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Technology Counter Business Process Management Software Buyer's Guide

What is Business Process Management Software (BPM)?

Business Process Management (BPM) software is an automation tool that can simplify the entire process of managing a company's business processes. For company workflow management, identifying and eliminating bottlenecks, and evaluating the daily expenses, it is essential to carry out project management activities. However, doing these internal business activities and ensuring that your business runs successfully can be too complicated. With the help of Business Management Software and BPM tools, you can simplify the entire process. Some of the essential features of Business Process Management software are as follows:

  • Business Process Management helps in making the process of making business decisions more straightforward and making it all the more disciplined. The lifecycle of a Business Process Management solution begins with designing the solution, modeling it, and then executing it. 

  • When you make the Business Process Management solution in your business organization software-based, you can bypass all significant problems and arrive at a suitable solution that will meet your business requirements. It will simplify your business activities, and the various BPM tools will help you monitor your company's daily business activities with ease. 

  • As the Business Process Management solutions do not require extensive coding knowledge, even non-technical staff of your company can use it. All you need to do is provide them with a certain amount of training to get associated with the software and the tools and are capable of using the solution to reduce their workload and streamline the daily business operations of your firm.

  • You can use the software to compute most of the daily activities of your business organization. This lends you greater insight into the daily activities of your company. You could use the software to remove any office administration related issues if these were to arise. This will help you streamline the daily business activities of your company.

  • The software can also help you with task allocation, simplifying the entire process of managing a business organization. Task allocation has to be done based on the expertise and proficiency levels of the members of your workforce. If you have Business Process Management tools to help you with this process, it not only simplifies the process of task allocation but also ensures that the tasks are allocated to the correct individuals.

  • Companies nowadays are opting for cloud-based Business Management Software so that all members of the managerial team can have access to the ongoing business process in real-time. Additionally, you do not have to be dependent on a single server to access your BPM software. With cloud-based software, you can evaluate the activities of your business organization anytime and from anywhere. 

The Business Process Management software you select should be as per the industrial sector to which your company belongs. As the business operations of different companies vary based on the services the companies provide, the business solutions offered by the Business Process Management software will also differ. The services offered by accounting firms are different from those offered by a software firm. Moreover, the workforce of an accounting firm's technical expertise will also be different from that of software or an IT firm. Hence, not just the solutions that the Business Process Management software provides but also the software's technical capabilities will also differ. 

Buyers Guide for Business Process Management

Thus, Business Process Management software is a comprehensive solution with multiple capabilities designed as per the industry to which the particular business organization belongs, and it helps to streamline all business activities of the particular firm.

Standard Capabilities of Business Process Management Solution

BPM software is designed to simplify the management of a business organization and help the management of a company gain a better understanding of its company's daily activities. When you start using business process management tools, you are looking for methods to simplify and shorten the daily business activities. However, all BPM software has some similar capabilities, which you can modify to suit your business requirements. Hence, you do not have to worry about developing software that is exclusive to your company's requirements. You can simply use premier business process management software to meet the requirements of your company. Some of the standard capabilities of most BPM software and tools are as follows: 

Important Features of Business Process Management System

• Workflow management

Whether it is a small or medium-sized, or large-scale one, all businesses need to have efficient workflow management processes to simplify your company's daily activities. Say, for instance, you are an entrepreneur or a business manager, and you have to allocate tasks of a given project to a team. The task allocation must be done as per the capabilities and proficiency of the team members. You also need to keep track of the progress of the project. You will also need to develop reports to share with your team, other members of your managerial staff, and the client. The entire process must be completed smoothly, without any bottlenecks. With the help of BPM tools, you can evaluate, check, design, and even execute workflows. You can also incorporate employee interactions, additional data, and a single BPM platform. When you check the BPM tools list available on the platform, you will find one that automates the workflow management. So when you have built the initial workflow design, you can automate the entire process and keep adding new data to the existing design. This simplifies the entire process of managing a business, allocating tasks, and evaluating the results of daily business activities.

• Simplifying complex business decision

When you have to make complex business decisions, it often helps to see a statistical representation of various aspects of the decisions. With BPM software's help, you can create a complex set of situations, rules, workflows, charts, and see their respective outcomes. This is important because you can evaluate the outcome before executing a particular workflow or business design. This can prove to be essential when you are opting for predictive analysis. This can help in improving the overall business model of your company. Moreover, predictive analysis can also help you identify the best business decision, workflow design, and task allocations for a single project and multiple projects for your business organization. Thus, with the help of BPM software, you can simplify the entire process of making complex business decisions.

