What Is a Learning Management System and What Benefits Can It Bring to Your Business?


Let’s dive into the learning management system and its benefits for SMEs. And good luck navigating the normal world. 

What a crazy couple of years! It looks like we’ve moved a decade forward in terms of online features, but it’s only been about a year. While people have made an impact everywhere, one area that seems to be within the limits of existential change is education. 

After all, traditional academic education, whether K-12 or higher, has been mostly personal teaching in the classroom. In fact, when I was studying for my teacher when I told the College of Teachers that I only taught online, they had a hard time believing. Of course, it was a few years ago, but before COVID-19, most teachers expected to look their students in the eye. 

Now, however, schools are moving forward cautiously in an ever-changing world. Schools, districts, and parents all make their own decisions - and the decision of many is to take education online and do it at an unprecedented pace. Other schools are opening. And many schools are trying to adopt a more flexible hybrid approach that will allow them to change their programs with the drop in the CDC directive. 

The same goes for many companies. Although many employees have worked remotely, the need for company-wide telework has not only shifted face-to-face training online but has increased the need for training because it is less practical to visit the next cab for help and guidance. 

In the context of the new normal, we present a guide to 12 highly capable learning management systems, each offering a different approach to learning management. We’ll show you customized LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM solutions for K-12 and higher education, LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM solutions for business and SMEs, and even one to help you sell your own courses and another that optimizes the ability to offer custom certifications.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the learning management system providers. And good luck navigating the normal world.


LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, from the English Learning Management System, is designed to facilitate the management and administration of teaching or other forms of education. For this purpose, they use a number of integrated tools, which are used not only to communicate but also to manage individual courses, insert teaching materials or organize lessons.

LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is one of the basic tools of an e-learning system, which is why it is often referred to as an e-learning system. In addition to purely distance learning, they also help effectively during full-time teaching, where they can be used as a source of teaching materials or a means of testing knowledge.

You know how to make the most of our time, resources, and qualities, especially when personal or collective circumstances allow or allow it, to always keep in mind so that we can improve and achieve a higher level of success, well-being, and happiness. Therefore, we must take advantage of browsing time to read, write, blog, play, view tutorials or other multimedia content, or attend classes and/or perform online courses. And for the latter, LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM platforms.

Las LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Platforms or Platforms Offered Online Learning Management Systems, are those whose Systems (best software or applications) are geared towards the transmission of non-face-to-face training information, as its primary goal is to manage all variables in the digital learning process.

It should be noted that the meaning of "LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" comes from an abbreviation consisting of the English phrase: "Learning Management System", which in Spanish means "Learning Management System" o "SGA".

And that they focus their work on the implementation of these two areas mainly:

  • Management of participating students/students
  • Distribution of electronic or digital learning (e-learning) content.


Among the most important are:

  • Manage digital teaching content: via information networks, ICT and the Internet.
  • Generate reports on all processes and participants: facilitates analysis of the training process and relevant decision-making.
  •  Manage activities: from managed platform participants. Includes eg Students, Trainers, administrators and courses, exams, notes, schedules.

Purposes and uses

Among the most important are:

Purpose of the company

  • Train staff
  • Run online Consultants for clients
  • Execute Attraction Marketing Strategies (Inbound Marketing)
  • Allow online support for customers or members of the organization, product, or service offered.

Commercial purpose

  • Achieve integration with digital marketing platforms
  • Reflect the brand of your organization, product, or service
  • Payment methods for providing a service or selling a product should be included.
  • Provide mail marketing mechanisms (mail marketing)
  • You can automate sales processes for online courses and services of a similar nature.

Academic end

  • Massively manage students and courses/workshops
  • Run the metrics from the taught training process
  • Achieve Compatibility with proven training techniques/methods such as SCORM
  • Design training structures efficiently and easily with teachers, instructors, and administrators


1. Commercial

A few of the most popular platforms of this type include:

  • Light mode 
  • Class Life 
  • Docebo : 
  • Headphones : 
  • Litmos : 
  • Nubily :

2. Free and open

Among the best known LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM platforms of this type can be mentioned:

  • Director : 
  • Chamilo : 
  • Thousands of classrooms : 
  • Moodle :


We hope that this "useful little message" on top of Plataformas LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM online, many of which are created and used Learning Management Software and offer an alternative to a powerful, free, and open to teach and learn, is very interesting and useful as a whole and a large contribution to a wonderful Nice, gigantic and growing ecosystem of dissemination.

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