5 Things To Do At Your Workplace Post Lockdown

Post Lockdown strategy
Many businesses are distressed about their employees’ health and resorted to working from home methods to keep their employees safe and operations running smoothly. Yet, the question still remains the same are they prepared for the post lockdown situations. This is our take on what should be done and what measures can adopt to avoid distinct events related to finance and health post lockdown. Check out this blog post to know 5 things to do at your workplace post lockdown and prepare it for the distant impact of coronavirus.

While many of us will be celebrating in the ease of restrictions, it does not mean life will hold back to normalcy immediately. We’ll still have to be aware and reluctant towards coronavirus, maybe we have to take more precautions than before. Also, encourage and ensure that others around us do the same, as only together we can win.

If your organization like others, is restless and awaiting restrictions to end, you might want to give it a second thought after reading this. The post lockdown period is one of the most challenging for businesses in India, and it is too early to calculate the long term effects of the coronavirus pandemic in India.

With rules getting lenient and enforcement kind enough in the early stages of resuming operations and managing the workforce but as it may seem will be more difficult what we see now. One should also consider the other ways to counter distinct challenges that can help them enjoy the work-life post lockdown in India. 

Things That You Should Do at Your Workplace After The Lockdown Ends

1. Avoid mass gathering  
Maintaining distance from mass gathering simply just doesn't apply to weddings and sanctuaries but, also, your cafeteria and meetings. It includes making policies to follow authorities' guidelines on how many people can gather in an area. In most cases, authorities ask to keep not more than ten people or a group until the effect of the pandemic slows down.

Precautions you should follow In such gatherings

  • Conduct a scan of every participant to ensure they don’t have any coronavirus symptoms
  • Keep track and details of every invitee their health and if they have any of coronavirus symptoms
  • COVID-19 protocols for social distancing and medical health should be followed diligently
  • All such personnel should be provided separate sanitization gear like face mask and gloves

Workplace After The Lockdown Ends

2. Double down the hygiene practices 

Perhaps, while staying at home during the lockdown, you and your employees might have relaxed and given up on some of your cleanliness practices. It’s important that they'll just be back at the most level once you get back to work. Being careful about good habits will be critical. 

Here are some habits that you should be aware of in the workplace.

  • Wash your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitizer every time you go out and touch doorknobs, lift, and other surfaces with your exposed hands.
  • Encourage a namaste instead of shaking hands to avoid getting contact with the virus.
  • Wipe down the work area, mouse, console, and screen every day with a paper towel and liquor rub before you start work.
  • Enjoy a break from your screen at regular intervals for a minute or two for a good health
  • Avoid using shared cutlery in case if you badly need to utilize office cutlery,  make sure you wash it yourself. 

    3. Security check at all levels and availability of PPE
    If one does not already exist, develop, and agree on a response plan in the case if someone becomes ill with a novel coronavirus infection at one of your workplaces. It’s time when you must prepare for the worse before you step out. It must include enough supplies of face masks, hand sanitizers, thermal scanners, cleansers, gloves, toilet seat sanitizers, and tissue papers. 
  • Encourage workers to stay home if they are sick to avoid any of the contacts with healthy individuals.
  • Follow respiratory etiquette, including covering coughs and sneezes.
  • Advise workers about not using other workers’ phones, desks, offices, or other work tools and equipment, if possible.
  • Maintain regular housekeeping practices, including routine cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, equipment, etc..
  • Maintain flexible policies that encourage employees to stay home to care for a sick family member
  • Right now is an ideal time to getting your workplace ready for coronavirus effects post lockdown. You should start practicing these things, it doesn’t matter whether the virus has started to slow down or has been eliminated from the community where you work

        4. Social distancing at work 
Maybe by the time you resume operations at your workplace, the lockdown will be over. However, that doesn't mean that there is no need for social/physical distancing any longer. As an employer, it is your foremost duty to comply with the guidelines of authorities regarding social distancing at work to build a better work environment.

Strict operational rules to be followed

  • No employees should be sitting closer than 6 feet to another employee
  • Not more than 10 people in for a meeting
  • Staggered lunch breaks to avoid gatherings
  • Maintain at least an hour gap between shifts
  • Encourage the use of stair instead of lifts
  • Not more than 4 persons in a lift in case if using
  • Strictly no visitors should be allowed in offices

    Social distancing at work

    5. Go digital and grow 

The way we used to work has changed a lot since the lockdown started in our country. We made ourselves capable of doing things that we were not accustomed to. Most of us are wondering why we need a workplace to work. These speculations are clearly questioning the traditional need of a working place to work that remained unchanged until now. 

As today no one knows when the situation will return to “normalcy”. The global economy is facing a downturn, causing depression among both employees and employers. Diverse time has forced us to change and adapt things we were ignoring for quite a time. Possibilities that this swift move to go digital may come naturally for most of us but the transition is certain.

What is it meant by going digital?

  • Increased trust in remote workers
  • Investment in the benefits of working from home
  • Shrinking time horizons as we worry more about work, not the hours)
  • Lower working cost for employers and employees
  • .Increased productivity and trust amongst individuals

    Closing words

This was our take on what should be done and what measures can adopt to avoid distinct events related to finance and health post lockdown. These low-cost measures above will help you to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections in your workplace. Also, these guidelines will provide you with the much-needed support to prepare your office for post lockdown events. 

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