• Business analytics

The latest business management software is designed to provide you with an in-depth analysis of the business processes currently being used in your business organization. With proper BPM application, you can come up with Key Performance Indicators or KPI. KPIs are an essential feature of BPM software as they can help you set goals that are quantifiable and achievable. By analyzing the data gathered from the ongoing projects and analyzing against the specific industry's performance, you can identify methods that can help improve your company's overall performance. KPI management forms an essential part of business analytics, which is also an added capability of BPM software. Based on the metrics and the KPI reports, you can develop methodologies to improve your business strategies.

• Data integration

When you carry out business analytics, you also need to employ methods for integrating the information that you have gathered from the BPM software with a third-party for better analytics. However, if you want to implement data integration, you can do so using the same BPM platform. Data integration is essential to analyze the performance of the current workflows. You can also create better workflows with the analysis and improve the performance of your company. Data integration is also essential to improve the user interface and apply data management across systems.

Thus, BPM tools have numerous capabilities, and you do not need to develop software aligned to your company's requirements. You can use the existing tools to generate information useful for your company.

Who Uses Business Process Management System?

The BPM system can be used by all business organizations across various industrial sectors. Companies belonging to industrial sectors such as healthcare, legal firms, insurance companies, communication and media, electronics, software, Information Technology (IT), life sciences, and many more firms use BPM solutions. All companies implementing BPM software look forward to streamlining their business activities and productivity. For example, if you were to implement Enterprise HR Software, your target is to streamline the organizational part of your company. Such BPM software is usually required by IT or software companies with an extensive Human Resource Department, and resource allocation is an essential activity. If the workforce is too large, you will need designated software to help you manage the workforce and ensure that all individuals in various departments can work proficiently. Some of the companies that look to using BPM systems are as follows:

  • For software and IT companies' workflow development and task, allocations are both essential for such firms. It is essential because these companies usually work with an extensive workforce and task allocation is essential for the business organizations to work efficiently.

  • Managers often use BPM software to gain better insight into their respective business organizations' daily working and functioning.

  • Entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses use SMB software to evaluate their firms' expenses and administrative activities.

  • Project managers have to use various types of SMB software to understand all aspects of their ongoing and upcoming projects.

Thus, everyone in your company can benefit from BPM software, be it your HR managers, software department, or project managers. The BPM system's objective is to simplify your company employees' tasks and reduce their administrative workload. This will allow them to concentrate more on business-building activities. Moreover, a BPM system will help you get a better insight into your company's working and management. Therefore, a software-based BPM system can be used by all company employees, business managers, and entrepreneurs to improve their respective work proficiencies and productivity.

Why Do You Need the Best Business Process Management Software?

When you are thinking of installing and using a software-based Business Process Management System, your objective should be to ensure that it meets all your company requirements. Hence, it is advisable that you do a market study and evaluates some of the best BPM software available. This will help you simplify the process of selecting one that meets most of your requirements. Experts also mention that while selecting BPM software, you need to do a requirement analysis as well. Say, for instance, you need to access the process management software anytime and from anywhere.

Then you need to look for the best cloud business process management software. This will give you access to the software anytime and from anywhere. You can also access cloud-based BPM software from multiple devices. The improved accessibility will help you gain greater insight into the daily activities of your company. However, there are many more benefits to the best BPM software, and some of these are as follows:

Best Reasons to Choose a Business Process Management System

• Reduction of errors

With the help of BPM tools incorporated in the software, you can reduce the margin of error. Since most of the tasks will be automated, you will not have to worry about human errors, such as allocating tasks to individuals who are not proficient in particular work responsibilities. Moreover, with automation, you can also identify which tasks have been executed. You can identify which tasks need your immediate attention and which need to be re-allocated. Thus, with the help of the best BPM tools, you can reduce your margin error and improve proficiency.

• Provides flexibility

The BPM system will help you gain greater flexibility when you make business decisions. You can easily make changes to the projects, add new workflows, and develop new statistics. You can also get a better understanding of the ongoing projects with improved data management. The flexibility with which you can make changes to the ongoing projects can benefit your business organization immensely. You do not have to inform the workforce individually as you can incorporate the changes in the project workflows, and information will be delivered automatically. The increased flexibility and the simplicity with which you can make changes to the ongoing projects will improve your company's overall efficiency, which can benefit your business organization in the long run.

