Why Check Website Traffic and Analyze the Statistics?

Website Traffic Checker

This article will tell you how you can utilize the various website trackers to gain an advantage by studying the data of your own web page as well as your competitor's. 

Every online store intends to have a high conversion rate of its web resources. But many fail to spend time checking their website traffic data. These data, when analyzed, can give an insight into various things. Such an analysis, in turn, can help you to build strategies for your future business.

But those who are new in this web world may not find it easy to check their web traffic. This article will tell you how you can utilize the various website trackers to gain an advantage by studying the data of your own web page as well as your competitors'.

Why do people use these web traffic trackers?

The data derived from these trackers give you information about -

  • The web page visitors' actions
  • The total number of people visiting a particular site
  • The performance of your company's web page
  • The ongoing trends and what interests your customers
  • How to plan the content and the marketing strategies based on the available data

If you can analyze the statistics correctly, it will help you sort out any issues regarding your promotion strategies. You can plan more effectively. Such initiatives will give you the needed prominence.

Why do people need to use website traffic checkers to analyze the traffic of a web page?

It's a competitive world. Everyone is trying their best to remain in the game. More so, web traffic has increased significantly during the pandemic era. People are more reliant on online stores to avail the things they require. Various Website Traffic checker free tools are available for you to start with. If you find them useful, you can opt for the paid versions later. Now, the question is, why are so many people using these trackers? Why do you need to use it too? Here are the answers.

  • You get an idea of the percentage of the target audience who are checking out your website (based on the total count).
  • You will get to know about the different traffic sources that generate the maximum number of target visitors.
  • The statistics will tell you about the amount of time a visitor spends on average to go through your page.
  • The data also tell you the number of pages they view in general.
  • And finally, you will be in a position to understand what to do next to improve your web page's performance. It will help you to achieve your predetermined goals.

What are the indicators for determining website traffic?

Some of the indicators are -

  • The number of sessions (The number of visits a web page receives within a stipulated period.)
  • The number of pages visited by the user
  • The average session duration
  • The number of users visiting your website
  • Bounce rate
  • The different channels
  • Devices used for the search
  • Page clicks
  • Average position of your website in search results

How can one see how much traffic a website witnesses?

You can choose any of the online tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMRush, Ahrefs, SimilarWeb, Serpstat, etc., to track the traffic of your website. Many people prefer using more than one tool to have an edge in this competitive world.


Make sure to analyze and compare the present result with the previous ones. Also, check how the rival companies' web pages are performing. You will be able to reform your current strategies if required to witness a better performance. 

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