Top 7 Software for Quick Video Conversions

Software for Quick Video Conversions

In this blog, we are going to mention the 7 best software that allows you to perform quick video conversions without distorting the quality of videos.

No matter whether you are a professional or just home movies editing is your concern, you are typically required to convert video files to and from another format. The most first official video format was Quad, which was introduced in 1956. And, being over time, there are innumerable video formats have been introduced.

Apart from that, if your movie is packed within WEBM Media format, then it’s best to convert it into Mp4 due to its universal feature. For that, you need the best Webm to Mp4 converter online that converts WEB Media format to Mp4 video.

Well, here we are going to mention a few best software that allows you to perform quick video conversions without distorting the quality of videos.

1. Handbrake:

It is indicated as an open-source video transcoder that supports conversions from a wide range of video formats such as Mp4, Avi, Mov, and so on. You could also start using free Webm to Mp4 converter online from the source of that helps you convert single or multiple WEBM videos to MP4 files.

Bear in mind that the Handbrake is an entirely free-to-use tool, which comes with regular updates and bug fixes, and even works with different device presets.

Why Use:

  • It works best with almost all common and uncommon video file types
  • It comes with extra features such as chapter markers, filters, subtitles, etc
  • Highly recommended for beginners
  • Best and Free Video converters

Moreover, for instant WEBM to MP4 conversions, you could simply make use of the WebM to MP4 converter online.

2. Format Factory:

Use this best video converter for Windows 10 that supports both audio and video conversion into a different compatible file format. Also, it is working as an editor through which you can easily trim video clips, crop, merge, and much more. Apart from that, it can work as a screen recorder, video downloader as well as a video player.

In short, this tool is indicated as a fully-featured, all-in-one packed media solution for streaming, editing, conversion, and downloading videos. It supports various media file conversions, but when it comes to an instant WEBM to MP4 conversions, you have to make a try with an online WEBM to MP4 converter.

Why Use:

  • Get all in one place (converting, playing, recording, and much more)
  • Supports almost audio file conversions
  • Assists you to save space on your windows device

3. Freemake:

Bear in mind Freemake is the most popular brand around the world of free software, this handy tool provides quality conversions to its millions of users around the globe. So, start using this free software right away without paying a single penny. The upside about this tool is that it supports more than 500 different file formats including Mp4, WMV, AVI, 3GP, FLV, MKV, and much more.

Even it’s free, professionals mainly use an online WEBM to MP4 converter when it comes to turning WEBM into MP4 within a fraction of seconds. Besides that, Freemake provides amazing presets for devices such as Xbox, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and different others. However, this software does not pack with extra features, but its considerable trait is that it is free and does the media conversion job very well.

Why Use:

  • No registration process is required and even no hidden fees to worry about
  • Most trusted as well as experienced freeware brand
  • Let’s you work with more than 500 file formats

4. MPEG Streamclip:

This is indicated as one of the suitable video converters that not only work best on Windows but also on Mac devices. MPEG Streamclip provides you with efficient procession speeds conversions from one file to the other.

You could now readily work with different file formats such as AVI, MOV, MPEG, and so on. However, its names reveal that when it comes to MPEG file conversions, this software works best within no time. Plus, sometimes you are required to convert WEBM Media files to MPEG4 format, if this is the case, then an online WEBM to MP4 converter makes great sense.

Why Use:

  • One of the best video converters to deal with MPEG and other files
  • Provides you with fast processing as well as conversion speeds
  • Get the best editing tools for simply cutting and trimming your videos

5. Free Video Converter:

As the name depicted it allows you to convert video formats for free on Windows devices. Don’t fret since it supports innumerable input formats and even lets its users convert the individual file into Mp4, Mp3, AVI, MPEG, or MOV within a matter of seconds – that is easily playback across certain devices such as tablets, phones, consoles, and much more.

It is indicated as a highly appealing tool for starters who seeking a simple interface to deals with video file conversions. Moreover, is the best source with a simple to use interface that even also offers the best WebM to MP4 converter online to turn WEBM into an MP4 file.

Why Use:

  • Highly simple and straight-forward User-Interface
  • It supports multiple file formats
  • Highly suitable for beginner

6. FFmpeg:

FFmpeg is another best software that assists you regarding your video file conversions. You could use this media software for all sorts of media processes, including conversion, recording as well as streaming.

It is indicated as a one-pack solution for lots of different processes and is even highly suitable for streaming or recording. FFmpeg is taken into account to swiftly decode, encode, and transcode the video files.

Why Use:

  • It works best for streaming, conversions, and recording
  • Also, work as a media player
  • Highly supportive with any video file format

Besides that, sometimes works with a universal media format makes great sense. Different video formats are not compatible with certain operating systems like WEBM (WEB Media) format, but thanks to an online WEBM to MP4 converter that lets you change WEBM to MP4 online.

7. MediaCoder:

Yes, MediaCoder is the best transcoder tool that assists you in converting both video and audio files from certain formats to other compatible file formats.

It is packed with great features including capturing from video cameras and ripping files to VCD, BD, DVD as well as CD. Also, give a try to this tool to quickly enhance and filter audio and video content.

Why Use:

  • Provides you with full control over how your media files are converted
  • Supports audio file conversions
  • Packed with innumerable great functions and features

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