7 lessons to learn from software selection mistakes made in 2019

Software buying mistakes 2019
In this blog learn 7 lessons from the software buying mistakes made by buyers in 2019. These lessons will guide you to make well-informed decisions towards your successful software buying journey.

The global increase in available prime choices of technology solutions has created a dilemma in the software buyer's mind. As now it is difficult to decide which software a buyer should go for to comply with his organizational needs. 

The software market places like us have come up with aid to this problem. As at such marketplaces you can find the best software providers and compare them on the basis of their features, prices, and customer support to pick the perfect fit for your organization. Choosing software can be difficult but fear not. In this article, we’ll break down the top seven lessons you should learn from the mistakes that software buyers have made in 2019 to find the right software and feel confident in your decision. 

1.Not to make software decisions based on brand popularity

It’s a fact that most of the businesses make their software buying decisions based on a brand’s popularity. Somewhat this is the reason for the chaos that is happening all around us. For new buyers, it is a great thing to learn from the misconceptions of the software buyers and not to repeat the mistakes that they have made last year. 

On the front, not all businesses follow this way of buying software and take some time to actually evaluate and compare the top brands on the marketplaces. We hope that this year businesses will be more informed about their decisions and select their perfect fit software.

2.Well-informed buying decisions is the only way to succeed

As we were discussing that not all businesses buy their software by just looking at the brand name and actually make their buying decisions after reinvesting time in the evaluation of their own needs before deciding upon a vendor.  

However, when most businesses are making their software decisions based on shinney objects and marketing strategies, to end up choosing the wrong software. Well-informed decisions can lead your business to success. It’s a perfect time when you need to make intelligent decisions by analyzing your needs and requirements.    

lessons to learn from software selection mistakes made in 2019

3.Don’t fall for flashy & shiny marketing strategies

FOMO is anytime not a great thing for b2b. We all know today’s marketing strategies of providers are all about to give all or say sell everything they have. Not all, but businesses did fall for shinny and flashy marketing strategies of software providers last year, and a lot of times they end up choosing the wrong software. 

We hope, with learning from the last year’s mistakes most buyers will understand the need for proper planning before making such important software decisions. 

4.Investing in the software you don’t require, will take you nowhere

The market is filled with dozens of software options that are designed to address the problem you are having. As we are discussing the lessons to learn from last year’s mistakes, the most important lesson would be how not traped into the puzzle and end up selecting software that we don’t even need. Something that has happened on a very large scale last year.

Try to bring in additional information by visiting other software users to filter the underlying issues and get the right requirements by browsing in-depth user reviews from other users like you. Knowing what your teams want from the software they use, will help you get closer to making the right choice for your business. 

5.Stop overspending on features you don’t need

2019 was the year of great success for many and for some, the year has not provided the expected outcomes even after overspending on the top features. One of the biggest reasons for this failure was not Identifying the problems and exact requirements of features that they need. 

If you’re not sure where to start. Follow these ways to know your problems and business requirements better. It will help you narrow down the features.

  • Try to deep dive into knowing current problems and issues.
  • Evaluate all your current software vendors for better insights.
  • Find out what issues businesses like yours are having and the features they are using to address them. 
  • How easy it will be for your staff to use) 

6.Documenting the purchasing strategy to avoid poor planning outcomes

One of the major mistake that we have observed, made by the 2019 software buyers was not documenting the purchasing strategy. Which automatically led to unexpected outcomes. 

This year new buyers should make sure that the documentation of their purchasing strategy will be done on priority. Such as getting information on what major obstacles to growth are you facing? What have been your most profitable tactics so far? 

After creating a comprehensive software list, it’s time to narrow it down to a manageable shortlist of realistic options for better selection.

7.Break the ice between the team your software decisions / Try not to assume what’s best for your team

We believe that in 2020 every small effort from your organization will count. Every employee of yours will play a vital role in your business growth. To build confidence amongst your team you got to break all barriers and talk to your team to see what your end-user will actually need. 

Consult with you about the issues that they have with the current solutions and what development they are expecting. This small discussion will lead you to 

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