting practical. The online videos help the students with the right and insightful information on subjects like these; however, they are not so effective as hands-on practicals. 

The in-person classes are even more effective in providing hands-on experiences. 

3- Higher individual attention 

Giving individual attention is the biggest challenge of taking online classes. Even with online group teaching, the teacher cannot focus attention on every student. However, the traditional method of in-person coaching is best known for being more interactive, even on an individual level. 

The teacher can judge a student’s mental presence and ask questions to understand whether he or she is attentive or not or make the student pay attention to the lecture.  

The best online learning management system is a perfect solution to give personalized attention to each student.  

A better proposal 

Some people suggest the mix of both these methods of teaching. The easiness and practicality of online teaching and the interactive ability of traditional, face-to-face teaching can work wonders in combination in the following ways. 

1- Online theory and in-person practical's 

As stated above, learning practicals is not possible online. However, completely switching to in-person coaching is not feasible for many reasons. One way to meet both these needs is by opting for online coaching for teaching theories and in-person coaching for practical. 

2- Mostly online with sometimes offline coaching 

Another way to ensure to bring about the positive changes with the right knowledge is by opting for the online method for most of the teaching; however, at times, the teacher can take in-person classes for students who need dedicated attention. 

3- Coaching online and conducting tests offline 

Conducting tests online gives the students a way to cheating; many students use malpractices like copying as the invigilator cannot keep a look at every student's activity. Thus, choosing the online method for coaching and in-person for exams is a good resolution. 


The online classes vs. traditional classes debate have several aspects to look at; they both have good benefits. However, the mixed method of coaching can be the best resolution for meeting all the students’ needs. 

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