Choose a Right PIM Solution For Your eCommerce Business

Product Information Management Solution for eCommerce

What to select a right Product Information Management (PIM) solution for your eCommerce business? Don't miss reading this post to get exclusive insights into it.

Today’s modern clients expect to find the product information they want rapidly on any network of their choice to create the purchase resolutions. Rich products content is vital to a linked client experience that indicates to well customer engagement and amplified sales. 

Product of compound products who sell and service products through multi-tiered network partners face numerous challenges in conveying the accurate product content to meet the requirements of the clients at several touchpoints throughout the consumer's life cycle.

What Is Product Information Management (PIM)?

PIM Solution is the method of handling all the info required to marketplace and sell products through supply channels. An inner association to support a multichannel advertising strategy creates this product record.

Product Information Management (PIM) System delivers a single residence to collect, accomplish, and improve your product info, create a product catalog, and allocate it to your deals and eCommerce channels. Moreover, a PIM solution could be the best for businesses that manage multiple product information.

Why E-Commerce Business Needs A PIM Solution?

It is no more a top-secret that prevalent search engines like Google and Bing criticize separate content and this hints at the extreme collapse in the website's position.   

Implementing product information management solutions, you can manage precise product info, exclusive product content, fertility which pleases search engines. Furthermore, your products are classified and placed out and the more inclusive product descriptions are, it becomes easier for users to find the product they are looking for. Product Information Management solution helps to enlarge the brand occurrence in the eCommerce marketplace and recovers animate search results.

  1. PIM Supports Data Migration When Re-Platforming

PIM for eCommerce migrating your current e-store to a new platform is a challenging mission. If it is not achieved appropriately, it can cause enormous damage to the occupation. PIM critically supports simple to complex re-platforming schemes. Product Information Management can steadily transfer bulk data when drifting from your place too, unlike web expansion platforms. 

  1. Product Information Management Improves Data Management

The Product Information Management allows a particular mark data storage, which can be used through numerous storefronts, instinctive applications, and all other schemes within the commercial organization. With Product Information Management, an association is promoted with the methodical workflow of product info at different stages and boards, enhanced data quality, and concentrated period to add and amend product evidence.

Benefits / Advantages Of Using A PIM Solution

A Product Information Management organization will support, collect, improve, achieve and allocate product information to numerous channels. It can increase the quality of the info and it will provide reliability in the product data with actual-time updates. Here mentioned below 5 benefits of using a Product Information Management solution:

  1. Earlier, Informal Updates 

A standard PIM structure permits you to update product evidence instantly, in any language, and through all of your advertising and dissemination channels as well as your in-house branches. If you’re using a modified resolution, however, those superior customizations that were executed might not work while you update the system.

Similarly, an organization PIM won’t fight with new software – but a customized Product Information Management might confuse things. In practical terms, whether you are trying to accomplish product statistics in Dynamics NAV, downloading a creation data plugin for Dynamics AX or executing the alternative type of ERP platform, an extremely customized PIM might not participate flawlessly with what you are trying to do. 

  1. Faster Application

If you resemble to get your Product Information Management system ongoing exactly away, consider this: A PIM will very likely take much longer to implement than an ordinary solution. The key to prosperous selling is getting the product to the marketplace as fast as possible. 

  1. PIM System Charges Low

It stands repeating: an average Product Information Management usually costs thousands of dollars less than a customized one, because the further customization of the Product Information Management system is, the higher the charge will be. Custom PIM is costly because updated systems have a lot of new features which help to modify your business. 

  1. You Know Precisely What It’s Going To Charge

With an average PIM system, you do not individually distinguish what you are receiving, you also know how much it is going to charge. If you hire a developer to build a personalized Product information management, you may find price increases rapidly. Also, it would further go out of control as the respective innovative features get added. 

  1. You Are Spending In A More Future – Proof Resolution 

When it comes to investing in IT solutions, it is vital to invest in stages that will control just as effectively a few years from now as they do today. This durability is confirmed through continual product updates.

A customized Product Information Management stage, however, is subject to the organization – and precincts – of its creator. The customizations you have made will likely not exertion when your clarification is updated to a fresher version, and you will have to create the customization all over again. 

Plus, average Product Information Management system workers offer immediate mobile and web support if you have any functioning questions. Equally, a private originator might not have the resources to offer widespread in-house training – or constant mobile or web support. It helps you to learn more technical services.

Top 6 PIM Solutions For E-Commerce Businesses

To boost sales by managing data with product information management for eCommerce, you can consider reputed PIM tools. After comparing plenty of PIM software and learning about their easier UI, we found that the below-mentioned five tools are highly effective and reliable for small to middle scale businesses. Want to learn? Well, let’s get started 

  1. Pimcore

Pimcore is one of the most popular and reliable solutions platforms that allows you to build and implement a robust PIM solution at zero licensing costs. Moreover, Pimcore enables you with both data management and experience management that helps you not only manage your product data effectively but also create and distribute compelling product content across the different sales and marketing channels. 

It allows you to collect, manage, enrich syndicate, consolidate and distribute the product data on multiple output channels from a single platform. Moreover, it allows you to leverage Digital Asset Management capabilities to enable your target audience with optimal user experiences across your eCommerce store, mobile app, and website as well as different marketplaces.

  1. Akeneo

In case you own an enterprise-level business and want an effective solution, then going with Akeneo will be a remarkable choice. It is specially designed to power your omnichannel and it is also offering cross-border commerce initiatives. This platform provides efficient working with the ability to handle large quantities. You can feel the convenience and expect a great number of advantages. It also provides tens of thousands of SKU handling capacity along with the ability to adopt hundreds of product attributes.

  1. Riversand

All those brands that are working at the enterprise level and want a better option, then preferring Riversand is the best choice for them. It is a great Product Information Management for eCommerce, and it is providing up-to-date product information in easy clicks. 

Using this tool for any kind of retail business is easy, and it provides additional features like merchandising accounting, simple UI, effective customer support, and a lot more to help you out. These reasons can make you love this tool. The ability to support e-catalog with a simpler UI can make you understand why this tool is the right one for you.

  1. Salsify

When it comes to the better reach of any product information management then going with a cloud-based solution will be a better choice. These kinds of peculiar functionality can be availed from Salsify. You can provide easy access to everyone from the organization, and there will be real-time data updates around the globe. The overall advantage is easy to understand when you are dealing with thousands of products and their attributes. The best part is, it is a scalable platform to provide better usability in real-time.

  1. Inriver 

It is the push product information management and it is offering easy access to any virtual channel. From working on eCommerce sites to PoS systems, you are getting better usability. It is slightly expensive and there are no public prices available for this software but you can get it directly from their website. For Magento-based OS, this PIM is the best choice and it can save you plenty of bucks when working on a large number of products and processing lots of attribute data in a single time.

  1. Plytix

For bulk editing, you can get an all-in-one solution such as Plytix. It is a great working digital asset management tool that has a vast number of features. Though you might have some issues learning the UI, the easy learning guide along with proper customer support can come in handy. It is providing essential features like DAM, brand portals, product data syndication, analytics, product sheets, and more features in one place. Having features like import and export saves your time.


No matter how attractive all the bells and shrieks might be, the best product information management for your business is, truthfully, the one that provides all the necessities for your business. Also, it provides regular updates and preservation – all sponsored by excessive support and physical activity services. Eventually, the best PIM for the eCommerce system is the one that’s not only the well - organized but also offers the best ROI for your company. 

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