• Improves performance

Some of the best software-based BPM systems are designed to improve your company employees' performance and efficiency level. When you allocate tasks, you can easily do so based on the particular employees' experience and ability to execute the given tasks proficiently. You can add to the existing project to improve the proficiency and pace of the project. You can identify employees who are better suited for new tasks that may have arisen as the project is being executed and re-allocated tasks. In other words, a BPM system will help you improve the performance of your employees and make it easier for them to complete the projects with ease.   

• Reduces the burden of administrative tasks

With an efficient BPM system in place, you can reduce administrative tasks for your employees. Your management staff need not worry about designing complex workflows, ensuring that the tasks are completed as per the workflows created, or identify and eliminate bottlenecks. Once you incorporate a BPM system in your business organization and develop a single workflow pattern, you can continue using it for subsequent projects by incorporating changes in the original workflow designed.  This can help reduce the burden of administrative tasks on your employees, and they can concentrate on developing your business organization.

• Improves productivity and performance

The objective of a BPM system is to improve the productivity of a business organization. But some of the best software-based BPM systems that are available in the market will simplify most tasks by using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to automate most of the tasks that are usually performed by your managerial staff. One of the simplest methods of improving productivity is using predictive analysis to identify causes of bottlenecks and prevent these early on the project. Based on data gathered from similar or ongoing projects, your project managers can automate most of the tasks and also identify the issues that might arise as the present project proceeds. With the help of predictive analysis, you can identify bottlenecks and remove the cause for these. This can help improve the productivity and performance of your employees significantly.

Thus, BPM systems can improve your employees' performance by reducing the margin for errors and improving overall productivity. Additionally, the best software-based BPM systems can help you gain complete insight into your company's daily workings and on the individual tasks of a project. As it simplifies the management of your company and all the projects running in your business organization, you can identify methods to improve your firm's performance and help your employees improve their proficiency levels. So if you are looking for a solution that will help you improve your company's functioning, you should consider using one of the best software-based Business Project Management systems available in the market.

Market Trends for Business Process Management Solution

As technology advances, so does the solutions and applications of various BPM systems. Moreover, the BPM solutions and systems also have to be updated as per the companies' requirements. For example, the BPM software for small businesses will not be applicable to larger enterprises handling a larger workforce. A closer look at the administrative expenses is necessary; the software that has been developed should lend the managers an insight into the operational expenses of ongoing business projects.

It should also help them identify suitable means to reduce operational expenses. Thu,s, the companies' requirements, industrial sectors, and other similar points are considered while developing BPM systems and software. Some of the ongoing trends in the development of SMB software are as follows:

Market Trends for Business Process Management Software

• Use of artificial intelligence and machine learning

BPM software is increasingly using AI and machine learning to ensure that the tasks are completed in an error-free manner. Not just in making predictive analysis, AI is essential to automate tasks as well. When you develop an initial knowledge and database, with the help of AI, you can automate most of the tasks for repetitive business decisions. Similarly, for projects and business activities similar to the first one, you do not need to develop separate workflow or task management charts. You can do so using the existing database. By automating tasks with AI and machine learning, you can reduce the burden of making business decisions and administrative tasks from your employees. The system will take these decisions. Thus, using AI and machine learning is one of the latest trends in business process management solutions.

• Intelligent business process management solutions

Even when you are using a software-based BPM system, you might come across a bottleneck or an unforeseen situation. However, with intelligent software, you increase the chance of letting the software learn independently and create suitable solutions. This can help reduce the chance of error when you incorporate a solution suggested by the software. In this way, you will not have to respond to every crisis that might arise. There will be solutions existent in the software that will help you to work around the problem. For example, suppose it is an issue with task allocation, and your project is falling behind because you require more workforce members. In that case, you can easily use the existing BPM software to add more to the existing workforce and ensure that the problem is overcome. The software will indicate the upcoming issue and efficiently work around the problem with time in hand.

• The requirement for user-friendly BPM platforms

The latest trend in the BPM sector is the development of software that requires minimum coding knowledge. The final users of the BPM platform are business managers and entrepreneurs. Hence, it is essential to keep the coding requirements of the platform to the minimum. If the company to which the vendor sells the software has to set up an entire coding team to run the software, it might prove counterproductive. Thus, the latest trend in the development of the BPM platforms is creating software that is user-friendly and does not require extensive knowledge of coding.

