Top Tips to Grow Your Home Services Business Online

Home Services Business

Considering that the home services sector is already quite competitive, having an active online presence is mandatory for success. Some tips on what you can do to build brand visibility online.

With people being increasingly busy or preoccupied with multiple pursuits, there is a sustained demand for home services like pest control, plumbing, garden maintenance, landscaping, moving, painting, appliance repair, and more.

Whenever customers need something, they take to online search to find a suitable service provider, which means if your home services business is not easily discoverable online, you will miss many opportunities.

Considering that the home services sector is already quite competitive, having an active online presence is mandatory for success. Some tips on what you can do to build brand visibility online:

Create an Informative, Intuitive, and Mobile-Friendly Website

The website is usually the first stop for people looking out for a reliable and competent provider of home services.

It is, therefore, necessary for you to have a website with all the necessary information on the services you deliver, the areas covered, and customer testimonials.

With most customers looking for information online using mobiles, your website must be mobile-friendly with a home page that loads quickly and intuitive navigation that facilitates easy access to the content. According to Forbes, 47% of customers expect websites to launch within two seconds.

Enlist Your Business on Google and Local Business Directories

Because Google is the default search engine, you will benefit a lot by creating a Google My Business profile. It will help you to manage the visibility of your local business across various Google services like Search and Maps.

If you serve customers in a particular area or at a specific location, online users can locate you using your Business Profile. You must make sure that your profile has all the vital information like name, location, business hours, phone number, etc., accurate.

For effective home services marketing, you must also enlist your business in all local business directories with the same information for better search visibility.

Establish a Vibrant Social Media Presence 

While websites are great for providing structured information to your target audience formally, social media is useful for engaging them with more informal and topical content. You must find out the main social media platforms your customers are on and establish your presence there.

Create and post content that informs, entertains, and engages them to boost your brand awareness and loyalty. Whenever posting content, you must make sure it is original, value-added, current, and relevant to your audience.

You should use a mix of text, images, infographics, and videos to make your content presentable and engaging. Make sure you respond promptly to customer queries and comments to convince your audience that you are a responsible and concerned business interested in serving them.

You must ensure that you follow a consistent posting schedule and post when your audience is most active on the platform.


In addition to the above tactics, you should also consider using SEO to rank higher in the search engine results pages. Employing search engine marketing tactics like Pay-Per-Click advertising also helps to boost conversions.

Since email continues to deliver the best return on investment of all advertising methods, you must use it extensively to inform customers and drive traffic to your website.

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