• Combining CRM and BPM

Many experts believe that it is insufficient to have only a Customer Relationship Management system platform or a Business Process Management platform. Instead of combining both and creating an integrated platform instead of a company's smooth functioning, you need to combine both and create an integrated platform. This is essential to ensure that customer requirement are met while making business decisions. But sometimes, the BPM platform works in isolation while considering the customer requirement, which can prove to be counterproductive for SMBs and big enterprises. Hence, the latest BPM platforms are trying to combine both and create an integrated platform for a business organization's better functioning.

Thus, the latest trends in BPM software is to ensure that business organizations can function efficiently and without much human interference. Additionally, the software should be designed to be used by a business manager and entrepreneurs easily. All of these are essential features to make the BPM platform advanced to meet modern business organizations' requirements.

Type of Buyer and Which Business Process Management Software Is Best Fits Buyers' Needs?

All types of companies can use BPM software, whether these are small or medium-sized business organizations or large scale enterprises. Similarly, companies belonging to various industrial sectors such as legal firms can also use BPM software, companies dealing with healthcare products such as pharmaceutical firms, software companies, and even government organizations. If you are self-employed, you can use BPM tools to improve your productivity and increase your self-run organization's overall efficiency. Some of the buyers of BPM software are as follows:

• Small and medium businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses require software-based BPMs to help the company managers or the companies' owners gain better insight into their respective companies' working. For SMBs, software-based BPMs can help the company owners reduce the operational expenses and identify bottlenecks, proving to be harmful for their reputation. When it comes to brand building and client retention, all business decisions must be taken on time and efficiently. Thus, with the help of the BPM system, SMBs can streamline the entire business management. Hence, most SMB owners look for Business Process Management software that can streamline most business processes, reduce operational costs, and reduce error margins. If you are the owner of the business manager of an SMB, you should consider purchasing BPM software with such features. 

• Self-employed

Self-employed individuals need to ensure that all projects are done promptly and as per clients' requirements. For this, you need to do task allocation, workflow design and chart out the tasks that you need to complete first. This will give you an idea of how you should tackle all aspects of your work and ensure that you are not overloaded at the last moment. With the help of a software-based Business Process Management system, you can ensure that your projects are all completed on schedule, and you do not have to worry about developing project reports at the last moment. Using one of the latest software-based BPM, you will find that report generation is an automated task, which will subsequently reduce your workload. Thus, even for self-employed individuals BPM system can prove to be extremely helpful. Depending on your need as a self-employed individual, you should select the BPM system, such as automating most of the tasks, uses AI to do predictive analysis, and provides detailed reports on ongoing projects' present conditions.

• Large enterprises

When it comes to using the Business Process Management system for large enterprises, you will find numerous applications for this system. The primary of these tasks being in developing workflows. When it comes to managing a large workforce allocating tasks, ensuring that all tasks are being carried out efficiently, all business processes are being carried out simultaneously for multiple projects, ensuring that optimization of business processes can prove quite challenging. However, with a software-based BPM system, you can automate most of these processes, reducing the Human Resource department's workload and the Project Management teams of such companies. Large enterprises can opt for ERP Software business process management systems on-premises or cloud-based depending on their requirements. Thus, when larger enterprises are looking for BPM software, they will look for software with features that will give business managers greater insight into their respective firms' daily business operations. The software should also have features such as data management, automation of tasks, automatic generation of reports, and CRM and BPM integration.

If your company belongs to a particular sector, you will have to look for software for the sector. Each sector's requirements are specific, and hence, the software should be designed to meet the particular industrial sector's requirements. For example, if your company belongs to the software sector, it is vital to ensure that the BPM software you select has excellent project management features. If your company employs an extensive employee base, then ensure that work allocations as per their efficiency are incorporated in the system. Hence, business managers for such companies purchase BPM software that also has project management features.

It is crucial for consumer-facing companies that business managers select Business Process Management software that integrates CRM. This will help business managers evaluate customers' requirements and incorporate changes in the business model to meet customer requirements in a better manner. Similarly, for an eCommerce company integrating CRM and BPM platforms into a single integrated platform is all the more essential as it will help business managers to identify suitable methods to deliver products to customers, identify suitable methods to meet customer requirements, develop inventories with products that customers require and other similar factors. Therefore it is essential for business managers and eCommerce platforms to purchase BPM software that reduces operational expenses, meets customer requirements, and streamlines business processes. Thus, depending upon the company's industrial sector, the company's size and the type of business processes being carried out by a particular firm, particular Business Process Management software needs to be purchased.

Choosing the Best Business Process Management (BPM) System for the Vendor

When you have finally decided on purchasing Business Process Management software, it becomes essential to select a suitable vendor who will give you adequate support with the purchase, installment, and usage of the software. However, selecting the vendor is as important as selecting a BPM system that meets your requirements. For example, when you opt for cloud-based BPM software, your vendor must provide the facility with access to the software from multiple devices. The primary reason for this is that cloud-based software means easy accessibility. If your vendor does not allow accessibility from multiple devices, then the purpose of purchasing cloud-based software is not adequately met. Hence, you must discuss the support provided after you have purchased the software with your vendor.

Another critical factor that you must discuss with the vendor providing software as a Service (SaaS) is its technical support. If you opt for on-premise software, they must provide support if any problem arises. Moreover, the service should be prompt so that your business operations are not halted because of technical issues with the BPM software. Hence, when you hire a company offering BPM services, discuss the firm's technical services.

When you hire the services of a vendor, you are looking for a long term partnership. The primary reason for this is that sometimes BPM software needs to be customized to meet your company's growth and changing requirements. Hence, you will need to develop a relationship with a company that will make changes to the existing software and not just make the sale. A company that provides such support can help you develop a long-term relationship.

Thus, selecting a vendor that provides adequate support during the purchase process is essential while purchasing Business Process Management software. When you hire one such company, you will not have to worry about creating a separate team to take care of the issues that might arise from using the software. The vendor will provide complete support during the lifecycle of the software and even when you upgrade it.


Business Process Management software is not designed only to simplify business operations but to streamline business activities. You can gain better insight into the daily business activities of your firm and workflow management. When you start using Business Process Management software, you will find that you have gained a better understanding of your company's business activities and all the ongoing projects of your firm. Finally, when you use a BPM system, you will find that you can reduce your company employees' administrative workload and concentrate on developing business-related activities. Subsequently, this will help your company grow and develop a brand value. Thus, Business Process Management software designed to simplify business processes will help your company grow and become a renowned brand.

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

The primary objective of Business Process Management Software is to simplify business operations and help business managers get a better understanding of the business activities of their respective companies. It is designed to reduce the margin of error and automate tasks usually carried out by the HR department of companies. This simplifies the tasks of managers of companies also reduces the workload. This helps in improving the efficiency and proficiency levels of the workforce of a business organization. 

Managers might require some basic knowledge of coding to use the BPM system and the tools. However, efforts are being made to make most of the BPM software user-friendly so that extensive knowledge of software no longer remains essential. Even individuals with a specific basic understanding of software and those who have handled management related software previously can handle some of the latest Business Process Management system.

The timeframe to implement a BPM solution will depend on the type of software that you have purchased. When you purchase BPM software, you must provide training to your office's technical and non-technical staff regarding handling the software. Usually, the training is provided by the vendor from whom you have purchased the software.  However, the exact timeframe for implementing the software will depend upon the speed with which your company employees associate themselves with the system and start using it.

The BPM software that you purchase should allow easy third-party integrations, especially when integrating with the existing IT infrastructure of your company. The other integrations that it should support should be an easy collaboration with other tools to monitor business activities. For consumer-facing companies, BPM software can also be integrated with the CRM interface to create a broader database where customer requirements can be incorporated into business activities. Thus, the best Business Process Management software will allow multiple integrations depending upon the company's requirements and the industrial sector.

Yes, some suites allow business managers to create their solutions as per the requirements of their companies. You can create a customized Business Process Management Solution from scratch or use existing Business Process Management software and incorporate changes to meet your requirements. However, if you are looking for a customized solution, you need to discuss your exact requirement with the vendor for your Business Process Management system.

Business Process Management software will work according to specific predefined outlines. Hence, if you depend on it entirely and base most of your business decisions on the software, you will lose the chance to innovate. The software will continue to generate similar reports, and the parameters remain the same. This is the potential problem with Business Process Management software. This needs to be overcome with regular upgrades and usage of modern technology.

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